Jun 01, 2001



Audiophile here with my first update in the history of Rappablords existence. I would like to address several new additions to the current events. To start King YC and his Anti-Rice Chevelle of Anarchy will be hitting the SIR strip tonight at around 6:00. Everyone is welcome as there will be more than enough burning rubber and hashish to go around.

Also in the news the infamous Spitfire has found a new corner of the city to call his home, his family in hopes of making a just replacement has employed a clumsy black dog named Cookies to take his spot.... coincidence....not likely! After the races there is rumored to be a huge party at his new pad. He asks that everyone please just walk in and get comfortable even if it looks as if there is no one home.

And in other news Jet D has had his hands full! And finally Dog Pound is rumored to be prepping both himself and his Explorer for an unleashing at SIR later this summer. In preparations for his unveiling of the new and improved Explorer SS Dog Pound's words on the matter were "Porn inspires me to do cool things".

Well that is my update for today, unfortunately I haven't the ability to add pictures to the site yet, otherwise I would have been banned by now. But I am working on it, until then....toodles!

May 21, 2001


There will be some serious Pike Lake stuff to come in the next few days.

Shout outs to all my peeps.

If you would like to listen to the pretty song that Lifehouse made, you may download it here.

Here are some Pike Lake 2001 pictures that are ready to go:

May 17, 2001


Good evening, this is weekend update, and I am your host, Soul D. Our top story tonight:


Pike Lake 2k1 is coming up fast. This will be the last update before the weekend. Once again, Jet D will be operating the Pike Lake Informational Hotline, providing enthusists with such info as camp ground numbers and weather predictions. Jet D operates this hotline free of charge because he loves you. You may reach this line at (306) 241-5440.
Are you prepared for Pike Lake? The following is a short list of things that you may forget:
  • A Knife
  • Ketchup, etc...
  • Paper Towels
  • A Swell Hat
  • An Extra Towel.
  • Camera film
  • Mosquito Repellant
  • The NDS

Good luck to you all.

Spitfire Almost Coy.

It will not be long before Spitfire is fully moved into his new house on Coy Avenue. He has been frantically painting the place in preparation for his move. Spitfire would really appreciate any house warming gifts that he may recieve. Hump, Inc. is planning on supplying Televisions and free car pushing, and the notable Jet D is planning on giving the gift of literature. King YC is expected to uriniate on the premisis.

The Chevelle is Doing Well

Yc has reportered that all is going well with the Chevelle, and it should be up and kicking soon. And not soon like he said two months ago, but for real soon. 8th Street will soon be shaking in terror as King YC and his boss Chevelle race up and down it's lanes, destroying pavement and rice boys like it was harvest time.

Pike Lake Memories by Spitfire

Being among the first group to begin the Pike Lake May long weekend tradition waaay back in 1995, I have witnessed first-hand both the destructive power and un-paralleled love that the experience is capable of delivering upon its unsuspecting victims. I was going to piece together a little bit of history of the whole Pike Lake experience, but that didn't happen. So instead of a 'Memory', I'd like to take a brief moment to talk about some of the people who make the whole trip an enjoyable experience year after year

First off, it will be nice to see Unit3 make it to Pike Lake this year. For those who don't know, Unit3 has been cursed the past few years with everything from broken down cars to Apendicitis. Yet this year, Unit3 has bravely stated that no mechanic failure or organ malfunction (even bladder) will get in the way of him burning the lake down. Good for you Unit3! Unit3 also likes to burn things.

Soul_D, now there is a guy! Always has a glass of Jim Beam to share! Last year soul_d managed to find, kill, cut, cook, and eat his own food while staying at Pike Lake, and this year means no exceptions. In fact, I hear Fredish is planning on bringing her dogs. The forcasted rain this weekend does not scare soul_d, but Dog Pound does. I'm not sure exactly where this fear comes from, but I think it goes back to when soul_d was younger and Dog Pound killed his dad.

Jet D. Now here is a guy that most people know nothing about. Dark, mysterious, some people believe that soul_d and Jet D are in fact the same guy. Despite the similarities in their names, they both seem to share the same ambitions, both kick a relatively similar amount of ass, and both love Mountain Dew when cooling off after a long, crime-fighting day. Oh yeah, and both of them hate Cayley. Anyhow, perhaps this year we will learn something about who this is, and why he is here!??!?

Kujo has promised to bring over 50 people with him to Pike Lake this year. He is also usually found 'bartending' the campsite at any given time, being able to find, or mix, any drink you could possibly ask for. What? You think they all just taste like beer? Give the man a break! Besides, it is Kujo's sworn job to keep Unit3 in order, and some say that if it weren't for this level of control, the entire city of Saskatoon would have been burned down the the ground years ago, so hey.

Let us not forget the ultra-chronic rapstar Dog Pound himself. Absent of Ritz, DP has released all expectations for this trip and plans to just 'wack off all weekend long'. I was sure that this was some sort of super ghetto lingo, but it turns out I was wrong - he really is planning on masturbating all weekend long and I wish him the best in this endeavor. Just everybody best look out, cause when DP kicks it up a notch, YOUR GONNA FEEL IT.

Blue4130 is coming to Pike Lake, and he is coming with a vengance. Apparently he has something seriously against the owners of "The Huddle". For those of you who don't know, that is the name of the concession by the beach. He plans to raid the store and piss all over the gummi cobras before burning the place down (with Unit3's help of course). I'm not sure exactly what he has in mind other than that, but I have heard him mumble something about Bass and FireChickens. Maybe you can put this puzzle together, because I'm confused...

Audiophile doesn't remember much about last years trip, as he spent most of the time under the influence of copious amounts of high-grade PHP. That's the last time he'll take a sip outta DP's 'special' java blend. Either way he is still looking forward to coming this year, in fact some believe he is already there - Like, right now. (crazy Twilight Zone music)

As you can see, the full crew is back and in full effect. We'll be out there Friday morning before noon sometime so head on out and stop on by! If you're not sure where to look, one of the sites should be registered under my name. We'll probably be out dunking Audiophile in the lake, or playing a boss game of Rubber Tire Concern. SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?!? Also, I apologize for slowing down this weekend update so that it got released basically the same day that we all went to the lake...but hey...WHAT CAN YOU DO!

The Pike Lake Survey

It is now time for the last question before Pike Lake. Last year, Spitfire terrorized Darren Mills with some serious bottle blowing. In fact, the whole thing was generally disturbing and many people had a hard time sleeping because of "that stupid jerk with the bottle."

The Question: Who's getting the bottle blowin' this year?

The Answers:

Cayley: drew
Graeme: huh?
Clayton: Everybody who is sleeping before I go to bed (last)
Vance: Clayton
Steven: Clayton
Darren: NOT ME
Jet D: mommy ei ei SASKO!

Jet D Comments on the Survey:
It will not be as good to be Clayton this year as it will to be YC.

Man Pulled from Dump Identified.

The Man pulled from the Saskatoon dump after been carried and compacted by a garbage truck has been identfied as Antoine Quesanze. Antoine once used Kerri Henry's ass as a pillow.

Jet D Doing Alright.

Jet D was rippin the ladies hearts out last night while he unleashed some of his serious good looks upon the wanting swell of eligable honeys that were attending the Saturday night dance party that is the Odeon. Jet D was wearing a black 4 You jacket with matching pants and a purple 4 You shirt. All the women were eying him up and wishing that they could be the one. Jet D did some wild dancing with his posse and then proceded to Mack it at Chumps where he found an awesome hot blonde, who much like a Bar Star version of Cinderella, dissapeared at last call.
Jet D shops at the Ultimo Euromoda.

Nokia Cell Phone $25 OBO

Nokia Cell Phone, good condition
All resonable offers considered.
Seller agrees to pay shipping.
(306) 230-6173
Cellular Phone may not be exactly as pictured

Well, that's the news and I have get down to PIKE LAKE. Graeme is gay.

May 15, 2001


Here I am back again for the second day in a row! I notice that our good friend Dog Pound managed to throw up an update yesterday, very impressive. If I get enough other people putting up updates then I won't ever have to worry about the site again. YC thinks this is my way of killing the site slowly...but to this I say "BAH! RBlords will never die!"

So tonight I attended The Saint's Bachelorette party, where we began with a delicious meal at Thomas Cooks restaurant. Larmal ordered a delicious plate of gravy, followed by 6 Tomatoes and a Cucumber which he washed down with a tall glass of ketchup, YC had a plate of gravy (with a side of gravy) and I had something to do with chicken which I could not pronounce nor remember. Needless to say, we were all very angry and full be the end of the meal and soon adjurned at the Fairhaven Bowl.

At the Fairhaven bowl I proceeded to kick some bowler's ass with a perfect game of 300. This was topped only with The Saint's more-than-perfect game of 340, which he obtained by constantly fidgetting with the buttons to 'win' himself more turns. A truley remarkable sight, I must say, and I take my hat off to the superior player.

The bowling was short because they closed the alley to have the lanes re-buffed because YC managed to bash the hell outta them by 'throwing' the ball instead of rolling it. We then moved onto the local pool hall to shoot some stick, where Larmal proceeded to drink 16 beers and still manage to clean house big time. I obtained the highest score in a sweet game of '1942', a shoot-em-up arcade game from 1984 that was sitting in the corner. The pool games went on for another couple hours at which time they had to close the pool hall because Larmal drank all the beer in the pool hall. When asked to comment about the night overall, The Saint replied "Larmal Larmal has no friends! HOMO! HOMO!". This pretty much wrapped up a successful night, one of the last of his night as a single man.

Larmal after drinking 16 beer

Now, as for the 'Weekend Update', it should be posted tomorrow. This is all because of myself, I might add, so I suppose part of the reason for this update is to keep you distracted as I finish up the content for tomorrow's big update. Don't worry, I'll try and make it good...

Here's another good MS knowledge base entry. I refuse to believe that this one was a mistake :)

Finally, some real reading material for ya'll...seems that a group of scientists have managed to hook an Eel brain up to a machine to create the world's first functioning cyborg. This Eel-bot is capable of chasing a light around the floor, and consists of basically an Eel brain on wheels. Man, this may finally fulfill my dreams of commanding a vast army of Eel-bots!! But at $2000 an eel-bot, these babies don't come cheap! And considering all they do is chase lights at the moment, they may be no more useful than for decoys...but nonethe less....read the article!

I'm moving most of my stuff tomorrow so you may not see another update from me until after the long weekend...however as I mentioned, soul_d should be posting tomorrow depending on me, so hold on for that!

Oh hell, I'll throw in a movie to boot! Don't miss this one, I've been holding out for a good time to show it! It's a commercial for inflatable breifs, Check it out!

Lastly, KazCorp has some new unbeatable prices posted, so if you're looking for some new equipment to beef up that slow, clunky Athlon of yours make sure to check out the site. And remember guys, KazCorp is an authorized AMD reseller! (picture me with a huge fake smile on my face being handed a bag of money)


May 14, 2001

Dog Pound

YC IS KING!!!!! Well after a last minute phone call from Audiophile, him and I hoped into the Snaturn, and ventured off to YC's farm. When we arrived, he greeted us with his usual smile and punch, and we hoped into the CHEVELLE and we came back to Saskatoon. After arriving in S'toon, YC took Audiophile and myself for a quick round of 8th street. Being that is was Sunday night, and starting to drizzle rain, not much racing was done. The Chevelle was given the juice many times tho, and fastness was achieved, SUPER FASTNESS to be honest. It rumbles very nice, and rides as smooth as a cloud. Audiophile creamed his shorts numerous times, and wouldn't stop drooling on himself and the seats! YC found an ARCH NEMESIS also, who is driving a new-ish Mustang, that also seems to go VERY fast. Soon they will collide, and all hell will break loose! so for those who doubted it, YC IS KING! (technically the Chevelle got him into power tho, but we will let that go for now) Mmmmmm posi, mmmmmmm CHEVELLE! So watch out for King YC on the strip this summer, if you can!

DOG POUND over and OUT!

May 14, 2001


Just a quick update here....yeah I know its been pretty quiet on RBlords for the last week or so. Still in the process of moving, plus May long weekend is coming up very quickly (this weekend) so I hope you're all ready to hit the beach for Pike Lake 2K1! Seriously, anyone wanting to come out can find me there beginning Friday morning, so come on out and ask for my name at the information hut if you can't find me, the site should be listed under my name. And if The Saint is reading this, yes I am still coming to your wedding :)

soul_d has his weekend update prepared but he is waiting on me for some content, so you should hopefully see that tomorrow. Until then, stay fit and keep it real.

May 08, 2001


Yep, it's a Tuesday update...because I forgot to do one last night...

For starters, I'd just like to mention to all my loyal RBlorites that the RBlords.com domain name may fail to resolve anytime between now and a month from now. The reason being that I purchased the RBlords.com domain name from a bargain super-deal site, which offered it for $15. Now that the year is up, they are wanting a $50 renewal fee. I'm assuming the purpose of this is so that nobody else can wheez my domain name. So...I'm just going to let it expire, and then I'll reregister for $15 again because I'm a cheap ass. So, if RBlords.com dissapears all of a sudden, and you REALLY can't wait the extra few days that its going to take to get it back up and running, try the old "rappablords.eu.org" name, it should still work. And remember, NO WHEEZING MY DOMAIN NAME!

Man oh man, check out the size of that reefer! Audiophile sent this my way to prove to me that everything in BC is, indeed, bigger. This picture was taken at his old place in Richmond, and the man is none other than Fiston Kabwabe. The man in the background is unidentified but it suspected to be somebody who followed the smoke trail in from outside.

Thanks for sending me this wonderful picture, Audiophile....other than Kujo you're the only one that does anymore. Apparently Dog Pound has better things to do!

Well, looks like good ol' Microsoft is planning on pumping its new operating system (Windows XP) out by the end of the year. This new O/S is designed to replace both Windows ME AND Windows2000, by combining the two operating systems into a single codebase, based mostly off of the NT kernel. This could be interesting, will it finally work? Better question: will it be as stable as Win2k?. Anyhow you can read more about it here.

Well well well, if it isn't Audiophile himself! I've had this picture around for awhile, but I lost it for awhile so here it is. This was an earlier picture taken during his days in the 70s as a super-mutant gay rights activist. Many poor, poor striving hetrosexuals died at the tips of his large, gay arms during that decade I can tell you!

HEY! Wanna watch some sexy college girl dance around in her apartment practically naked? Check this out! Note: May offend some viewers.

That reminds me, during work today I stopped by Harry Bailey pool (those in Saskatoon should know where this is), whom we support, and came to the sudden realization that it is the sychro swimming national championships. Today was ages 13-24. As I was busy at work, I talked breifly to one of the lifeguards who was having the time of his life. To quote him "This kicks ass! I just sit here and watch these half-naked beautiful women all day! And its not like any of them are going to drown, so I've got it made!". For those who are interested, you may attend this feature any time this week at no cost...I believe it runs all day until late at night.

Just a quick update for anybody who cares about my car...word on my Supra for today is that the crank, supposedly a forged crank, is not a forged crank. Also, on top of that, the crank has warped under high-heat conditions and is non-repairable. Basically, this means I need a new/rebuilt crank which could cost up to $1500. Stupid import!! Ahh well, time to look around for a new one...if you're reading this, Mark, check around Calgary for a cheap re-ground Supra crank for a 7M-GTE block! One with the bearings would also be nice!

Anyhow, thats it for today. Y'all have a good day, ya' hear?

Oh yeah, and get yer ass over to the Discussion Board! It's really drying up in there lately!


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