Mar 01, 2001


A whole year of updates, and promises out the wazzoo of new site designs, etc, and what do you get? That shitty picture that took me 2 hours to make in Photoshop because I suck shit at it. I'm not surly, I'm happy, so don't even think about asking! Post your happy RBlords-BDay-related conversation on the Discussion Board.

Feb 28, 2001


Well, just one more day until the big RBlords one year aniversery. Hard to believe its been so long, isn't it?

Heh, you've gotta take a look at the link on the right that Mr. P donated today, its absolutely grand. But beware, there are pictures of naked Cisco routers and bondage pictures involving Sun systems!

Hmm....all that 'hardware' has got me thinking about how I'm going to have to move all of this equipment in the spring. As I am physically moving to a new house, I'm going to have to either lug oden along with me or build a new, better server. I think the latter is probably the best choice. I guess I could always use my dual-proc machine for a linux box, seeing as how it would probably get more use that way. All the php and cgi scripts along with mySQL are really eating up resources on this poor little P200.

Speaking of computers, my 'work' will be recycling around 130 old Pentium 166 and Pentium 200 machines within the next couple months. From what I have heard they will probably end up going out to Grasswood Auctions. If you live in Saskatoon and don't know where that is, its on the Regina highway coming into town, kinda. Anyhow, I'm gonna have to swing by when the sell them and see if I can't grab a few for cheap or something.

RBlords Commerical Product Plug: "Beefeater, what more can you ask for?

Pike Lake 2001 in approaching quickly (May Long weekend) so make sure to mark it on your calendars! I know The Saint has already marked it on his, then crossed it out and written in :"Wedding" underneith :). If you're reading this right now, Mr. Saint, be aware that YC, Dawn and myself are still planning on making a trip ALL THE WAY DOWN TO FREAKIN CRAVEN in the middle of our super camp-party. Send me the times of the ceremony/reception as soon as you know for sure so that I can work this out! Could be interesting...

Before I go, I'd like to share with you part of a job advertisement I saw in the paper on the weekend. The position was for an Office Administrator for Jim Pankew, MP, and included the following paragraph at the bottom of the ad:

"In contrast to Employment Equity quotas and Affirmative Action programs, no special consideration will be given to applicants because of their race, gender, or colour. Merit will be the sole determining factor in decding on the successful candidate."
Thought it was a funny thing to but at the bottem of a job posting :). Anyhow, I'm outta here to go turn the world into a better place. It takes time, but in the long run it'll be worth it. First I'll start by cleaning up Dog Pound's attitude when it comes to littering in my city.

Feb 28, 2001


I've been linked!

Feb 27, 2001


GAH! I just completely toasted my mailbox as I was randomly deleting things off my machine, and of course I did this before my update. And, of course all of my content for today was sitting in the mailbox so I guess I'm just going to have to improvise. God forbid! Uhhh uhhh uhhhh....

Well, today I'm just going to post a bunch of links that Blue4130 sent me today over ICQ. Well, ok there's just two but they're interesting enough.

The first link is a must see - probably the 'most best' computer desk in the world! For some reason or another I can easily imagine The Saint purchasing one of these (if he hasn't already). With this kind of setup it would be techically difficult NOT to rule the world. For evil genius's only!

Now that you have the desk, you need some funky designer computer hardware to match! Throw away that ugly monotone scrollmouse that your mother gave you for christmas, and pick up a nice 'designer' red cherry wood mouse, and keyboard, and LCD flatscreen. They have it all.

There was a story in the newspaper today (and all over the radio recently) about a baby that was left out in the cold and pretty well froze to death over a period of like 3 hours or something. At first I was really confused because the report claimed the child was 'accidently left' outside for the duration, but after reading the entire article it sounded more like the child took off. Anyhow, the kid was only wearing a diaper and when they found him his body temperature was only 17C (regular body temp is 36C of course) and his heart hadn't been beating for almost 2 hours. The kid wasn't even breathing, and now they're saying that he is going to make a good recovery with no brain damage. Holy fuck thats amazing. I didn't even realize that you could stop breathing for 2 hours and live, let alone not suffer any brain damage. Thats just messed up.

I've been watching __SPACE__'s page recently, going to it every day. That page kicks SO MUCH ass.

Oh yeah, and today I got the last of the documents in the mail that I need to file my tax return. I was excited to get it all over with this year so that I could get a quick return (because I know that I am getting money back), and then I discovered that I had lost my T4 slips! Like, whats with that? I totally left them on the table in plain view and now they're gone! Now THATS messed up! So I don't know what I'm going to do if I can't find them, I guess I'll have to go back to work and ask for another one, like the dumbass that I am. Sheeesh.

Anyhow, time to run. For for the SuX0ring update, but hey, I gotz thingz ta do!

Quick fact: Dog Pound earned 3 respect points from myself today, along with a bonus of +2 charisma. And it had nothing to do with eating hot dogs.

Feb 26, 2001


Well, I usually do an early update on Sunday but I guess it just didn't happen. The reason is because I ended up being surrounded by thousands upon thousands of beautiful women all day. And no, I wasn't at the strip club. I'm just that damn sexy.

As you may have read from the weekend update, Dog Pound and Audiophile were lost this weekend while making their way back from BC. Well, they were found and arrived safely afterall so everybody can relax now. In fact, Audiophile caught so many rays this past week that his hair has been bleached bright blonde. Hmmph.


Well, the weather is finally looking up! Starting Tuesday, its supposed to be getting warmer by the day and that brings us one day closer to summer, and one day closer to my inevitable happiness!

Blue4130 wished me to post this link. Don't ask me why. I don't know. He also wanted me to inform my readers that "Girls are messed up and not worth the effort most on the time". I think the word 'on' is supposed to be 'of', but what am I? A proofreader? I should work for The Star Phoenix as they seem to have fired all of theirs.

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

This weekend I watched the movie "Beowulf", starring Christopher Lambert (Highlander). I had my doubts about the movie before renting it simply because I had never heard of it before. But soul_d REALLY REALLY wanted to watch it, and the review on the back WAS pretty good... "A perfect combination of Highlander, DragonSlayer, and Mortal Kombat". And that it was. Based on the poem, "Beowulf", the movie is a story set in the future (although there are no guns and everyone lives in castles) where some strange supernatural monster is eating everybody and Christopher Lambert is essentially the Highlander coming to set things straight. There was little nudity in the movie, and not much swearing but the violence and techno music more than made up for it. Give it a try, its worth a rent.

I heard from good ol' Jay B the other day who was offering to sell me bulk amounts of premium Cat5e+ cable to replace my current, archaic Cat5 infrastructure. He also offered to hook me up with a sweet fiber backbone, so I'll have to consider the deal.

Feb 23, 2001


Welcome to Weekend Update, with Soul D

Good evening, this is weekend update, and I am your host, Soul D. Our top story tonight:

Someone Set Up Us the Hump!

Cayely Humphries is back in town and already causing trouble. Reunited with his brother, Graeme, the two Humphries boys (pictured right) have been recklessly (and drunkenly) driving all over town, destroying and vandalizing everything they come across. It is reported that they have already been involved in several home invasions and prostitute encounters. It is advised that if you see these two together, that you play dead immediately, as they will most likely just point and laugh and walk way. Do not under any circumstances approach these two.

Dea Sweet as Ever.

Last night, Dea celebrated her 19th birthday at the infamous Dino's Bar and Grill. Dea was surrounded by many friends and there was a great celebration. Not even the Humphries could stop the joy! Jet D also made an appearance.

Prediger Not Expected to Return.

Saskatchewan authorities have stated in a public report today that they do not expect either Dog Pound or Audiophile to survive the return from BC. In a joint effort between the RCMP and the CIA, which made use of American AWACS planes, the authorities attempted to track the location of the pair as they crossed through Alberta, but lost contact with them shortly before they entered the Rocky Mountains. It is believed that they were eaten by Sasquatch. Jet D issued a report last Thursday that disputed this claim. An excerpt from the report reads as follows: "Those guys [the RCMP] are dumb… they [Dog Pound and Audiophile] are not dead, they just stopped off to get some A&W drive thru…"

Spitfire Receives Gift of Music

The other day, Jet D presented Spitfire with a compellation CD of music for him to enjoy. The first track on the disk was "Thank you for Being my Friend" also known as the Theme from the Golden Girls. Spitfire was very happy and danced up a storm.

Fredish Returns

Fredish has returned from Toronto. She now smells like soap and dope. Currently, she is rummored to be involved in criminal activities with the Humphries boys.

Jet D Returns from Edmonton.

Jet D has returned from Edmonton. He refuses to discuss in detail the specifics of his trip at this time. He promises that "When I am ready to tell you, it will be really good. Well, maybe not all that good, but pretty cool anyways. Well, maybe you'll think it's awesome. Maybe you'll just be like 'oh yeah…' or 'woah…' " Jet D goes on at length like this.


Call (306) 230-6173 for details.

Well, that's the news and I have to get down to the gym again. Graeme is gay.

Feb 22, 2001


Anybody catch the Grammys? I watched the first hour or so and couldn't help but notice how much they suck more every year. The only good part was how the host guy kept talking about how gay Eminem was, and comparing him to Elton John, the supergay. I wanted to check it out to see what Britney Spears was wearing this year (could she find anything more transparent than last year?) but alas she wasn't there. Puff Daddy also couldn't make it because he is currently standing trial. What a wonderful music industry!

F0r alL j00 asp1ring l337 haX0rs out there, you'd better check out the comic strip on the left, sent in by Blue4130, who describes it as "beautiful, breathtaking, and hard to miss".

On the topic of L337 haX0rs, some of you may be experiencing problems connecting to via ftp. Problems such as connection timeouts, periodic drops in the connection, etc. It's being worked on, I assure you :).

Ok, ok, I know I promised some sort of nudity today, so here are your golf lessons to get you in the mood for Spring:

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

Are my updates getting crappier and more empty by the day, or is it just me? Its hard to come up with things to say after almost a full year of doing this. The weather? Its still cold. My life? I'm alright. The state of the current financial market in a nutshell? bah. Send me some ideas on what to talk about or write articles about or something like that because I'm just plain out of originality here. Come on! Or post some ideas on the Discussion Board!

Yup. Pretty slow around here. My theory is its just the time of year...this long drawn-out period of time between new years and Easter where there are no stat holidays (except Alberta), crappy weather, and a whole lotta people dragging their feet around. I wouldn't be surprised if the productivity level of the country as a whole decreased significantly during this depressing time period. Which leads me to my point - a holliday in March would do Saskatchewan's economy a whole lotta good. If you don't know where Saskatchewan is, LOOK IT UP!.

Last minute note - seems the RBlords DNS problems have pissed __SPACE__ off. Must be working now tho, seing as how she managed to fit in an update.


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