Apr 04, 2001


Alright, well since I missed my Monday update I was going to surprise everybody with a Tuesday one early this morning. However, for some reason or another I was having problems getting my SQL Client to establish a connection, so I just gave up...

Biggest news right now, the Supra is dead. Yeah, my flashy little sports car fried itself late Saturday night when I managed to drive it for a long time with very, very little oil. The problem? Leaking valve cover gaskets. I knew they were leaking and, in fact, I was planning on having them changed the next morning which would have averted the entire problem, but instead I neglected to check the oil on Saturday (assuming it would be alright as it had never really leaked that fast at all), and with my stereo on most the night also didn't notice the knocking in the engine until it was too late. Needless to say I'm pretty pissed off, its likely going to need all new rod a main bearings, and the crank itself is going to need grounding or replacing. Cost? With a mechanic friend of the family doing the work I hope to keep it under $2500, but could easily be more. Sure feels like a kick in the nuts to me! Donations are welcome.

Blue4130 sent me the picture to the left of an actual candy dispenser (sold at WalMart!) that actually 'craps' out brown colored candies for you. It even says it has moooooving parts :). Click on the picture for a larger copy.

Miss Jay B's old tech support calls? Well you can stop sulking because once again Blue4130 has come to your rescue with a link to some hilarious tech support calls. My personal favorite is the guy who phones Apple for software support. Damn that guy gets really worked up! I have to say I've never come across a situation THAT bad before.

Speaking of the office, has anyone caught that new Dilbert cartoon? I saw it the other day and thought it was pretty good. The comics are still better though...

Haven't had a video on here for awhile, so here ya go...the video of Randy Johnson pitching a fastball which managed to kill a dove in mid-flight. Amazingly enough, this isn't the first time this has happened...you can read more about it here.

Lastly, Doctor Razor sent me a link to some fun flash videos called "StoneTrek". Check them out also.

By for now, keep checking back for exiting future updates!

Mar 31, 2001


Good evening, this is weekend update, and I am your host, Soul D. Our top story tonight:

YC Gets Pussy in Regina

Thursday night, YC travelled to the Queen city to score some pussy. For added protection from the highwaymen, YC acquired a crew of retainers consisting of The Saint, Jet D, and Audiophile. Upon arrival in regina, a visit was paid to The Saint's Wife-To-Be. Dinner was had at a Boston Pizza. After dinner, we were led by the Lady in Waiting to the location of the pussy. It was found ni a neighboored with a trailerload of trash parked in the street, and near a house with a stove sitting in the front yard. YC purchased some pussy for 50 dollars, and then made his retainers to ride all the way back to Saskatoon with it, and it smelled badly. In all fairness, the pussy was not for YC, but for his mother.

Spitfire's Supra Undefeataba

Friday night, after drinking and gambling for hours at the infamous Dino's Bar and Grill, Spitfire took his Supra to 8th st and let her rip. He raced Mustangs and Camaros, Rx7's, all kinds of riced up coups, and light rolling Neons. Spitfire took them all. He even raced a truck load of farm girls that were looking for YC. Infact, most of 8th st was looking for YC. Even the A&W had sign saying "have you tried it YC?" no doubt refering to racing on 8th St. YC is expected to challenge the Supras reign.

Unit3 Removed from NAACP's List of Homosexuals.

Last week, a representative of the NAACP released a news bulletin that Unit3 has been removed from their list of homosexuals. When reached for comment, a high ranking executive in the NAACP stateted that "it was an accident, the removal I mean." When asked why the NAACP keeps a list of people it thinks are gay, the executive hung up. It is specualted that the NAACP really doesn't like Unit3. This may have to do with the incident on Mar 25, 1996, when Unit3 burned down NAACP headquaters while screaming the lyrics to Phantom Lord by heavy metal group Metallica. Metallica is currently suing Unit3 for unlawful use of copyright material during an arson. The US Supreme Court has issued an injunction requiring Unit3 to remove copyrighted material from his brain, so as not to be used in anyway, in whole or in part, during the act of arson. Unit3 is expected to appeal this ruling. It is speculated by some experts that he will burn down the Supreme Courthouse while singing And Justice For All... "I wish Unit3 the best and I hope he does burn that courthouse down," Tom Petty said outside the 5th district courthouse where he was facing charges of ultrachronicmonstrahsaty, "that would really show those mothas where it's at."

Randy Teichroeb, from Saskatoon, had an interesting visitor at Pike Lake!

The campsite was great, close to bathrooms, lots of wood and many of nature's little animals: squirrels, a large variety of birds, some bats, frogs, and fish. I was relieved to see plenty of warnings and descriptions of poison ivy, which the kids spotted frequently on the trail behind the museum. On our last night my son Jeremy, who's 8 years old, and I were sitting in front of the barbecue pit at about 10:30pm. I heard something behind us so I turned around with the flashlight on and to our surprise we had a visitor. It was a raccoon! We have been to the park many times over the years and I have never seen a raccoon before. He was big, about the size of 3 cats full grown! My son was amazed and so was I. I told Jeremy to take the left-over hamburger and place it on the log he was using to feed the squirrels earlier. He did and sat back down. I turned off the light and Jeremy witnessed the raccoon take the hamburger! I know you are not supposed to feed the animals but when were we ever going to see this again? Then we placed marshmallows on the same log, and he came back 3 more times. Jeremy named the raccoon Ricky.

The Pike Lake Survey

This is the Third week in the Pike Lake Survey series, and so far the ball is rolling greatly. Last weekend, we asked the question My goal for this year is to:, and we bombared with imagery of destruction. This week, we'll probe a little deeper. As well, there is a special present for you on the left. It is the Pike Lake 2001 trailer. It is very high quality, and is 18.6MB. The file is best viewed full screen. It is also recommend that you DL the file completetly before viweing, scpecially if you have one of those "more better" macs that cut the end of the mpeg off and then you're left wondering why everyone else was talking about Kerri so much. Pictured Left: Columbia Pictures presents Pike Lake 2001 (click to view trailer):

The Question: Will Graeme be at pike lake this year?

The Answers:

Cayley: graeme will atemt to go, then jenifer will call from like - buttfuck idaho, and graeme will bend like ruber and go see her. I wonder if it is just a coincidence that she is callin g from BUTTFUCK
Graeme: YES GOD DAMMIT!!! The evil powers will fall before my might!!!
Clayton: I believe he will, however a more appropriate question may be "Will Graeme make it back from Pike Lake this year?"
Vance: I am highly doubting that. I foresee his car violently getting overturned in the riot at the park gates. He will be late because of Katya impaling his hand with a small knife.
Steven: Syntax Error
Darren: YES
YC: Yes I plan to throw him in the lake until he and the lake become one, hence he will be a pike like this year
Jet D: I believe that he will, I believe that the curse has been vanquished.

Jet D Comments on the Survey:
YC, Nobody likes a smart ass. (YC was poking fun of a spelling mistake in the survey form) As well, I have noticed that no one expects Graeme to remain in good health.

All Quiet on the Western Front

No one has heard much of anything from or about Cayley since his brother paid him a visit. It is suspected the the older brother has eaten the younger brother in order to gain his power. When reached for comment, The Medicine Hat RCMP gave us this statement: "What the fuck are you talking about? Stop wasting our time." Shortly after, the line went dead. We can only assume it was the ghost of Cayley interfering on behalf his his dual powered brother.

Sighting of Favorite Girl Reported.

It has been reported that Spitfire has spotted Jet D's infamous Favorite Girl. Jet D has been searching for favorite girl for he last 8 years, and has found only pain and falsities. If anyone has any inforation on the location of favorite girl, they are urged to contact the Jet D society at this location Remember it is very easy to mistake a sighting of a regular girl for favorite girl. Jet D has to follow up any possible leads, as favorite girl can only truly be identfied by him, in person. Jet D claims he will be able to feel her, not in the way that involves the police, but in the heart. Jet D also reports that he sighted a girl that was 70% probably to be favorite girl last night. This is a good sign, as sightings of girls with a 70% probability or higher have nill over the last year.
Favorite girl is reported to be some what quiet, polite, personable, and very clumsy. Favorite girl is most likely blonde with blue or green eyes, but may also have jet black hair. She enjoys dance music, and also likes the sun. "Favorite Girl is a Princess, and I must find her" says Jet D, "Also, it is probably really scary when she drives."
In other news, Jet D is feeling the effects of a virus that has slowed him down greatly. When reached for comment, Jet D said "Please don't report this because I'm really not that bad and people that seek my destrucion will now make attempts on my life because they think I am weak and are no longer afraid. Do you know how hard it is to shop for rice and lentals when people are making attempts on your life?" An editorial decision has been made to report this story, mostly because the public has a right to know, and people attacking Jet D makes for good news. Good news for Rblords, bad news for Jet D.
pictured right, a sketch of favorite girl.


Call (306) 230-6173 for details.
Car may not be exactly as shown

Well, that's the news and I have get down to make some calls. Graeme is gay.

Mar 30, 2001


You know its funny, only a year ago I was so into my computer that I was constantly planning on upgrading it, spending time on it, playing fine games of UT and spending hours browsing the net. Now I get home from work, and the last thing I want to do is sit down at another computer. I don't think I've really lost the interest, maybe I'll see it spike up again in the fall.

I have to say though, the computer world has changed a lot over the past 10 years. I remember the days of working on my Commodore 64 pounding out BASIC code late at night (I know I know, GEEK!) and waiting for my parents to go to sleep so that I can tie up the phone line on my 300 baud modem to download the latest pirated games from a secret underground BBS in the city. I can also remember when the FreeNET came to my city and my dad was one of the first to sign up (I still have that account too!)...that was, of course, before there were graphics in web pages, advertisement on the internet was virutally non-existant and everything was formatted to fit the 'lynx' style web-browsers. In the end, things were cooler before everybody and their dog were on the internet, before Windows became the most common operating system, and when coders actually worked all night to make efficient code, rather than throwing things together with high processor requirements. At least in my chosen proffesion I can make money off of mistakes like these :)

I know, I know, blablabla, lets get to the good stuff! I heard from Razor today, and it seems he is very interested in writing an article for us. Except that he pretty much wants me to do everything for him but write the article itself. What all is there to writing an article other than the writing yourself, you may ask? Well, a hell of a lot in this case! Either way, keep your heads up as this project could hit the RBlords press as early as next week. Of course I just made that time up...oops I wasn't supposed to type that.

Top news of the night: YC, The Saint, Audiophile and Soul_d made a trip to the sunny town of Regina tonight to pick up a cat. Thats right, YC was hungry for a specific breed of cat which couldn't be found in the cold climate of Saskatoon....

Oden has a current uptime of 75 days, an all-time record which was almost broken by the evil Unit3 who informed me today of his plans to HaX0r my machine yesterday using a newly discovered root exploit. Luckily, his laziness prevailed and stopped him from creating such a mess, thus saving the day for me. Hurray for laziness!

You know, I used to come up with all sorts of nifty news to interest all you regular readers, but to tell you the truth a lot of that wasn't my own content! So now, as nobody is sending my links and information, my updates are generally going to suck like this one, as I resort to telling stories of personal events that happened to me through out the week. Want to stop the horror? Send me something!

Until then, read _SPACE_'s page. She's more interesting and generally more sexy than I am.

Mar 28, 2001


Happened to glance over at _SPACE_'s page just a moment ago to see that she had actually updated a couple of times. Seems this laziness is catchy. Nevertheless the internet is boring and I sometimes wonder why I even bother with the service. If it weren't for my dedication to this page, I might go the same road as the imfamous Jay B and dissapear off the face of the information superhighway.

Caught word from Dog Pound the other day in the form of a phone call all the way from London. He sends his greetings, and has informed me that RBlords is really sweeping the british fronts. Gah, who am I kidding??? THIS SITE SUCKS!!! GAH! Why couldn't I be more popular...like Razor...?!??!?

I heard on the radio today that if every Canada was sold today and the money divided among all Canadian citizens we would each go home with about $103'000 in our pockets. Canada's total worth was something like $13 trillion, which is up by something like 6% since last year. I guess thats pretty good, but we should probably wait until it goes higher before we sell the country. Its nice to know anyhow that we're worth more than our debts.

It was freakin' nice outside today, so nice in fact that I made up an excuse to go and drive around with my windows down most of the afternoon. Then, afterwards I spent most of the night working on my car in the driveway. It was also nice that I had enough sunlight to see what I was doing until 8:00, at which point it was getting a tad bit cold for me anyhow. For anyone who cares, body work on the front two fenders of my Bel-Air has been completed and they're painted and everything. Still hoping to have the car done sometime around June, and no later than the end of June.

Can you believe its been two days and I really don't have much else to say? Well, I don't. If I think of something more I'll let you know, until then keep your eyes on the Discussion Board...

Mar 26, 2001


Well, first off I'd like to anounce that my updates are going to be decreasing from 5 times a week to 3. (I know, they basically already have). Anyhow, this has nothing to do with myself losing interest in the whole RBlords effort but more to do with summer coming around the corner and having less time to devote to my quality-filled updates which you have all grown to adore. I will update Monday, Tuesday and Fridays unless I have something especially important to declare. Anyone else wishing to do an update, just send one in.

So, the Oscars are over and looks like Gladiator took best picture, which I am happy with. There sure weren't a whole lot of good movies this year...ones I can remember: Gladiator, Traffic, Cast Away. I suppose also Crouching Tiger, Hidding Dragon was pretty good. I still haven't seen Erin Brokovich. Anyhow, the point is movies this year pretty well sucked, I even heard on the radio the other day that ticket sales were down something like 20% this year. Poor hollywood is losing money!

Oh, and did anyone else see what J-Lo was wearing to the ceremony??

I can't believe how long this discussion in the Discussion Board has been going on. Started out as a discussion I started about kids shooting kids in public schools, and has evolved into a rightwing-leftwing battle over social assistance blankets and the unwillingness of people to help other people these days.

Well, I have to admit, people just don't give a shit. I see it more and more in teenagers every year (maybe its just me getting older). But honestly, nobody thinks twice about walking across the street in front of traffic, throwing their McDonalds garbage out the car window, or cheering on a good barfight. Its somebody else's problem, why should I care? Its really terrible but at the same time, whats to motivate these people to change their outlook? And are they closed minded or have they just accepted that there is no choice? Something to think about I suppose...

I don't think I mentioned it, but my speakers came in last Thursday. I had to order them directly from the states (New York) and they are finally sitting here with me...ready to be assembled. Hopefully, if all goes well I'll have everything together shortly after the big move (Easter Weekend) so I'll let you know how they sound. As nice as they may be, however, they would probably sound better with this 21" woofer!

...Weather is getting better. Back to above zero this week. Lets hope it stays that way.

Also, the work on my Bel-Air has been coming along nicely, and I'm now at the point where I have to decide whether to give is a complete strip-down and paint or to just paint the lower half of the car and buff the rest of the old paint to match. The difference, of course, being the cost. I'll have to look into what its going to cost me either way and see if I can actually justify painting the entire car. The thing is, this car will never be worth the money I'm putting into it and probably not even close, but its the sentimental value I suppose. I'll keep you posted, and perhaps if I have the chance I will take some photos of the work in progress...

Thats it for today folks, enjoy the beginning of another delicous spring week...

Mar 24, 2001


Good evening, this is weekend update, and I am your host, Soul D. Our top story tonight:

Spitfire's Speakers In Town at Last.

Spitfires speakers, the ones he's paid for with pretty much everything he owns have arrived. The spent a lot of time being borrowed by drug smugglers, who mostly smuggled pot inside them, but traces of Cocain were found in the tweeters. It is also uncertain at this time as to the level of PCP involved in the operation. The speakers, built by gnomes, are now awaiting boxes. Darren can hardly contain himself. Graeme has not yet damaged the speakers in any way. More on this as it develops.

Dog Pound Flees

Dog Pound, the ultra chronic canadian rap monstah, has fled the country in the wake of recent allegations of drug trafficking. Dog Pound was to be arrained in Court of Queen's Bench over at YC's place on Friday, but is now beleived to be in London, England with his sisters. Police are currently filing with the ministry of foreign affairs over at Darren's place to have Dog Pound extradited.

Humphries to Run Wild on Medicine Hat

The Humphries boys, Gaylord and Elroy, are to be reunited in Medicine Hat this weekend, thanks in part to Fredish and one of the Daves (the less dangerous one). RCMP in Medicine Hat said "at this time we have not yet called in the national guard, but we are one priorty one alert." It is speculated that the dangerous duo will incapicate themselves without any federal assisance other than Student Loans.

Pike Lake Memories by YC.

Well, i've only actually made it out to pike lake 2000. I don't have as much time to draw from as most others but it was still pretty good. It all started when we first got to the park and picked our spot. Darren and I stayed behind to protect the site from evil while everybody else went to register it in our name or something. While we were there a car load of really cute highschool girls came over and went to the spot beside ours. I must say that we were quite impressed at how the weekend was starting off.
Not more than about 10 minutes after the girls pulled into their spot they came over to ask if they could borrow an axe. I happily obliged and gave them our axe. I watched through the trees as they tried to chop some wood. 2 minutes later they came back and with the cutest little sad pouty face asked if I could come and chop some wood for them. Well hey, who wouldn't go chop wood for some cute girls! So darren and I made the treck to their site, a whole 10 metres but a treck none the less.
So I chopped some wood for them and they sat their talking and giggling away. Then after we sat around and talked for a while and got to know them a bit. Then we said fairwell and went back to our site. Later the rest of our group arrived and we unpacked. It was not that long after that they came back and asked for more wood to be chopped, darn :) . So we went over and talked some more, chopped some more wood, and I made sure to mention our party that night.
Later that night we were partying and people were wandering back and forth between our site when all of a sudden all these stupid chochy rice boys showed up at the girls site. They were making all kinds of noise and being a general pain in the ass. Eventually the CO's showed up and kicked them out and also kicked out the girls :( A couple of the girls quickly ran over to our site when the CO's weren't looking. This almost got us kicked out when the CO's realized what happened. However we got a bunch of free booze from the girls out of it. Most noteably of which was a 40 of tequila.
Now our story takes a twist for the worse, or better, depends who's point of view. So this cure girl gives me this 40 of tequila as she's being kicked out. It has about 2 inches in it (I thought only 1 or less). We're all sitting around the camp fire and I hear steven yell "HEY YC I DARE YOU TO CHUG THAT!". I'm thinking, BAH, there's only an inch or so in here I can do it!!! So I say "YA WATCH ME!!!" I procede to pitch the bottle straight up and chug chug chug, after about 15seconds of chugging I am starting to think "HOly shit there's a lot of tequila in here, i am gonna be in trouble tonight". I eventually did finish it all in one pull which impressed steven. Then we sat around talking for about half an hour, the next thing I remember is waking up in the morning. Apparently I had been laying on the hood of stevens car talking to people. Busby even has a tape of me talking to him but it's all blank.
So that is my pike lake memory, or lack there of :)

The Pike Lake Survey

  Last Weekend Update saw the beginning of the Pike Lake Survey Series. So far the survey has been greeted with tremendous enthusiasm, and has enjoyed a 12.4 share of Rblords viewes. Last week the question was posed, “Name 5 items you will not be at pike lake without.” This week, we will delve deeper into the personalities of the respondents.
Pictured Left: Scene from Pike Lake 2000 (click to view larger image):

The Question: My goal for this year is to:

The Answers:

Cayley: live ... and not sleep in claytons trunk
Graeme: Get another girlfriend.
Clayton: Hornsmack and hogtie one of the conservation officers when they tell us to 'quiet down'
Vance: Have many women in the Dojo with me at all times and to not get my feet wet
Steven: Get action, satisfaction, and see Dallas stupid drunk, crushing squirel's with his legs
Darren: get the DJ's girlfriend (is it Shannon?) pregnant
YC: race sould down the parking lot by the huddle with the track laid out in flames
Jet D: Keep Fit, and have fun.

Jet D Comments on the Survey:
I hope YC doesn't hurt anyone that doesn't deserve it.

Blue 4130 Contracts Mono

Blue 4130 has contracted Mono and has been sleeping the weekend away. Everyone at Rblords.Com wishes him a speedy recovery. As well, a noted friend of Rblords, Bruce, has expressed his interest in Blue 4130's health and safety. Others that wish Blue 4130 a speedy recovery include Cats, DMX, and Ming. One famous friend of Rblords.com, Pat the stereo guy, left this message for Blue: "Get well fast cause Mono is crazy stupid."

Jet D Displeased with the Krowld

Jet D is very unhappy with the weather as of late, as it is preventing him from working on his camaros. When reached for comment, Jet D remarked: "Raiden's gonna pay."


Call (306) 230-6173 for details.
Car may not be exactly as shown

Well, that's the news and I have to surrender to the eternal night. Graeme is gay.

Mar 22, 2001


...just when it starts to feel like spring it snows again! And KROWLD!!! Oh well, what can you do? JUST SIT PATEIENTLY AND TAKE IT UP THE ASS, THATS WHAT YOU CAN DO!!!

I found myself a boat, thats my big news of the day. I've been looking for a boat for some time now, only problem is half of the boats out there have motors that are on their last legs and I honestly don't know the first thing about telling wether or not a boat motor is about to choke. Anyhow, I found a nifty little 14" Fiberglass V-Hull that I think I will be happy with, and for a price I am definately happy with. I'll probably pick it up within the next few weeks (provided there's not still snow on the ground) and maybe this summer I'll actually catch my own supper.

Official move date for myself has been confirmed to be the easter long weekend (April 13th). Heh, I just noticed that 'Good Friday' this year is a Friday the 13th. Spooky. I wonder just how 'good' it will be? Anyhow, I think I'm in pretty good shape for the move except that my speakers haven't arrived in the mail yet. I've been tracking them through UPS and apparently they are stuck in 'brokerage' at customs. They're probably ripping them apart right now looking for pot. Damnit, I made sure not to put too much in. Damn dogs.

I should mention that Dog Pound has left the country. Thats right, that wacky local rock star and child porn hobbiest has packed up his bags and headed off to London, England for a short while (two weeks). Seems that all the fame of being a teen idol just started to get to him. Word is he's going to be meeting up with DMX and busting out some of the phattest rhymes dem brits have ever heard. In fact, earlier this week the Queen was heard to comment "I quite enjoy a little 'rap' once in awhile. That 'Dog Pound' fellow sure does a good job of rustling up the old knickers".

Here's a picture I've had kicking around for a little bit. I was going to post it on the main page but thought some may complain (sheesh). I believe it accurately portrays the reason I don't feel like getting married anytime soon...

Thats it....peace out....MAKE LOVE NOT WAR!


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