Apr 03, 2000


Well here we are in April, I've moved all of the March updates, so if you missed some you can find them here

Finally we have a real treat for you! The Dog Pound interview is complete! Who's Dog Pound? Only the biggest hit wik wak biz-Z tripple-9 to the muthafukin' Y we gotz, and the bitch is CanadiiiiiAN! So listen up, go check out the interview if you know whats good for ya. On either side are scans of his latest hit trax "Workin da Bitches into a Mack Frenzy" and "Bill Romanowski ain't yo bitch".

Tired of all that regular run of the mill boring pr0n out there? Need something new and interesting? Then prawnography.net is for you! WARNING: This site contains large amounts of fish porn. Actually, thats all it contains.

Mar 31, 2000


Holy crap is today ever busy. I am updating but not very much :). There is a new comic today as drawn by YC

In gaming news, Sony has been ordered to recall all of the 1.25 million PSX-IIs that were made because of a violation with DvD standards. The PSX-IIs can play movies and games from other countries by pressing a combination of buttons on the gamepad, and this violates some sort of standard. Haha. Read more about it here

Mar 30, 2000


Echk, I feel like shit today. I don't really have much to say. Unit3 gave me another Terrible Joke the other day.

I finally got around to encoding that video of Dog Pound beating the crap out of Unit3, but I don't have it up yet because I'm just that damn lazy. Maybe tomorrow.

Oh yeah, and make sure to check out Mr. T given it to Jay B about saying how Celeron systems are better than G4s

Larmal is moving tomorrow! Apparently his previous 16 bedroom bungalow was too cramped for his style, so he purchased the old Reynolds Mansion for a tad more space. Click on the picture for a better look. This house resides, of course, on the corner of broadway and 8th street. Features of the house include Victorian style bathrooms with diamond studded toiletpaper.

Mar 29, 2000


Well nobody has complained about that terrible Backstreet midi that plays in the background OR the fact that I didn't post a comic yesterday so I have come to the conclusion that either you are all gay, or nobody actually reads this webpage.

I am so tired, I can't even think of a link to give you. Jay recommends myfirsttime.com

You may notice me start to slack off in updates over the next couple weeks but I will try to keep updating anyways. Stupid school. Oh well, one more link for you today. If you have ever considered turning over to the dark side, this site is for you! It provides many usefull guidelines and tools, such as the Necronomican

Mar 28, 2000


Wow, almost the end of the month! Can you hear that horrible music? I can, but I don't know where it came from or how to stop it. Somebody help me figure it out.

I was cleaning up my hard drive today and found that win2k was using about a gig for temporary files grrrr. Anyhow I found some stuff I never knew I had. Like this video of a guy trying to break a bunch of wood with his head but failing miserably.

You think you know yer Ice T, yer Ice Cube and yer TuPac?? How about trying to order them at a Thai restaurant? Here's a tutorial on the subject

BeOS 5.0 was released for free officially today, and their site is flooded. Here is a list of mirrors that MAY work.

Gahh screw that, I finally got the executable, you can dl it here. The version I posted this morning was corrupt, I must have downloaded it before THEY had finished downloading it because it was only 8megs, but now I have the right one available and its 40megs

Mar 27, 2000


I was hoping to have the Dog Pound interview up today but he's taking his time to carefully answer each question and I guess I must respect that. In the mean time for all ya single guys out there, have you ever considered a Jail Babe?

Why don't we start off the week with a little softcore linux porn I ripped from stile?

Sorry there was no update on the weekend, but I don't think I will be doing weekend updates ever as I never find the time or energy. In fact, I'm surprised I'm still doing weekly updates. This weekend I actually managed to get my car running and plated so that was my excitement.

Mrp is bugging the hell outta me to get that video digitized and posted (the one of Dog Pound going ape shit on Unit3). I'm having technical difficulties but will have it up soon, I promise!!

Ok, now all of you are slacking off too much, start emailing me with some good links.

Mar 24, 2000


Well another day another eventful day at school. Yesterday I was yelling at Jay who sits in front of me and calling him a fag and such and he got all pissed off and wrote an insulted note to me. I wrote back on the note and we passed it back and forth, what a fag! You can see that note here

Dog Pound agreed to an interview, so far he's answered half of the questions and let me tell you its pure gold! Watch for that to pop up soon.

For all ya gamers out there, we've heard a lot about the new Dreamcast, PSX2 and X-Box, but has anybody heard of the Nintendo Dolphin? Nintendo is keeping it pretty quiet right now, but scheduled release in Japan is December of this year. Prototypes have been released to software developers so games are starting to be produced. We'll see if Nintendo can't jump back into the market. You can read more about it here


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