Jul 05, 2000


I hope everybody saw my horrible flash animation and expected something truly wonderful on today's update, because there isn't anything. I was just trying to figure out how to use Flash, thats all. Cut me some slack.

Looks like Unit3 is advertising my site on mr-t.pwrsrc.net now, I guess that means I have to put his banner up as well :). As soon as he sends me one I will.

So far I have had 3 submissions for the T-Shirt contest, and I am beginning to think that I will receive no more. This is the last chance to send in your submission before I begin printing them. Get them in!!

This weekend I visited two lakes on my journeys across the vast Saskatchewan prarie...Wakaw and Diefenbaker. Knowing that I would be in full need of a knife, I finally took it upon myself to go out and get myself a swiss army knife. They really are quite expensive, but I got a pretty good deal on this one. Please take a moment to click on the picture for a closer look at the delicate engravings.

Today I have added 2 new profiles to the Reader Bios page. One of them is mrp's which you probably already read but I forgot to add it before. The second one is new, the profile of the great Audiophile

And now for a quote from Dog Pound:

"I have just figured out that 740.00 Dollars Canadian is worth 0.920512 in PLatinum ounces!"

Please spread the word.

Hey, I have a new video today!

Jun 30, 2000


Last day of the month and payday for me! I've heard from numerous people that my site has been very slow for the last week. That doesn't really surprise me as my internet provider has been really choking lately (probably because of the sheer bandwidth I'm drawing). Also, nearing the end of the month this main page gets pretty damn long. I could probably limit it to half-month sections but to do that efficiently I would probably have to implement some sort of database backend system and that:

  • Requires patience, competance, and a person with larger genetalia than myself
  • Would make Larmal cry
  • Would defeat the purpose of this l33t webpage. Fight the power!

Well, Unit3 has finally done it. He's gone out and created a new webpage, hardcore.pwrsrc.net. Here you will find many hardcore things such as rips of my fight club videos. Mr-T has also been re-vamped. In his own words:

Come to mr-t.pwrsrc.net. I now have a daily news feature and news archive, and will be having daily content since Spitfire has not updated Rappablords in 2 days. Also, this is the perfect time to announce my new site: h a r d c o r e . p w r s r c . n e t

As a side note which nobody will care about, it sounds like Razor isn't going to be going to the lake until early next week (when I am working) so I guess I'm not going to be camping :(. Oh well...

Dog Pound w00ped my ass tonight in UT which has left "a sour taste in my mouth". This simply can not do. He has obviously been rapidly practicing since the last time we played. I AM UNSTOPPABA!!!!!

Rappablords finally get the "Seal of Approval" from Dog Pound
(I can't figure out if this is a penis or just DP's arm wearing a boxing glove with lotsa pit hair)

Now I'm really glad that I made this an early update...I just got back from working 2 hours of overtime, and they then informed me that I need to come back in at 3:00AM until 6:00AM...then my normal shift starts at City Hall at 8:00. Hmmmm...I guess I could squeeze some breakfast in there somewhere :). I just wish they could have kept me there all night, would have added up to a lot more O/T. But whatever...I'm off to bed.

Jun 29, 2000


So I talked to Razor today (actually, through email) and he's wanting me to come camping this weekend. Of course the first thing that came to my mind was "Razor just wants to lour me into the bush so that he can beat me up and give me an atomic wedgie", but then I remembered that he is actually I nice guy who would never think of hurting me. heheheh...

I still need more entries for the T-Shirt Design Contest. I just realize that I never actually told you guys how to submit your entries. There are probably hundreds of you out there who are just waiting to submit your entries...anyhow just send them in to me.

Click here for my favorite site

Sorry for the lame update tonight, I ran out for a bit which turned out to be a longer bit and so on and so on. All I can say is I'm really starting to wonder where exactly JayB is...it's not like him to just 'give up' on something that means so much to him.....Larmal. Oh well.

Jun 28, 2000


Almost the end of June!!! I don't know why I'm cheering, as that just means its one day closer to the end of summer. And what a horrible summer it's been too, damn cold for this time of year. Hell, blame it on the jetstream or whatever but we all know these weather patterns are part of some insane government plot to generate more revenue for the bunnyhug and sweater market. Really, I looked into it...

As promised, today I have a new comic by soul_d. WARNING: Viewer discresion is advised.

Current EJ Webcam - Updates every month
Well...just as I was about to right up a memorial speech for EJ, Larmal finally re-emerged. Yes, after a week away from the site no less. I'm beginning to wonder exactly why he ever bothered to write "Updates every minute" under his webcam, I don't think I have ever seen it update twice in a freakin' day. Oh well. I wonder if JayB will ever come back...

Looks like the old rappablords.eu.org name finally resolves again. Now thats service! Only took 3 weeks to process a request...I guess thats what I get for relying on a free service. DNS sucks, especially when you do it yourself. Oh well.

I need some more submissions for the T-Shirt contest, currently I only have 1. Come on you guys and gals, I know I have some original readers out there! _SPACE_! YC! Dog Pound! Lets get some originality flowing here.

For those of you who missed my wonderful stileproject ripoff, you can still see it here. Almost as good as EJ ripoff, hey? Hmmm...I need some new ideas :) Somebody write "Spitfire Licks Sack" across their naked body and take a picture and send it in or something, now THAT would be good content. Until then, I'm afraid your stuck with some usefull camping tips, and terrible geek humour. Sorry guys...

Don't forget to post your comments on the Rappablords Online Discussion Group!

Jun 27, 2000


One day closer to the end of my life

Kinda of depressing title, isn't it? Well, I'm not REALLY depressed, but if you think about it, it's true. Everyday we are but one day closer to our own demise, and there is nothing we can do about it....well, except sit around and read all these updates to my site, which MAY extend your life by a matter of years. Thats right! Rblords SAVES!

Today I got home from work to find a letter on the table addressed to me from SIAST, where I just graduated. Upon opening the envelope I see that there are 5 job postings inside. I decide to take a look and see what there is going around and come across a job posting for a position in a small town public library, salary: $8/hour. WTF?? This can't be serious? They ACTUALLY expect us to consider an $8/hr job after wasting two years of our lives and 10k+ of our wallets in that stupid course?? Oh well, whatever, I have a job so I guess I have nothing to complain about, but this is about as lame as the time Staples posted a job for $7/hr.

Well, looks like Blue4130 has finally awoked from his tussin-provoked slumber and has sent me a breif message to assure the readers of rblords that he is still alive. Good job Blue4130!!

"I just thought that i should clear some "issues" up about the big party at Dallas' House O' Lush's. I want to state that anything done by me or my affiliates through out the course of the evening was 100% alcohol induced. There was a lot of Tussin' and Lovin' going on that night. I was not tricked into the tussin' like Clay suggests. I can't recall any tussin or vodka comming near my throat therefor it didn't happen. I also don't recall going home, therefor that also didn't happen. I do recall, though, two certain people getting "friendly" Bart and Erica, damn they seemed to go missing for a while. But then again so did I, then i fell off the roof and was found, Problem solved. After nearly being dacapitatd by my wine cork I have decided that wine is a bad idea in more ways than one. But it is still better than Tussin. Its time or this cowboy to sign off. I feel a case of insomniac setting in. Where did I put that remote?"

Does anyone remember that hilarious audio clip with the girl who kicked some guy's dog? Well, it looks like someone has gone ahead and taken this one step further by adding a flash animation to the clip. You can check it out here.

Larmal, in absense of JayB (who is now dead or something), has come up with the great idea to sell T-Shirts off of their site. This is a great idea, and the design isn't all THAT bad. You also have the choice of 5 colors. "Backdoor Black", "Gay Navy", "Fag Orange", "Bright iredecent coming-out-of-the-closet blue", and "Anal virgin White".

All this T-Shirt talk has made me hungry for some Pheonix Claw, but I guess I'll have to settle for some dry rasin bran. Mmmmm.... I hereby present a contest to all of you, my dedicated readers!!


Perhaps I'll even consider getting one made for myself...

On another totally unrelated happy topic, I forgot to pay my $6 parking ticket on time so now I have to pay the full amount, $40. Of course I'm not going to pay this amount or else I would be admitting that I was wrong, which I wasn't, not morally anyway. Parking in hospital emergency zones is perfectly 'morally' just.

Watch out for tomorrow when I will present a comic from none other than soul_d. This could prove very interesting, and I am not even going to look at it until tomorrow.

Jun 26, 2000


Another Monday and almost the end of the month! Saturday night was the big party at soul_d's place and boy did it rock. Just ask Blue4130 who got tricked into drinking a shot of vodka and Robitussin. Just remember, when your outta 'tussin, just pour some vodka in the bottle and you gotz mo' tussin!! But please try not to gag...

Back to work again after my nice long weekend. I have had quite a few people come up to me lately and ask me what exactly it is that I do. In fact, many of them have the impression that I do nothing. I'm not sure exactly how they got that impression, I guess its just because I am a city worker.

Well...I basically do whatever there is to do. For the most part that involves carrying an annoying cell phone and answering calls of people who spilt watermellon juice on their brand new mouse and want a new one. Other than that I have a couple projects involving 're-vamping' badly coded MS Access DB code. Thats what my job IS. I also sometimes have to run to different city locations for help calls. What don't I do? I don't dig holes, climb poles, or draw those pretty lines down the center of the street. Well, not yet anyway...

Anyhow, how do you like my new site design? I'm not sure if I could live with it, although its mildly better than jamming scissors into your crotch, listening to the melodic ring of Dot Matrix printers, or enduring the gay colors of EJ.

Jun 23, 2000


Well, I spent a good couple hours putting some finishing touches into the interior of my car. I have to admit, if I were to do it all again I'd probably have ordered brand new parts rather than switching interiors with another car. Its just so much damn work and nothing ever fits the same, even with identical cars. Especially the headliner.

Believe it or not, we have ANOTHER profile today. This time by Dr. Razor himself. In fact, I have received so many profiles from so many people (ok, not THAT many), that I have created a new section in the side bar under "Some more fun" called 'Reader Bios'. Go there to read all the older bios.

Last day of the work is over, and now I get to lounge around on a Friday and get paid for it! I really quite like my job most of the time, but sometimes you have to deal with REALLY stupid people and it can be really frustrating. Just to prove what exactly I mean, I took a video camera to work today and had my partner follow me around. Here is a clip of my day.

Note to YC: By putting up this picture I do not mean to degrade or make fun of you in any way. I am merely suggesting that in your future years you may consider engaging in sexual intercourse with animals.

Oh, and I lied the other day when I said that rappablords.com worked, I guess it does not. Well, it does if you point your dns server to :). I'm not sure why its not working but I don't really care all that much either.


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