Jul 01, 2004 - Canada Day!


Well - it's Canada Day, and that brings us one day closer to the anual Canada day party at redbandana's cabin! You'd think I'd be tired of all this partying after going to Emerald lake two weeks ago, and to Sicomus, BC last weekend.....but I'm not!! (Just broke)

The Houseboating Crew! Top row: Vance, ffoeg (geoff spelled backwards), Crystal, me, Dawn, Jen, Justine, Lana. Bottom row: Angeline, Fred, Adrian, 
Robin, Steven, Erin Sooo.....houseboating was a blast! Quite the drive up there, but it really didn't phase me much - even though the seats in Connor's Vue could be a bit more comfortable! And talk about pushing that little SUV to the limits - it was sweating its way up those hills pretty good!

Look to the left for a picture of the entire 'crew' - hover the point over the picture for the list of attendees. Turns out I didn't get to be the captain afterall, as it was decided this duty should be given to the one sober person on the boat - Brenda. Brenda is missing from the picture on the left for some reason - but you'll see her in the other pictures. Oh yeah, click on the picture to the left to see the rest of the pictures. Props go out to Dog Pound for letting us use his digital camera once in awhile so that I could leave my camera at home

Well, I mostly wanted to update to post those pictures - I have to run so that I can see the fireworks tonight - still not sure what the plan is exactly. Usually a bunch of us get together to check them out, but I haven't really talked to anyone because I've been in my garage building a workbench. Hmmm, perhaps I'll just spin out on the bike with Dawn and avoid a whole lot of traffic / parking hassle.

Anyhow, soul_d's July 4th party is this sunday, and even Eli should be in attendance - so make sure to drop by! See you there...

Jun 23, 2004 - Oh yeah....and a comic


Forgot to mention - there is also a new comic today so check it out!

Jun 22, 2004 - Can you say drunken houseboat concern??


Just a quick update before I'm off to go houseboating on the Shushwap until next Tuesday (whoohoo!)...

Hit up Emerald lake with the guys (and Dawn) this past weekend, that was a lot of fun. Sad to see that the Regional parks are joining in on the rape-fest of overpriced camping fees - perhaps that was why there was only one other site occupied the entire time we were out there?? Anyhow, Shea Adonis was out there Saturday night and brought his fishing rod - but he didn't catch anything. Thats alright though I suppose, because nobody caught anything during the fishing derby on Saturday afternoon either (although there were only 2 boats enrolled).

I also attended my little sister's grad on Monday which I thought was a hoot. Seriously, its funny to watch all of the speeches and slideshows and realize how long ago it was that I was in that same situation! Oh the innocence.....and one other thing - I haven't seen that many gorgeous asses in one room for ages. What?!? They're not THAT young!! Either way its the truth! Oh and the turkey was good.

Speaking of grad/school/teachers - many of you have probably already heard of this website, but I finally took a look the other day and looked up some of my teachers and read some of the 'reviews'. It's funny stuff so check out RateMyTeachers.ca. Those of you from Murray might find it interesting that Mr. Njaa is now the vice-principal at Bowman....

I've had a few people inquire about my firebird project recently (which doesn't actually exist yet). It seems there is a concern that I may not follow through now that I have the Plymouth taking up room in the shop. Well....let me tell you, the firebird project is first priority. Soul_D gave me a lecture on the way back from the lake - telling me I have to get a Pontiac 400 for the car if it doesn't come with one (this would be the largest stock motor for the car).
Don't Ask

I believe Dog Pound shares the same opinion...although I always thought the Pontiac 326 was a neat motor. We'll see I guess....there have been quite a few very interesting projects on eBay that would be in my price range...but I'm not getting serious about this until the fall so too bad for me I guess.

Speaking of long-term plans - we must make a trip to Vegas in the spring. I hope everyone remembers that. I'll take care of how we get there (limo) - you guys just start saving. We'll go after UofS/Kelsey gets out so that the students can make it - and it'll be a hoot as well.

Anyhow, I'd better get going to bed so that I can pack my bags tomorrow morning for the trip. I'll make sure to take lots of pictures with Dog Pound's camera! Chao.

Jun 12, 2004 - I always suspected that Bryce Sasko was a fag, but who knew it was true?


Nothing like a miserable rainy weekend to help you put off work that you really should be doing at home. I had hoped to do some yardwork with Dawn, and fix up the hull of my boat (before the trip to Emerald lake next weekend) but this weather is really putting a damper on things. Of course, Dawn still managed to get me to do some landscaping outside in the rain anyhow....which was alright, because cutting sod is much easier (and messier) when its wet. So much to do! I hope Blue4130 isn't drowning in the basement yet.

Tree Humping! I've spent about 8 hours total in cleaning out the Plymouth last week (some with the help of Blue4130 who ripped out my headliner!). Next time I see Dog Pound I'll steal his digital camera and take some pictures of the interior. We've successfully ripped out everything except for 3 of the door panels, but that is only a matter of time. The car itself is actually starting to smell much less like a giant bowl of mouse feces, but the garbage can in the alley isn't so lucky. I've also managed to order some NOS parts off of ebay, like new taillight lenses - and possibly new rear view mirrors...haven't decided on those yet.

Went to two car shows last weekend - the Knights of Columbus show at Canadian Tire, and the Pike Lake show 'n Shine. The Pike Lake show was rained out pretty bad, but there were still a lot of die-hard fans out there checking them out. Too bad Shane wasn't around, there was a lot of good mopar muscle at the Canadian Tire show.

Anyhow, the actual point of this update was to provide my dedicated readers with some actual content for one - like this highly addictive wack-a-mole game. Play it!

Also, ever wonder why girls have two hands? How about why guys have two hands?

There is a new comic today, by a new author - so check that out.

Here's your porn link of the week for all you guys (and Lesbians) out there.

I would also like to announce that the Canadian demo group The Northern Dragons (of which soul_d is a member) - have released their invitation to the 2004 Pilgrimage party. You can download and play the demo here.

This will mostly interest readers who were involved with the demo scene back in the hayday (you know, pre-internet times). Good to know the 'scene' is still alive and kicking. Keep an eye out for soul_d's picture in the demo!
The Northern Dragons

That's probably good for now - thanks to all of you have continue to send me update material, especially the comics....although some of them have been of questionable quality....but better than none! Looks like its stopped raining for a bit so I'm going outside to start drilling rivets out of the side-moulding of my boat. Woohoo!

Jun 04, 2004 - Some actual pictures of the new beast...


Well, thanks to Dog Pound for the use of his digital camera in aquiring some photos of the new 'project'. I'm really glad that everyone seems as excited about this as I am, even Red Bandana and Candice. Thats awesome....but anyhow, here's some pics - you car buffs can click on them for the full list of pictures, but I'm sure you get the idea...

The Beast! The Beast!

Anyhow, this project is going to be really fun - but just so you know, this isn't going to get in the way of my firebird project! At least, I hope it won't - I still really want a convertible and I've been saving my pennies for almost 2 years to achieve that goal!

Dog Pound also called me today to show me the houseboat we will be cruising in later this month - it is supplied by Twin Anchor Tours - and you can look at our boat, the CruiseCraft II, here. Check out the virtual tours - I can't believe there's a wet bar AND a hot tub on the top deck! Kick ass....

So this has been a quick update - but hopefully an enlightening one. Summer is here, lets enjoy it people!

Jun 01, 2004 - Hantavirus car!


Well folks, I've gone and dragged myself home a whole new project car....a 1940 Plymouth 4-door sedan. This was sort of a spur of the moment decision on my part, as my uncle dragged this car in from the farm last weekend where it has been sitting for the past 25 years. Once I took a good look at it, I couldn't believe how great the body was - overall this car is a great start to an interesting project. Anyhow, I don't have any pictures of my actual car, but look below for a picture of a finished version exactly like to one I've got sitting in my garage right now.

1940 Plymouth Sedan Notice the sweet suicide doors on the back - thats a nice touch. It was also nice to see that there are plenty of parts available on eBay for this type of car - because its not like you see these things driving around very often. All of the lenses for the signal lights, etc, are glass because plastic wasn't used this long ago.

1940 Plymouth Sedan - Yes, its got suicide doors

Right now the whole damn thing smells VERY strongly of mouse piss, and I think I've contracted the Hanta virus - but I guess thats all in a days work dragging home a 64 year old car!

Anyhow, there were two other primary reasons for this update - the first and most urgent is that JAMES MCKAYS birthday is coming up this weekend. I'm not sure exactly which day is his actual birthday, but the party is at Wiskey Jacks on friday. And in case you forget about this - watch this AWESOME Flash Video presentation provided by soul_d. Boo yeah!

The second reason (well, 3rd actually) is to give overdo pr0pz to Mr. Bryce Sasko for waiting patiently for me to add him to my side bar of links which nobody looks at except for him. I'd also like to mention that Bryce is having a beer night at Rylys next weekend on June 11th (thats a friday). $5 for a whole shwack of beer aparently.

One last thing...I've got a great new comic from an artist we haven't heard from in awhile...

And thats it! Check back soon for actual pics of the new Plymouth.

May 28, 2004 - Rblords is now officially Atkins friendly!


Well, Pike Lake 2K4 is over, and has been over for awhile, so I guess I'd better post an update for those who missed it!

Overall, despite lower attendance this year, I was very impressed by the trip as a whole. At the beginning of the weekend it looked as if the weather was not going to cooperate, but it turned out to be just fine. There were a lot of parties going on around us, mostly younger kids (I say kids - but I'm talking 19 year olds) but they were great entertainment most of the time. Also, we had some great neighbors who were much closer to our age who were cool to hang out with. Anyhow, I guess I would have to say the highlights of the weekend were:

  • Dog Pound bringing out the '74 Pontiac to rival the chauchy Camaros in brake torque competitions.
  • The look on the guys face at the Huddle when I showed him my "Huddle" T-Shirt.
  • Steven and James getting flashed up close by a 16 year old who was visiting our site.
  • Steven and I witnessing a guy getting beat, and then the other guys fleeing in their truck after first smashing it into a tree (turn on your lights before making a getaway at 3:00am)
  • Some black dude walking around pissed out of his tree with an almost empty Texas Mickey of Canadian Club.
  • Every black dude in Saskatoon was at Pike Lake except for Dut.
  • Wrapping myself up in toilet paper and storming down the beach like a mummy.
  • Myself and Paula swinging 'Butterfly' style on the swingset = pain.
Another nice thing about this year's experience was that we didn't get in any trouble with the COs. In fact, we were asked many times to let them know if the other 'kids' were bothering us - and I received many compliments on my car. The fact that the COs had no interest in kicking us out also made us feel old.

Of course there were other regular Pike Lake happenings - like the mandatory nature trail hike, breaking into the mini-putt course (which didn't QUITE happen) and spending lots of time eating greasy food at the huddle and playing old arcade games. Good times. For those of you who want pictures, you'll have to bug Blue4130 for some as he was the only one with a camera. If he manages to develop some and scan them I'll happily post them - I know it will make The Saint happy.

So anyhow - SUMMER IS HERE! At least it will be very quickly. Soul_d was asknig me about a camping trip on June 11th/12th - it seems thats about my only option for all of June but its not going to work for almost everyone else. We'll have to see what happens, I really don't want to get stuck not getting out more than a couple times this summer. Last year that is what happened with all of the weddings going on...

If anyone is interested in what is going on in my life - I've been trying to get back onto finishing the garage lately. Put some poly up the other day...this weekend I will be wiring a 220 plug, and finishing the 2nd wall. Still not sure what the situation will be come winter in regards to heating the damn thing, but we'll see what seems practical at the time. If all goes well I could be starting my firebird project this September/October - so here's hoping!

Mmmmmm.....low Carb tacos

There is also some work to be done to the boat before it will be ready for this season....I've noticed a fairly significant crack in the fiberglass near the top of the hull which really should be dealt with before it gets bigger. Also, I need to get the front light working, get a new hitch and get a new tire for the trailer. Hmmm, actually that sounds like a lot, doesn't it? I also need to scrap that '79 Dodge truck in my garage, hopefully tomorrow, and sell the Monaco. Lots to do....so little time!

But that stuff is boring - and I haven't posted a video for a long time. Seeing as how I've been talking so much about camping, I think this one is only appropriate. Make sure to check it out, its totally worth it!

And saving the best for last....I was browsing through the Usefilm galleries today with soul_d and discovered a picture which made both of us crap our pants and roll around laughing for 15 minutes. When the laughing subsided, I proceeded to cry for no apparent reason, and now I fear I will be up all night - haunted by this disturbing image. And so, with an introduction like that - BEHOLD THE ART.

There is a new comic today....unfortunately. I really would appreciate some better material here, guys and gals. Other than the contant barrage of submissions I receive daily from soul_d like this and this - I am forced to pick the only other option, which is to contine releasing these progressively horrible Protein Man Comics. So here you are - the latest and greatest.

And thats all I have to talk about now - looking forward to another long weekend. Yay EDOs!


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