Sep 09, 2003 - September Update


Well, looks like I'm back at the one-update-a-month game again, but at least this year I'm managing to swing it!

Not that I have much to say - the end of summer always seems to be such a mad dash to get everything done while enjoying every last drop of hot summer sun possible. I am guilty of this, and for that I am sorry. The other day someone had the gall to challenge me to make an update about myself - which baffled me, because I really don't think I'd make a good update subject, but lets give it a try.

Dawn's first day of school was monday. Dawn? Yes that would be my mystery girlfriend whom I never mention on this website because I don't like to make _SPACE_ jealous. She's taking Bio-Technology at SIAST, and so far she is enjoying it. One thing I didn't know about the program is that Bio-Tech and Vet-Tech are very closely tied together, so she has a lot of shared clases with the Vet students. In fact, for one of her labs she is going to have to desect a cat - which she isn't looking forward too. Anyhow - I am looking forward to visiting her so that I can brush up on my Street Fighter vs. Marvell skillz. Go Henry's!

My Monaco is for sale - somebody come and give me $200 for it, I'll even deliver it (except to Regina - nice try Shane). Runs great, its just ugly and loud. Sound like a good deal? email me. Yeah right, I know that link will only generate about 200 more spam emails in my account per day. (Yeah shut up Unit3, SpamASSasin is for homos).

Other than looking forward to the lake trip next weekend (Emerald Lake Sept. 19th, bring your friends) I've been doing a lot of fall prep-work. I re-tarred a section of my roof on the weekend that had been leaking during heavy rainfall (which I am now glad I did - after walking a block from my parking spot this morning I'd might as well have taken my pants straight out of the washing machine). Also, I've started throwing more insulation into my garage, and I've gotten started on the walls now. Who knows - if we have a long fall that garage might be fully insulated and polly'd by snowfall. In fact, it probably will - w00t! For now the trampoline still stands, so feel free to stop by and break your neck on it if you feel so inclined. But if you do, we'll push it over onto the neighbors lawn before we call the ambulance.

As for cars - I have Unit3's new 1978 Impala in my garage which I need to start working on. If I can get it running well there's a chance he might let me drive it for winter, and that would rock because there's nothing better than a RWD V8 car to drive in the winter, even if I'm not allowed to destroy it! I also found a replacement engine for that 1/4 tonne Dodge truck that I have sitting in my garage, all I have to do is drive 3 hours east to pick it up. Maybe Dallas will come with me and we can stop by Canora on the way back or something, plus maybe have dinner at that Chinese restaurant.

Happy super-belated birthday to Kujo (it was on the 1st). I can never forget his birthday because its on the same day as my dads, and my dad won't let me forget his!

I'm thinking we (Saskatoon gang) need to take a roadtrip soon, and I'm thinking that this roadtrip has to happen in Blue4130's Cadillac, and this roadtrip should be to Regina. And so proclaim: we shall locateth the Intowner, and lo we shall lodge therin, and eat not but burning hot pizza, and drink not but horrible scotch. I don't know why, but all the horrible things I hear about the intowner just makes me want to stay there more!

Hmmm - well for those of you who made it through this lengthy update, here's some real content for you: Read this article about a guy who lost his job over a fart, and then play this flash game to see if you can tell the difference between a programmer and a serial killer.

Here's a neat photo taken from space of the NY Blackout last week, and you have to check out this sweet holiday inn commercial featuring a supposed bouncer from Saskatoon on Jeoprody. Uhhh....well, thats enough content for now.....EXCEPT

Is there a boat??
Wooo! Look at the boat!!!

Aug 22, 2003 - End of August Update


I've been putting off this update for awhile because I was waiting for all of the pictures to roll in from the hot tub party. Well - most of them are in now, although not all of them are scanned. You can take a look at RedBandana's 109 pictures she took with her digital camera here. Also, Fredish emailed me some extra pictures of hers. I haven't gotten around to even devloping mine yet, but I'll add them to the same location as Freds as soon as they are done/scanned. Oh and I almost forgot, Dog Pound also sent in some pictures, so they are here too.

Cudos goes out to everyone who helped with the weekend!

Greg Prediger for the wicked-ass BBQ and firepit, everyone who brought food for the Thursday night BBQ, James McKay for supporting a strong and free Isreal, Dallas for spending a HOT afternoon putting together the 'burning man' for Saturday night, Crystal for buying pizza for everyone on Saturday night, Devin for making that sweet ass Yakaflutz (sp?), Vance/Steven/Brad for cooking burgers, Kevin my neighbor for spending all night with us and not calling the cops, Barb/Crystal/Vance/Fred/Steven/Connor for taking pictures, Golden Tiger for bringing the fireworks, YC for selling me his pool table, JayB for taking my foot to his nose during a serious trampoline 'war', Graeme for donating his 'bling-bling' to me, Linsie for showing everyone her boobs on Friday night, Tasha/Jodi for being good sports while my neighbor compared their boobs by feeling them on Friday night, Chris Heibert for almost killing himself setting off fireworks in his hands, Bart/Dawn for actually showing up, Mel and Ryan for actually showing up!

Ryan B for managing to ward off sickness for the weekend, Ellen for doing a GREAT impresonation of Rebecca "Oh look at me! I'm all wet and you can see through my shirt! I'd better take it off!", Rebecca and Bre for showing up and making the day for all of the single guys at the party, Ian G for all of the sweet Cobra Clutches, Steven for taking most of the Cobra Clutches, Ian P for breaking his record of throwing up at every party I've had that he's come to, Barb for breaking HER record of NEVER throwing up at any party she's come to of mine (that I know of), and Cayley...well, just for being Cayley. I think I've got most people covered there. Thanks to everyone who came out!

Friday night we had a record setting 40-some people at the party, with Saturday being the 'mellow' night with about 25 people. I think overall we got our money's worth out of the tub, and my lawn got its fair share of watering (with tub water...and beer...and blood). Good times, my friends!

And so comes the end of my hollidays - Cruise 'Weekend' is this weekend so maybe I'll see some of you out there checking out the sweet cars, I'll be bringing my camera!

Aug 05, 2003 - Jon D'lancie better friggin call me today


Just a quick hot tub related update today - the pool table is setup, I built stairs for the deck...everything is falling into place.

But the real reason for this update is that Soul_D has made the:


Unlike the unofficial video on - this one is less than a meg!

Aug 04, 2003 - Hot tubs are upon us


How nice to have a long weekend in August when you haven't been able to take any real hollidays in all of July!

This will be a relatively short update because I'm mostly just here to let everyone know about the details surrounding this years annual hot tub party, which is coming up THIS WEEKEND. Thats right - the 8th and 9th are the official dates, so make sure to at least show up for one of those (or both). It is of course BYO-everything, except for hot tub. I suppose you *could* bring your own hot tub if you wanted!

New features of this years hot tub party include:

  • Outdoor pool table
  • Grass (goodbye stinky mudpit)
  • Deck railing/benches so there's more room to sit down.
JayB has contacted me to warn me that he will be bringing no less than a dozen G10 biznitches - what can you say to that?? We're hoping Erin makes it down from Calgary for the party...unfortunately Kujo and mrp can't make it down this year.

Now - what I need all you you attendees to do is send me some music. We'll have the same setup going as last year (I'll just drag a PC into the garage) - so you'll have to send me all the music you want to hear. You can ftp it to:
Username: hot
Password: tub

Don't upload more than 3 gigs, because thats all I've got. That means you, soul_d. But especially you, mrp!.

I think that's it for now - except that soul_d is insisting on posting the Visitors Guide to Regina. He downloaded it form the SaskTourism page, but they have since removed it due to *truth.

Jul 22, 2003 - Steven is a homo


Weddings, weddings, weddings!

As you have no-doubt read on the other more-frequently-updated sites, our good friend Shannon is getting married this weekend. This is going to be a good relaxing time for me, because I get to be a 'simple' groomsman and follow Dog Pound around - without worry of having to make speeches and stuff like that. I will, however, have to smile all day for pictures which gets surprisingly tiring. Oh well, all will be good as long as Shannon doesn't pair me up with Nicole for the dance - I'll trust her better judgement here, because if she does she's getting a serious kick to the junk.

Emerald lake was a blast this past weekend (Memorial lake was FULL, so we fell back on Emerald and got the LAST site). Blue4130 met 15 odd new girls who were at the lake for a 'girls weekend out' who welcomed him into their site, and into their pants (The latter part may be a lie which I just fabricated to get him in trouble). They were all around 20-21 years old and spent the weekend walking around in bikinis which provided plenty of good eye candy even for me, who stayed in my own site two doors down. I got to meet a few of them when we took them water-tubing on saturday, and they seemed like pretty cool people (for Warmen girls, that is).

If you guys haven't read this already, you'd better have a look at how Metallica is now sueing over the use of the Chords E and F. When I first read this article I thought it was just a joke, until I noticed that there was even a statement issued on Metallica's official site. You'd better read this, Lars is freakin hillarious!

Someone sent me this article the other day. It's a good read, and I'm now very happy to know that I won't have to worry about cancer in the future - just a severe case of carpel tunnel syndrome.

There's a new comic today once again - congrats to soul_d for learning how to draw comics, and not just frame-after-frame pictures of girls - which are very nice, but hardly comics. I mean where's the plot? JayB, now there was a man who knew how to draw comics. I think it's about time the world is treated with the sequel to the Succumbee affair!

That's it for today - head on over to to see Blue4130's new Caddy!

I'd like to close by thanking Dog Pound for making his website totally unreadable from work, because of the new picture at the top of his page :P

Jul 16, 2003 - Finally about time for a real update


Alright, screw the rules - time to update, and I'm going to do it right - oldskool.

[2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18]
So...for those of you who paid attention to the last survivor series, I'm sure the two faces on the left should look familiar. Jenna and Heidi - they said they were going to pose for playboy and they did, so here are the pictures in all their airbrushed slendor. Seriously, is it just me or do some of those lines looked drawn-on to you? I guess that's what happens when you have a girl who ISN'T a toned supermodel AND just came back from a month starving in the Amazon and you need to make her look perfect. Anyways, enough talk - check them out.

Hmmm - and for all of you non-bisexual women who regularily check my site, here's a a guy for you. I mean sure, the guy's a bit cocky, but you could get around that right? Gawd that was two of my most terrible jokes ever....

Sheesh maybe I am adhering to part 1 of that contract I signed after all! Bah.

For those of you who are poetically gifted, redbandana online is hosting a Haiku contest with cash (yes thats right, cash) prizes. The only stipulation is that the haiku has to be about alcohol/drinking. Why? Because redbandana was raised by the bottle!

I don't know what's going on here, but I've had a real RASH of terrible, terrible comics lately. Given, many of them are coming from soul_d - but even aside from that, random people have been stopping by to submit trash like this and this. What gives? Anyhow, there was a couple I felt were worthy - so today I will post one of them.

Wow - for those of you who remember the BBS era of ANSI art and animation - you have to check this out. It might take awhile to load, but it's worth the wait...even though I suppose it isn't exactly 'ansi animation'. Crose enuf!

Whoa...oops - I forgot to mention something rather important - Kujo's wedding this past weekend was a complete success. By success, I mean that they actually got married, nobody puked all over the floor and somebody took the bowl of cheese away from Dog Pound before he finished it. The bowl of mayonaise wasn't so lucky...but honestly, it was a great time and everything really fell together well. The weather certainly co-operated - perhaps a bit TOO much, so it's a good thing that the hall was air conditioned! Congrats again Kujo! Hope your honeymoon is going well in Banff!

Hot tub party is sneaking up on us here as well - everyone make sure you have it marked down on your calender. This means you too, Mel. August 8th/9th. Be there!

That's it, that's all cheif. Hit the forums to waste some more time..

Jul 14, 2003 - Move Complete


We're back up and running!

If you didn't catch the note I posted about the move, or if you don't read regularily (who does, anyway?) - then you may have been a little confused as to why RBlords was missing for the past week. In fact, it may have even bothered you so much that you stopped showing up at work and just sat in your basement curled up in the fetal position screaming at the top of your lungs for hours until someone called 911 and you were rushed to the hospital, where they informed you that it was ok - RBlords would be back. And here it is, in all it's forbidden glory.

We are now part of the LAN - Unit3 was kind enough to allow me to plug the server into his connection in Regina for a nominal fee (two diamond cutters, one cobra clutch). Does this mean we have to be particularily nice to them now? Well, I suppose within reason - afterall Unit3 and his gang can now easily 'unplug' RBlords if I get them too pissed off. More importantly, I was forced to sign a contract agreeing to the following:

As part of the LAN, Rblords must now...
  • Suck worse. Please place your suck-knob no lower than a 7.5 setting - so as not to upset or offend Unit3 in any way.
  • Limit all porno displayed on site to include only male homo-erotic photography, so as not to upset or offend Hellsh0k in any way.
  • Become a completely racially-diverse weblog. Spitfire is a whiny bitch and his hatred of black people must come to an end - so as not to upset the lizard king in any way.
  • Promote the superiority of the asian people, namely their obviously superior intellect and impulse-tracker abilities, so as not to upset or offend soul_d in any way.
  • Disclose the exact location of the flagpole which was 'lost' at the Canada Day party, so as not to upset or offend redbandana and her mom in any way.
  • Permanantly desist from attempting to engage in any and all sexual activities with the webmaster of Katyazikstan, so as not to upset or offend Randy in any way.
So I guess fun is no longer an option for this site (was it ever?). Time for me to dig up some contect matching the above stipulations - I'll be back with an update later. In the meantime, if you notice anything broken on this site please let me know...


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