Sep 05, 2000


Nice loooong weekend, and now a short week. I feel sorry for anyone who took this oportunity to go camping here in Saskatchewan as it did nothing but gust and rain for the past few days.

Saturday night I attended my first Greek Orthodox wedding. Despite the fact that the ceremony was 45 mintues long and spoken (actually, more like sung) almost completely in Greek and Latin, and the fact that we had to stand because the church was so small, it was alright. One thing I have to say about the greek though, they sure know how to throw a party afterwards. Every greek restaurant owner in town was at the reception buying people drinks and stumbling around in a drunk frenzy. There was even this awesome dance they did where they smashed all of the plates on the dance floor.

Is there a better way to support your country???

The flash game I have been working on for EJ has come to a stand-still because of how busy I have been lately. I am hoping to have some more time towards the end of this week to get some work done on it but don't hold your breath.

I have put up a new article on How to win an arguement like Unit3. This is perhaps one of the most informative and useful articles that I have ever posted. Too bad I didn't write it...

I also have a very important musical piece which was donated by Dog Pound. As he hasn't submitted anymore of his 'weekly' articles, this will have to be the musical test of the week. It isn't a midi, but it is close. Try and guess what it is...

Off to bed for me. JayB mentioned to me the other day that the counter script isn't functioning properly on this site, and that is probably why it seems like nobody is visiting it anymore. I'll have to take a look at that...

I should also mention to everybody that Dr. Razor has made a few improvements to his site. Look REAL hard and you may be surprised...

Also, for those of your who use it, RBLORDS email is back up and running (it hasn't been working since the HD change - thank you Dr. Razor for informing me of this).

Aug 31, 2000


Sheeesh its cold outside this morning....that really ticks me off how we always seem to go straight to winter from summer. Oh well.

I just realize that nobody reads my site anymore. Well, not as many people anyhow as I haven't seen the counter move for quite some time. I do know that Dog Pound visits daily but I think that maybe he is my only visiter :). Not that I blame everyone tho, this site has sucked hardcore for a couple of weeks. Expect to see great things happening next week! I'm hoping to do a site overhaul as well as get some other people in here to update.

Differences in the male & female:

Male Orgasm

Female Orgasm


End of another month already, September is here. Pretty soon winter will be here and it will once again be cold. Cold is good though, because that means I will stop spending money on silly things like cars and car stereos and concentrate on more important stuff such as wasting it on a 3dfx Voodoo 5-6000.

Wow! There's a new comic today!'s not really a comic, but more of a picture I drew for Javagirl today. Somebody else draw me a comic!!!!

If YC had a church it would dispense useful advice like this...

Did anybody notice that my updates have become a full day late? No? Good, I'm glad you didn't notice. Forget I mentioned it :)

Aug 30, 2000


I'm not sure if anyone noticed (probably not) but the clock on oden was off by about a day, so any messages posted in the Discussion Board would have had the wrong time on them.

"This is Dog Pound contributing to the site! I'm learning PERL!!"
- Dog Pound

Apparently I angered soul_d and Saul Bahir with my comment of the SDB Server being huge and slow. My apologizes, it is not slow, only huge.

I noticed the Stile Project is moving to a new server. I suppose it was bound to happen given the amount of hits that guy gets everyday, but it has already been down a couple days, and thats a lot of unhappy viewers who need their daily dosage of pictures of poop! I bet there is an increase in crime all over the world while these people work out their frustrations on the rest of society. What a shame.

After a week of sheer boredom, things have finally picked up! Work is so much better when you actually have something to do (which I usually do). You'd think that not doing anything at all would be an ideal job but it is really pure hell. I don't pretend to understand it, I just know...

Does anybody here follow the Big Brother show on TV? I caught a bit of it tonight as my sister watches every single stupid episode, and what I saw only made me hate it more. Then I realized why: the show was made for 12-16 yearolds who have nothing better to do than watch a forced society of lunitics talk about porking each other and why half the world shouldn't phone in and vote them off. The sheer money they must collect from those calls ($.99 each) must at up to that $500'000 prize money in one night!

Anyhow, if you haven't seen this show yet, I urge you not to. Better yet, you can take the Rappablords Big Brother Interactive Game right now!

Aug 29, 2000


I can't believe how quickly the summer went by, it must be my new job. Spending the days indoors (as opposed to painting on acreages, my past summer-time job) sure does pass the days quickly...winter means I am going to have to find myself a truck...

For anyone in the immediate Saskatoon area, KazCorp International, run by rblords friend Landon, has a new price list out for his next order of computer hardware. Some interested items are burners and NICs. Anyone interested in any of this stuff should give him a call. If you need the number, I think I have it somewhere...

Finally a sign of movement in Nintendo as 'Project Dolphin' is finally given it's true name: The Nintendo GameCube. I admit, this name kinda sux, but in a world where the most desireable trait of a new computer it the 'flavor' it comes in, it might just work. The specs of the gamecube rival that of the PSII but as always the problem lies with Nintendo's past of delays in getting the product out. As Unit3 will be happy to see, "Metroid Cubed" is going to be one of the first games out for the system, and is already in the making.

Personally, I'd love to see Nintendo take up some of the slack that it gave to Sony during the unfortunate bomb of the N64. I'm hoping they hired some new marketting personel and gathered some actual game contractors this time...

My Supra blew its starter yesterday morning, which wasn't very amusing. I realize that something has to go wrong with any used car I purchase within the first month, but why the starter?? Do you know where the starter is on a 1988 Supra?? I don't!! It's _under_ the engine somewhere tucked up between the block and the cross-member so its in the shop right now getting done. In fact, this is the first time I have ever taken one of my cars to a shop (other than for tires/wheel alignments). New cars suck :)

If you are wondering why these updates have been so late, they haven't! If you remember way back when I first started this site, the updates were done during the day and now they are once again, much like EJ. The thing is, I don't want to stay up late every night and I'd rather do it at work while getting paid for it.

JayB made a comment the other day about my site needing a new layout. I totally agree. He also commented that none of my readers ever give me content. Of this I also agree, with the exception of Dog Pound who gives me all of my content.

Aug 28, 2000


Some slow/late updates lately...I must apologize, the update I did for Friday was late because I simply forgot to post it. My mistake!

So I was talking the Dog Pound last night who in turn had been talking to Unit3. It seems that Unit3 is quite angry at the fact that I keep calling him a fag ass. Tough for him, I can suffer his slings and arrows and elbow drops so long as I have my dignity, and no-one could ever take that away from me (except maybe Dog Pound).

Props to soul_d for the m@d l1nk

Does anybody want to hear about my weekend? Of course you do! This weekend was nice and long for me thanks to a nice friday off which I pretty well used to catch up on some much needed sleep and install a stereo in my Supra. Friday night was pretty cool as a few friends and myself hit the strip and went out cruising. This weekend was host to "Cruise Weekend", the inferior substitute for the previous "Cruise Nite". The police were becoming edgy about all of the cruising which used to take place after the Cruise Nite car show, so they figured by making it the whole weekend and putting the car show on a Sunday afternoon they good avoid the whole hassle. Heh, so basically what they got was everybody cruising Friday, Saturday AND Sunday night, good solution! Another thing that gets me is the amount of cops that are out during cruise nite every year. Sure, I understand that there are going to need to be more enforcement as there are twice as many vehicles out and, likewise, more accidents. But these cops were pulling over guys for stupid things like having a taillight out and that just really pisses me off. Oh well, apparently I was being good enough that I wasn't pulled over...I guess driving my Supra while sitting on the window swinging large knives at passing police officers isn't as bad as a broken taillight...

Anyone who has known me for very long knows that I have always been a fan of the Delorean automobile. In fact, I hope to some day own one. As you can imagine it was a delight for me to hear a year ago that John Z. Delorean himself had started a mailing list to keep people updated on the design of his new car. Thats right, a new Delorean. There have been many rumors about price, performance and looks of the car but as far as I know they are just rumors. So far all he has said is that the car will be lightweight, fast, and affordable (I believe he said in the $20k range). Right now you can reserve your place in line to purchase one of these vehicles by purchasing that awesome $3000 watch featured on the left. I need one.

The flash game I promised for EJ is delayed, but well worth the wait nonetheless! Don't give up hope and post your comments on the Discussion Board.

It is agreed...I need a new site layout. In fact, I don't really even have a site layout now. That probably has something to do with how lazy I am and how this isn't really a real site. In fact, if anyone at all reads this site regularily who doesn't know me personally, I would be totally floored. Nevertheless, as soon as I have time I will have to do one up, despite my total lack of originality and artistic conception. Maybe I'll just make a 99%-complete flash, only viewable in 1600x1200 and really slow site...

JayB apparently received a bunch of emails the other day from the hatemail script I wrote long ago. That mean somebody was actually looking in the archives! Wow! Nevertheless, to be fair I have disabled the mailer script as we are now two sites in agreement and aliance, combining our powers for the good of the internet.

Aug 25, 2000


I can't believe Unit3 didn't say anything about me calling him a fag ass the other day...I wonder if he didn't see it. Oh yeah, and also is going down because there will a power failure at his house and he is too much of a fag ass no know how to turn it back on. Perhaps I shouldn't be so hard on fag ass's, I mean it's not like they can help it. And given, a Fat Naked Fag-Ass just won $1 million yesterday.

Some words of anger from the mouth of soul_d spoken towards a fag ass:

"Fucking Dog Pound is complaining to me that I emailed all his family after he sent out that (no subject) email that turned into me and you talking about alf. I told him to stop sending me shit like that. Then he's like, Couldn't you just reply to me? and I was like, no. What a nerd. Then I get this email from his sister like "who are you and stop sending me this shit" she was liek irate. I was like, get the fuck off of my internet."

Are you ready for some super-happy-fun illusions?? These are courtesy of Dr. Razor...

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

It just struck me that I haven't had a video on here for quite awhile...but then again not much could beat the Mr. T video. Nevertheless, watching a fight breakout during a bike race is pretty damn entertaining... is a Star Wars Gangsta Rap...

Aug 24, 2000


After the long-anticipated wait, Survivor is finally over. Episode I, anyway...

The Fat Naked Fag Wins!!
Well, after two hours of watching the build-up last night, I have to say that I was severely dissapointed when I saw Rudy get voted out. Poor navy seal Rudy got voted out simply because Kelly had the choice and she knew she wouldn't win a jury vote between herself and a guy who never schemed or lied to anyone (unlike herself). However, I AM glad that Rich was able to win the prize over Kelly (bitch), and seeing how the last vote was 6 for Kelly and 7 for Rich, I don't know what's funnier:

  • After Sue's long winded verbal attack towards Kelly, she WAS right and her vote caused the vote that lost Kelly the $1,000,000.
  • Greg was the last to vote, so although they all could have changed the winner with one vote, Greg chose to have Rich and Kelly each pick a number between 1 and 10. Rich picked 7, Kelly picked 3. Rich won the $1,000,000. Now thats how it should have worked from the beginning!!

After that incredibly exciting news, I'm not sure if anyone really cares but I was able to successfully transplant a new hard drive into this linux machine so the server is relatively safe and well. Some things may still be a little bit flakey, but rest assured that nothing was lost. Do you care? Probably not, but this is a big triumph for me. Now that I can leave my computer alone without it crashing hard everyday, I will proceed to transfer my work efforts towards my cars...

Hate to rip off mrp's site, but an article he just posted has spiked my attention. Anyone interested in the whole Napster Vs. Metallica lawsuit should read this to see what Sony is willing to do to keep Napster out of the picture... Here's a quote:

"We will develop technology that transcends the individual user. We will firewall Napster at source -- we will block it at your cable company, we will block it at your phone company, we will block it at your [Internet-service provider]. We will firewall it at your PC."

- Steve Heckler, senior vice president of Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.
Watch out, Big Brother is watching you...


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