Mar 09, 2001


Greeting fellow Rblordians it's me Jason but some of you have affectionately named me JayB or GayB, or Slim Jones, and sometimes even MasSiVe DawG. That's beside the point I'm here today to tell you the score and help give Spitz a little content on this beleaguered site.

In December the mediocre website I ran known simply as EJ, was put to pasture. How do I feel about that? Well I felt quite relieved and content, much like when you purchase a high quality hub at a rock bottom price from me.

Besides that my hair is starting to grow back and I am so excited that I am growing it long an lush much like the thousands of meters or high quality Cat 5e cable I sell for the best price in town.

To top it off I no longer feel obligated to sit in front of the computer and write some stupid and pointless crap before going to bed every night, much like an IT administrator that yearns for a single locale in which he can acquire all his networking needs and sleep with ease knowing he has products with the highest quality and the lowest price in the world.

I should also mention that the cramps in my hand have disappeared as I no longer have to grip my mouse and pound out unfunny, poorly drawn comics, much like that young computer buff that can rest easy knowing he is only one phone call away from the best networking prices in the galaxy!

So don't cry for me and don't cry for EJ, instead pick up that phone and give me a call for the best prices in this and all other dimensions.


End of Updates