Apr 04, 2006 - Breif Server Downtime


Just a quick update today to let everyone know that the server (and all related rblords services) will be unavailable starting tomorrow night (Apr. 5th) for at least a few hours. We'll see if I manage to get everything back up and working properly, here's hoping.

I figure a fine glass of Appletons 12year reserve, on ice, will speed the process nicely.


Mar 24, 2006 - Wrapping up the winter updates...


Hello? Anybody still read this site?

Either way, I'm going to start talking - and if there's nobody to hear me, well, maybe thats a good thing?

(c) Ross Halfin So anyhow, winter is almost over...this I have declared. Two more weeks tops. I've got a convertible firebird sitting in the garage that is just begging to be driven, and have the top put down for the first time since I bought it! I'm hoping I can dig it out and take it for a drive before I fly out to San Francisco in April (12th to be exact). For those who didn't know, Dog Pound, Redbandana, Dawn and myself are flying to San Fran to stay with MrP and catch a David Gilmour concert.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the work of David Gilmour (not the writer), he was the lead guitarist and singer for Pink Floyd from 1968 to...well, he still is. I've also long been a fan of his particular melodic playing style and swore that I would jump at any opportunity to see him live - so I did! Okay, I suppose I saw him in London in July but that was amongst 200'000 people and I didn't have the best view :-)

For those who might be interested, his new album is out and its called David Gilmour - On an Island. It has retained the #2 position on the Canadian billboard charts for the past 2 weeks and they have been playing the single "On an Island" on the radio quite a bit.

So check it out!

I should also mention that the past month has been really busy! It seems like there have been a record number of birthdays, pub crawls, and just good old fashioned partying going on in the past couple months and it certainly isn't letting up. Not that I'm complaining! Happy birthday to Bryce, Linsie, and Diana!

Speaking of Diana, Blue4130 snapped some shots of her party last week (St. Patrick's Day) which you can see here. There are some good shots in there!

Here's some exciting news (for some of you old-school rblords fans) - I dug the old Amiga out of the closet and have set up the 19th Street BBS once again for awhile through telnet....so click here to connect.....or much better yet (especially if you want to play the games) - download a decent telnet client like netterm and connect to rblords through port 6019. DO IT! Oh one more thing - only one user can connect at a time - so if its not working, just try again later.

Hmmm lets see what else is there... I think its pretty obvious that Rappablords Online is slowly dying out. There has been little to no maintenance done to this site for a very long time - the last comic submission was over a year ago...the forums dissapeared and nobody noticed. Its only a matter of time I suppose, but we've been up and running for 7 years! We have survived the internet bubble, witnessed the coming and going of huge internet sensations such as the Stile Project, the birth of the 'blogging' era, the creation and demise of various mp3 filesharing networks, the evolution of ebay into a huge world-wide presence, the popularity of Google and its squashing of previous web search giants such as altavista....the downfall of ICQ and the rise of MSN, the buyout of hotmail by Microsoft. Good times. We have survived it all!

Don't worry, the site isn't going anywhere....but its not exactly going to be overhauled anytime soon either! I'll keep up with the odd update but please feel free to submit some comics of links or whatever! Some people still do read this site from time to time - although mostly for the pictures. But with that I'd better go - Bryce's birthday party at the Hose on saturday for anyone who wants to come and buy the guy a drink.

I'll have 2 drinking hats on, I already promised!

Feb 21, 2006 - Useless update...


Okay, that was a really long break with no update...and for that I apologize. Its a true honor that I have had at least a few readers remark over the past month that they've missed reading updates on this site - so it aint dead yet!

New Years 2005 Photo Gallery New Years party was a great success, I'm pretty sure everybody had a good time - which can be seen by the pictures, so have a look. mrp was able to make it to the city for a visit during this time as well, which was great!

Since that time there have been some wild weekends here and there, and at least one pubcrawl thrown into the mix - but that was all so long ago that I can't possibly remember any highlights.

What I do know....for those of you who are coming on the Houseboat trip this year, I need your money! Soon! So get it to me please. The rest of you can send me money too if you want, why not?

Another note...sometime in the near future the server is going to be down for a day for a re-install....not sure when that will be, but hopefully soon.

Hmmm, well, don't have much else to say....except that the Reactor party is this friday, if you need more info head over to Soul_D's site...

Oh, and if your guys are bored, here's some porn:

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14]

Until next time!!

Dec 28, 2005 - New Years Party Update


Alright, soul_d has just reminded me that we should be taking submissions for music for the saturday night party, as we did last year. And so, for this purpose, please send your favorite music to rblords via ftp...use the login name ny2k6 with password party. Or click here:

** NY2K6 FTP site **

Other than that, christmas was a good time, I got an air compressor for my garage and a nice router as well! Guess I have no excuse not to make those subwoofer boxes now. Anyhow, hope to see you all at the party this saturday!

Dec 20, 2005 - New Years Party Invite


First and foremost, as I mentioned in yesterdays update, the New Years party invite is coming soon. So soon, in fact, that it just arrived. So without further delay, please:

**Click here to view the invite**

Just to be clear - everyone I know is invited to the new years party (next saturday) - just don't steal any of my stuff! I mean it! mrp will be in attendance this year - so that should give you an indication of how important this is. There are rumors of a wild like show but that has not yet been confirmed. Also, blue4130 has personally given the 'thumbs up' on the salvaged wine from the flood, and has also brewed up a batch of moonshine vodka which may be present at the party. Thats right, expect to go blind by 12:00!!

Alrighty....lets get some content on this site. Since we are all in the christmas spirit, and considering the amount of snow lying around outside this year - I think you all should check out this awesome 454 powered snowblower. Make sure to view the extra pictures!

Also, for you guys (and lesbians) I've posted some nice christmas cheer pictures to the right of this years 'Santa's Little Helper'. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas to y'all!

Santa's Little Helper
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

Dec 19, 2005 - Holy crap, time for an update already!


Wow, forgive my neglecting of this site....although its nothing new I suppose.

For those of you wondering what the hell I was doing in California (after reading that last update), I suppose I should explain myself. (Like you care, right?). After 4 years of searching I finally found what I considered a very good deal on a Firebird convertible which I just couldn't pass up - and after a heated bidding war on ebay (winning the auction eventually by slipping a bid in with 3 seconds left) I became the proud new owner of a 1968 Firebird 350 Convertible!

68 Firebird 68 Firebird
So, after paying a small down payment on the car I quickly booked a ticket (along with my father, and soul_d for company) to Los Angeles to pick the car up. Since I didn't have any holidays left to take I had to get this done over a weekend - which was tricky, because I was driving the car 2000 miles back home through horrible blizzards (the blizzards were not planned) - and the US government is very strict on having at least 3 days notice prior to exporting a car, excluding holidays - and this was over the american thanksgiving!

Needless to say it was a bit of a stressful situation, and upon seeing the car in person there were a few somewhat minor dissapointments - but luckily the seller was more than willing to bend on the price enough to still make the car a good deal. So, we jumped in the car and got on the I-15 and headed north....through Vegas (right down the strip actually!), and into Salt Lake city. The next day we cut through serious storms all the way to Great Falls Montana and crashed for the night because of the horrible weather. The 3rd day (sunday) we drove from Great falls all the way home by midnight. Not too bad!

Anyhow, there is more to the story....like having some horrible times at the Canadian customs, but you can ask me personally for that story! Important part is that the firebird is parked safely in my garage and now I get to stare at it until spring!

Here are some pictures of the trip. I'll post more pics later....thats it for now!

PS - Watch for the New Years Eve party trailer coming soon...

Nov 25, 2005 - Quick Update...


Just a quick update before I run off to California in a couple of hours....if you don't know why, then I'll tell you when I get back (Sunday).

Anyhow, Rememberance day was host to a 'guys night out' party that was definately off the scale. It all started at my place, turned into a live8 singalong (just got the DvD!), which then turned into taking raw egg shots, which then turned into one of the most out of control 'meetings' I've ever attended at the kitchen table, which then turned into 'Lets go to the Sutherland for some reason'. Anyhow, there's really not much more I can say that the pictures don't - and luckily (?) Blue4130 had his new fancy camera handy at all times....so check out the pictures.

Thats about it for now, I'll catch you all next week and finish the update!


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