Feb 02, 2001


Damn cold! Here I was thinking that spring was, like, tomorrow and its all of a sudden -20 again! Whats with that? Well, we're full into February now so at least I can safely say that we only have about 2 more months of iffy winter weather before it all starts to clean up again. Guess we've been spoiled by all of these super warm winters lately. Now, is it just me or are the winters getting warmer up here while the winters in the states/mexico are getting colder? I mean it was just a couple years ago that Mexico had that freak snowstorm that killed a bunch of people, and I've heard on the American channels of countless low temperature records in Arizona and Texas. My theory is that this has nothing to do with Global warming, but global positioning. Maybe the earth's axis is actually shifting to reveal new weather patterns? Maybe I'm wrong, but if it turns out I'm right and the millions of scientists that dissagree are wrong they better give me a fucking award.

On top of all this damn cold, the super-volare is once again dead. And this time I feel its going to stay that way...I even had to get DP to pull me home. This saddens me greatly, however I have to say that I got more than my $100 investment out of it in break torques and smashing things. Perhaps it will live again, perhaps not. I should mention that it died while I was having lunch with YC at Wendys restaurant. I then proceeded to enter the restaurant, shaking from cold, then approach the counter, mumbling and shivering. I then made a car starting gesture and the guy was like "YOU WANT THE CHILI!" and then Dave Thomas was like "No his car won't start". Then he like went back in time and made a commercial about it and cast some black guy as me. As if!

I should let you know that I have full intention to write the owners of Wendy's and apologize for my Volare being parked in their parking lot overnight.

Keep on the look out for an article from Audiophile. I'm not sure what its going to be about, but its going to be about something...and when Audiophile thinks hard about something, it ends up in either a big mess or a shiney gem. What the hell am I talking about? I don't know, I'm going to bed. Amuse yourself with some SuperBowl Commercials, a game of Old-School donkey kong, read some dumb Canadian laws, OR if you're really feeling brave, take the "Kiss my freckled ass goodbye" Quiz.

Oh yeah, and I'm totally sorry for the lack of update last night, I wasn't really that busy or anything I just didn't want to do one. Am I going to turn lazy and give up the site, kinda like what Jay B did? Who knows! Anybody want to buy it from me? I'm starting bids at "1 drivable car". Got a better idea? Try me.

Jan 31, 2001


So so so, I have been hearing some nasty rumours that the site has been really slow lately. Personally I haven't noticed, but then again I don't really visit my own site that much. It could have a lot to do with the fact that people are leeching from me. Grrrrrrr.. Oh well, if it gets too bad I suppose I will do something about it. Right now I am planning on doing nothing about it. AH AH AH! Nothing. You heard me.

The internet has been really, REALLY boring lately. __SPACE__ and Mr.P haven't been updating their sites AT ALL lately, mainly Mr.P. Whats with that? I mean I used to think he was cool, now he's just gone and dead or something...

Here's some exciting news: there is a new forum in the Discussion Board, moderated by none other than our close friend Dr. Razor. Is there a doctor in the house? HELL YA! Check it out! It shows up on the list twice and I can't figure out why, so you'll have to put up with it for now. Also spend some time poking around in there, like check out the interactive chat-room feature and stuff, there's lotsa neat shit in there.

The good ol' BBS has been getting some actual attention lately, mostly in the online games. If you really want me to create you an account, or you've forgotten your old password just let me know. It's great fun!

Looking for a trivia game to play, eh?

Well, click on the good ol' canuk on the right there to play a flash game of Canadian Trivia. It's pretty fun and actually fairly challenging...I only scored 5 out of a possible 10, so I guess its about time for me to pack up my bags and head south! Although I did know the answer to the second last question which was apparently the hardest...who says Grade 12 Canadian history never taught me anything? And don't even get me started on those "Herritage Moments" commercials!

...I do find it interesting, however, that not a single one of those questions was about beer OR hockey, eh?

And, of course, Kujo's links of the day:

Thats all folks!

Jan 30, 2001


One day, I swear, I will have this site finally complete so I can quit using "I was just revamping the site" as an excuse for lame updates. Finally I have an actual database driven Archive Page which is completely up-to-date. Next on the agenda is the Comic Section, which is starting to look really messed up. Thats going to take a few hours to do, but hey I love this shit, right?

One thing thats really starting to piss me off about the internet is the fact that I have people leeching of the site! Thats right! Somewhere, somehow bots have scoured my site and picked out all of the mp3s that I have posted. I just checked the server status and found one client from Montreal downloading a Kid Rock mp3 while someone from dlcwest was downloading that damn Eminem mp3 again. I dare not link to them again in this update if I still want my bandwidth. How cheap! I need a good log analyzer to find out who is really hitting this page, and how many requests Apache is putting through.

If anyone knows of a good log anayzer thats easy to setup, please drop me a line!

I forgot to mention the other day that some woman creamed my Super-Volare the other day. Yes, somebody actually ran into my junk-boat with their brand new Sunfire. She backed into my back bumper as I was driving around in a parking lot...so naturally I got a big smudge of her red paint on my bumper, and she got a like rip through her bumper and a couple scratches in the paint (the paint that is now on my bumper). I was so happy that somebody had hit me that I couldn't even speak...I figured this was my chance to write the damn thing off and collect my bounty! Unfortunately she was in so much of a hurry she was like "well I don't want to claim it if you don't, I gotta run" and I was like "DAMN!". Oh well, another day perhaps...I need the car for another couple months anyway.

Anyhow, since Kujo was being a lazy ass today, all he sent me was that picture above so no links for you! Actually, maybe this means that he actually WASN'T being a lazy ass, and was actually out doing something and not bumming around on the internet. DAMNIT! Somebody else send me stuff. I know that DP is having computer problems so I can't even rely on him. Oh well, go read __SPACE__'s site, or bitch on the Discussion Board.

Jan 29, 2001


Wow, what a weekend, I don't think I have had such a great in a long, long while! Friday night I was out in Hepburn for a night with some friends from work, then last night....well just look over to the picture on your right and you can figure that one out. Thats right, it wasn't amateurs night afterall, I guess that was earlier in the afternoon, but what the hell we weren't about to leave after we payed cover. I still can't believe that YC took off his shirt and pole danced for half an hour! Ok, well maybe not, but Dog Pound figured we'd better get a poloroid picture to remember the occasion so there it is, now Unit3 can see what he missed.

Oh yeah, and before anyone gives me shit, be aware that I was presured into going to showgirls by my peers, and had that picture taken against my will.

Anyhow the night was a blast, soul_d, Audiophile, YC, Dog Pound, Blue4130 and myself were in attendance, as well as a friend of YC's.

So, here I am, totally out of money....on a Sunday afternoon doing an Monday update very early. I suppose I should be watching the superbowl if I had any interest in it whatsoever, maybe I'll catch the end :). Then I believe the new Survivor show is supposed to premiere right afterwards, that could be interesting. Other than that, what is there to do on a Sunday?!? A whole lotta Simpsons, Praying and Cheap Cheeseburgers!

Did somebody say Ghostbusters?!??

While I was poking around on the net today I came across GBCentral.com, a ghostbusters super-fan page which covers the two ghostbusters movies, the animated cartoon series, as well as the new animated cartoon series "Extreme Ghostbusters". Actually, this cartoon isn't new as it supposed is supposed to take place in the hip techo-world of the '90s, but the story is that the original ghostbusters are all in their 40s, and have been replaced by a team of Egon's students with a new shwack of gizzmos, etc.

Check out the bios of the new crew here...
Or watch the original REAL Ghostbusters animated WAZZZUP video HERE!

Personally, I love the stereotypical crew they've put together....a genious in a wheelchair (also the 3rd best wheelchair basketball player in the world), a black guy who comes from a "lower-middle class, but loving family" who owns a '74 Mustang and trips and falls alot, and some quiet, goth chick thats into incantations and has been a recluse ever since her "loving grandmother died". You can even watch whole episodes of this cartoon here.

Well, I'd better get running and actually do something today before its too late. If you really need something to pass time with, why not find out when you're going to die? If you're looking for something less morbid, maybe check out ChickenHead.com. Got problems with gas? Consider a Flatulance Filter to avoid embarrasement! These links, as always, presented to us by Kujo, the super-freak.

Jan 27, 2001


Welcome to Weekend Update, with Soul D

Good evening, this is weekend update, and I am your host, Soul D. Our top story tonight:

Holy Naked Neighbors, Clayman!

Tonight is the night to see Saskatoon's homegrown hotties shake their naked bodies for your enjoyment, and a chance to win $500. Showgirls, Saskatoon's Premier strip club is featuring amateur dancers tonight, and the great Spitfire can hardly keep himself from peeing his pants over his sheer excitement. It is also rumor that his bladder problems are due to his excessive intake of mountain dew. Nicole Leatherdale did not accept her invitation to either compete, or spectate.

Unit3 to buy Vinyl Pants.

Unit3 is currently seeking to buy vinyl pants in his wardrobe quest. Today, a group consisting of myself, Fredish, Blue4130, Unit3, and Kujo scoured the Midtown Plaza aiding in this quest. So far, the selection of Vinyl pants in this city seems to be limited, at least in their sizing. The quest continues evermore. I also took the time to stare at the Versace jeans I wish to purchase. The trip to the mall was quite fun, I ate a protein bar with 42g's in it, some Sukyaki Beef, and ORANGE JULIAS!

Jet D to Release Nutrition Guide.

Jet D (pictured on right) is planning to release his nutrition guide for serious martial artists, specifically, the martial artists that battle in flame. The guide will contain caloric intake guides based on body type, recommended protein intake based on goals, and lists of power foods. As well as containing information on vitamins and supplements, the guide will also contain reviews of various supplements, and "Jet D Preferred" powders and power bars. Another key part of this guide will be a list of fast foods that are low in fat, and high in protein, sorted by location. Soon, everybody will be kung-fu fighting, and power bar snacking!


Call (306) 230-6173 for details

Well, that's the news and I'm off to Showgirls! Graeme is gay.

Jan 26, 2001


I received a very nice compliment about my car today.....upon seeing my car for the first time, my boss commented nicely "Wow, that car looks like it fell off of one of those semi-trailers with all the crushed cars on them". You know, it kinda does look like that. I'm so proud! The branch manager also saw me driving it and commented "Clay, I think we need to give you a raise" and I'm like "WAHOO!". Man, I am a productivity machine! Today I solved a question that has plauged man since the dawn of time: "How do I wash my car and not have the doors freeze shut?". I was asking myself this question today over a cold Mountain Dew when I realised "Why not just leave the doors open after!!". So tomorrow I'm going to wash my car and leave the doors wide open all night.

So tonight (Friday night) I have a party to hit with some friends from work, then tomorrow is "Amature Night" at Showgirls. Why did I mention that? I don't know, just thought you'd like to know. Will I be there? I guess there's only one way to find out!!

Gah....I should start taking bets on how long my Super-Volare will last me...I'm beginning to think that its trying to tell me something with all of its flooding, overheating, transmission slipping, flat tires, and general sucking. I figured I was alright because I thought we only had one more month of winter left, but then I forgot about April and when somebody reminded me about April I got really pissed off! Man, I ALWAYS forget about stupid april, and now its gonna cost me my car! Damnit, I'm going to have to, like, put oil in it now or something.

For all you people out there who are fascinated with new scientific discoveries, I have a link for ya! Seems some scientists have found a way to not only REDUCE the speed of light, but actually FREEZE it using a chilled sodium gas chamber. The light can then be released from its frozen state to continue on its path. Why is this important? Well, perfecting this technique could lead to unbelievable advances in computing technology, or "Quantum computing". Interested? Read the article!

Message from Landon: "kazonline.com has been updated. I think this time there is stuff you might like."

Sheesh...I was all pumped to put out an awesome update tonight and now I find myself with nothing interesting to say at all. Could it be that I'm finally running out of ideas for the site? Maybe....but its more than likely that I'm just tired. I'll get over it. I still haven't really figured this sleep thing out, I can't see why I shouldn't be able to survive off of 2 hours of sleep a day...it gives me WAY more time to do the kind of things I like, like.....uhhhhhh..... well stuff. Ok maybe I don't do anything other than work and update the site...but alas I am still out of thoughts so I will resort to the only way I know how to keep captive audiences on the internet....


And with that I will sign off, but not before saying something really nice about soul_d, who has been feeling rather left out lately , amongst all of this Dog Pound attention and all. Soul_d is a really nice guy....really. And he's probably the least gay of my close friends...HOWS THAT? Peace.

Jan 25, 2001


Well now, I just finished watching my new DvD movie "Gone in 60 Seconds". Has everyone seen that yet? If not you'd better go check it out! Then you can go out and rent the original which is even better (warning: the original version is an extreme GUY movie which 90% consists of a giant car chase with the police. It kicks serious ass). Anyhow, I have to say that considering most people don't even know that there was an original, they did a pretty good job of 'remaking' it...and even through in a few comments and scenes to entertain the fans of the original movie as well. This movie makes me want to buy a Ferrari.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS?!? Yes, thats right, its time for the RBLORDS song of the day! Now, this doesn't happen everyday, in fact in only happens today, so you'd better pay attention. Today's "RBLORDS song of the day" was submitted by The Saint...so everybody please take a moment to download and listen to YC's THEME MUSIC. WOOOOOOOOEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

I'm kinda pressed for time today (what else is new?) so I haven't had much time to go through the hoards of links that Kujo has been sending me. I did find this link to be a fun read though, it shows all of the best TV cars, what they are and why they are so awesome. He also sent me a link to this very RBLORDS worthy movie clip of Some guy trying to ski off of his roof into his truck. Its worth a watch people!

I'd like to welcome K1020 to the site also, its been awhile since he's been around! You can catch him on the Discussion Board if you want.

Anyhow I'm like totally outta here so catchya on the flip side...l8r!


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