Dec 03, 2006 - Catching up


Well, this has probably been a record breaking lapse between updates. I'm afraid this may be a sign that Rappablords has fallen from its golden pedestal of up-to-date news coverage. Or perhaps there has been no news over the past few months to report on?? Don't believe that for a second!

First off, the SECOND houseboating trip of 2006 took place in late september with an (almost) all new crew. Smaller boat, and late in the season - this trip had a much different feel to it but as far as I know everybody had a blast. I know that I did - and here are the pictures. I've just added some extras so check them out even if you've already seen them.

There was also another 'Guy Night Out' over rememberance day this year, which was a little bit smaller and under control (unfortunately). This time it took place at the coachman and there were no pictures taken - that I know of. It was a pretty good time, and I had the good fortune to play foosball against Michael Jackson and a scarey old lady who told me I had really sexy wrists. Enough said.

Halloween came and went without a big party at my house this year...instead soul_d threw a party, and I spent a good portion of the night skipping between parties, eventually ending up at the new renovated Whiskey Jacks. Good times indeed.

I suppose this would also be a good opportunity to announce the New Years party. As always everybody is invited, and you know the date! Blue4130 will be joining us this year, and perhaps even mrp if we're lucky. Should be a really good time!

Really not much else to say!

Aug 21, 2006 - Hot Tub Aftermath


Click for Hot Tub 2K6 Gallery Hot Tub 2K6, the 10th annual hot tub party, has came and went.

Allow me to send out a big thanks to all who showed up, making this years's tub party one of the most enjoyable ever. Not the largest turnout compared to the past couple years, but all very good people - and I've heard a lot of people comment that they had a great time because of this!

Some of the highlights of this years party included the 15 patty big mac I ate, Live DJ on saturday night, the Burning Turtle and Ian with no pants on the trampoline among plenty of other good drunken times!

Click on the photo to the left to view the rest of the hot tub galleries!

Aug 11, 2006 - Hot Tub Party!


Not much to report, except get your asses over here! Its Hot Tub 2K6 time!!

Webcam is up, once again there is only one this year - click here to view it.

And click here to see the Jello Shots Barb made for the party :-)

Jul 26, 2006 - Official Hot Tub Invite


Alright, the official hot tub invite has arrived, care of soul_d as below to launch.

** Hot Tub Invite 2K6 **

Is it just me or are these getting progressively bizarre?? :-P

Jul 16, 2006 - Hot Tub 2006 Coming..


Hey everybody! There are a few topics to touch on today, so I will try to keep the ramblings to a minimum. First issue to bring up is HOT TUB 2K6. The official dates are August 11th and Aug 12th. The tub is booked and preparations for the event are already underway. All previous attendees are always invited - with 150 people showing up last year I couldn't possibly manage to send out invitations to everybody. So this is your invitation - and bringing friends is always cool so long as you can vouch for them (and introduce me to them please).

So, for those of you familiar with the past couple hot tub parties - we have been taking music submissions via FTP, and this system has been working out great. I have opened up the ftp site as of today, but before you upload anything - please take the time to rename any mp3s so that your name is in the filename. This way, when we go through the huge list of music the night before, we don't end up cutting too much of one person's selection out. Got it? Oh, and please don't dump your entire playlist either - lets try for less than 10 a person okay?

FTP to, Username: hottub Password: 2k6 (all lower case)

Sad news for Pink Floyd fans around the world (myself included) - Syd Barrett, founder of Pink Floyd passed away last week from what was believed to be complications from Diabetes. Syd was 60 years old and had lived the past 30 years of his life in quiet seclusion with no contact with the media at all. Although Syd was only part of Pink Floyd for a few years - at which point he was replaced by David Gilmour - he left a strong impression which continued to inspire and shape the creative direction of the band.

Syd also left a strong impression on many other musicians who credit him as having been a very strong influence - including David Bowie and R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe. For more details on Syd, and the circumstances surrounding his passing, click on the picture to the right.
Syd Barrett

On a somewhat happier note in the Pink Floyd world, the DVD edition of PULSE has finally reached the shelf. This DVD has been delayed over and over, since March of 2003! Anyhow, the DVD is the full PULSE concert from 1994 performed at Earl's Court. Its a good performance and definately the biggest stage show they ever toured with (with the possible exception of The Wall tour). For more details on the DVD, and a review of its contents, look here.

Thats it for today - wait for the official hot tub invite flash video very soon...hope everyone is having a great summer so far!!

Jul 03, 2006 - Weddings, Houseboats and Cabins


Almost 2 months without an update...sorry folks. I suppose I have a bit to catch up on, as a few things have happened since May!

First off, I was in Michigan a few weeks ago for Shane's wedding which was a blast, and you can see my pictures here. This marked my first time through North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. There were 6 of us in total who drove down from Saskatoon, Regina and Calgary - and we truley represented Canada to the best of our ability - even though our only choice of drink at the wedding was Bud and Bud light :-). Anyhow, congratulations once again to Shane and Teresa!

Secondly, Houseboat 2K6 came and went last weekend - and this was the year of 'no comprimise', as we sailed out of harbour with the largest boat on the lake - the CruiseCraft V. The boat was crazy luxurious, the crew was awesome, and the weather couldn't have been beat. Other than chewing through $800 of gasoline in 3 days (more than double what I expected), everything went well and all involved (to my knowledge) had an awesome time! Click on the group picture below for the photo gallery...

The Crew of the Penetration Nation
The Crew of the S.S. Penetration Nation

This weekend blue4130, soul_d, and Dog Pound made a trip up to Jackfish lake to stay at Erin's cabin, which was a nice sunny time. Lake water was really warm for some reason (a lot of urine) - and it was pretty fun hitting up the Meota town bar on Canada day. Dog Pound left the bar with over $100 of VLT winnings which isn't at all surprising, he should really make a career out of playing those things - if he hasn't already.

And thats it for vacation news...really not much else to say. I've been having so much fun in the firebird this summer that I haven't even gotten around to plating my bike! No problems with the car either, other than a slight knock in the motor which is pretty minor at this point. Hoping to run up to Diana's cabin this weekend and get the boat out, so I'm praying for this hot weather to hold out.

In the meantime, keep it real people...and expect another update in 2 months!

May 16, 2006 - May Long Weekend


Just a quick update to let everyone know that this year's may long weekend camping trip is going to be at Martin's lake. This is, of course, a change from the past 10 years where it has been held at pike lake. No need to repeat anything, so just check out Soul_D's partyline page for more details. Of course all are welcome!

Oh and hey, there is a new comic today! Well, sorta. Anyhow its the first one in over a year - whats wrong with you people?? Hello??


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