Apr 28, 2000


I have noticed that this page no longer appears properly at all when viewed in Netscape 4.6. I'm not sure exactly why that is, but I'm working on fixing it. Also, when the mouse pointer hovers over a link it should change color, this also only seems to work in IE, and Netscape 4.7

As promised, today is softcore pr0n day, and I don't want to dissapoint anyone so here you go:

What else can I say? I guess I forgot to post a comic today so I'll post one tomorrow sometime (maybe). All I know is I have a big presentation to make with the rest of the Binary Boys tomorrow and we are far from prepared. Hehehe oh well whatever, perhaps I'll update later, but probably not. Watch for a comic.

Oh and also this site seems to be resolving properly now, even oden.rappablords.eu.org and www.rappablords.eu.org which should make razor happy. Razor has also informed me that he is going to be writing a response to YC's article from the other day. Thats sweet because I need more articles.

One last thing, I've noticed that this site has been getting more hits lately which is great but I can't figure out where exactly they are coming from (ever since I dumped TheCounter.com). Do I have any avid readers out there that don't know me personally? If so, please let me know in an email!

Apr 27, 2000


Well, hopefully by now you can all see this again. If you have problems let me know, the last day was kinda nutz. Anyhow in any event, most of you probably missed yesterdays update so scroll on down and read it!

And now for a game review! I recieved this from Unit3 the other day and he put it so damn well that I'm just gonna show you the email:


I've got a movie for rappablords.. it's from this new dreamcast game called typing of the dead, where you type words (it's a typing tutor) to kill zombies. You're this cool guy in a business suit with a keyboard strapped to his chest, which evidently shoots bullets or something. Anyway it rocks.

So he sent me the trailer and it is awesome! Where else can you use your typing skillz to shoot zombies!!

I also just realized that we haven't had a softcore pr0n day on here this month, so watch for tomorrow's update!!

I haven't gotten any hate mail from any religious groups about yesterdays article which is surprising, but then again the site wasn't up for the majority of the day so...

It looks like we aren't the only site that has been down. Extreme Jerks, PTCBC and The Dark Project are all down because of DNS updates.

Apr 26, 2000


Gaaaarghhhhh...stupid ip changed so I'm not sure if anyone is going to get to the site today while .eu.org processes my request to update the dns. Thats what I get for being my own dns server I guess :)

Anyhow, that aside I have a very exciting update for you today! First of all, we have a new article for y'all today! It is written by none other than YC and pokes fun at certain religions so be warned! THIS IS THE ARTICLE THAT EXTREME JERKS WOULDN'T PUBLISH!!!. Please take into consideration that YC is harmless and doesn't usually know what he is saying.

Actually, I believe today is going to be official YC day. If you check, there is a new comic today by him as well and its quite a piece......of art

On a similiar note, Unit3 sent me the image on the right. It is an anti-racism button being given out in a school down in Medicine Hat, but I'm not sure if its portraying the right image :). Anyhow today is a combined YC-AntiRacism Day!! YES!

The link of the day comes straight from mrp! Described by him as 'disturbing', here it is

Well, I finally got around to upgrading the entire page in php (right before it crashed) so although nothing looks different to you, it is MUCH easier for me to update! Yay!

Apr 25, 2000


I was going to update the other night but I figured that since it was a holiday for me, it was a holiday for the site, so there! Finally got around to upgrading the server, did you notice?? Anyhow I can't wait to get more ram, I can't believe how much of a hog the 2.2.14 kernel is.

It's been awhile since my last update so I'm sure you are all waiting for some serious gold here. Hmmmmm.....lets see, what do I have? I have a video of some guy getting pushed down some bleachers. Oh, and if you liked the shovel video, you'll love this one

Make sure to look out for this guy on the right, he may look innocent but he is not. Can you believe he's one of the FBI's most wanted. I can't. In fact I sold this guy my fucking bike with no wheel the other day and didn't even think twice about it.

The guy on the left is Usama Bin Laden, wanted for the murder of U.S. Nationals outside of the United States. The cool thing is that the US government will pay up to $5 million for information leading to his apprehention. The guy on the right will fetch up to $250,000 which isn't bad....I guess...

Also, I just realized that www.rappablords.eu.org no longer works for some reason...I'm going to have to try and fix that...

Ok, i just realized that oden.rappablords.eu.org is pointing at, which is WRONG. Stupid DNS, I think I fixed it but won't know for a few hours anyway.

Alright!! Got php working so I'm going to switch the whole damn server over sometime tonight. This will make updating far more easy for me, allowing me to spend more time in quality updates for you!

Apr 20, 2000


Ok, change in plans ONCE AGAIN. Razor IS having an online party again! This time its going to be via NetMeeting, which is kinda c00l because that means you might just be able to chat with us too! Anyways, visit his webpage for the link. Party starts tonight at 9:00PM.

Note to All: I have to upgrade this server sometime this weekend which could end up being a big job, so the site may be down for the night. I know you just can't live without it but you will have to, go amuse yourself at The SDB Server instead.

Apr 19, 2000


I think I'm just going to have to let Audiophile take control of this site because lately he's been providing 95% of my 'original' content. Anyhow, today he has provided me with this wonderful video of some kid hitting another kid really hard in the head with a shovel. Now if that aint good clean family fun, what is?? Don't try this at home.

Apr 18, 2000


Well, turns out that Razor is NOT having an online party after all so I guess I got all your hopes up. :(

Need some companionship? Well do I have something for you! Depending on your needs and what you are willing to pay, here are your two choices:

Would you like a lady to accompany you for the night, AND do you math homework as well? If so, check out Calculusgirls.com

Perhaps you are looking for someone more sophisticated, educated, refined and pure. Perhaps you have so much money you don't know what to do with it. If so, Anne Marie is the one for you. For the low, low price of $7000US/night

Don't forget about the 4th annual gay and lesbian music awards hosted by none other than Bruce Vilanch!! Who is he? Click on the link and find out.

Ok, Dog Pound just gave me shit for not knowing who Bruce Vilanch is, so I am sorry. Apparently he writes material for some of the top gay comedians around the world.

As Razor has informed me that I am falling back to ripping off other sites again (those escort links were ripped from mrp). So here is a 'new' link from jayb. It's a site all about tricking people over icq/irc to give out their credit card numbers, etc. Quite hilarious...read the #1 story PROGRAM_SEXBOT where the guy actually tricks another guy into thinking he's an automated sex robot.

Thats it for now. sheeesh what a long week. Sorry for the lack of quality updates.

Apr 17, 2000


Another week, 4 more exams.

News of the week: Razor is hosting a huge keg party to which all of Saskatoon is invited. If you can't make it, you can watch it live via his webpage!

For those of you looking for jobs in the computer industry, it is a wise idea to steer away from help desk jobs. You wanna know why? Listen to this to find out.

Some links for ya curtosy of Audiophile:
Apr 14, 2000


Dog Pound is harping on me to do an update (even though I'm in the middle of studying for an awful marketing final) so here it is. Hmmm....lets see what we have today.

Here's a new rip-off of the wazzup video, it's actually quite surprisingly terrible but check it out anyways. If you haven't seen the original Superfriends rendition you can also check it out here

For the link of the day, graciously submitted by Audiophile check out the Telebubby Fun Land

I really need some help with the comic strips or you won't be seeing many more of them! Just send them in!

Also, Blue4130 is going to be getting his own section soon, as soon as he decides what he wants. Watch for it!

Here's a link to a pretty funny page on the microsoft page. Seems they aren't quite sure which way the earth spins :) Read it here

Apr 13, 2000


Well I may be busy but I haven't forgotten about you dedicated readers!! Today we have some special sick downloads straight from JayB I normally wouldn't put this up but he threatened to lash me with his Cat 5 whip so I succumbed. Here it is but don't watch it if you have a light stomach.

As we seem to have a theme for today, why don't you head on over to the link of the day, createafart.com. Good educating goodness.

Good news, today there will be two links of the day! I just found out from Dog Pound that Wesley Willis has his own webpage. If you haven't already, check out his hit Vampire Bat, then check out the lyrics to some of his other songs. Any similarity?

On another note, Blue4130 is back online (aka Vance/Class None). He seems interested in having his own section on rappablords. I'm hoping he will reveal to me an article soon as we really need one! Bug him on ICQ to help me out, #22394977

And while your sitting there, take this eye test to make sure your not blind

Apr 12, 2000


Well, as the week goes by I am getting more and more lazy in terms of this site. Actually, I just don't have the time. I added the downloads section under archives in the left menu bar. There you can download all the fun stuff I have posted since the site went up

Oh yes, and I shant forget the terrible new joke for today. That is all

Apr 11, 2000


For all you fans of the 'WAZZZUP!' Budweiser guys, here's their latest commercial. I was looking for this clip all over but Mark finally found it for me. Thankx Mark!

Today's mp3 is sung by none other than Mr. T himself. Dog Pound helped me find this one, it's called Treat your mother right. When looking for this song I came across a few other Mr. T sites that might interest you. Particularily, Mr. T vs. Everything which has a huge archive of comics of Mr. T battling everyone from the Dukes of Hazzard to Britney Spears. This site is also part of the Mr. T Webring, so you best be checkin' that out as well foo!

Ever wonder if there's any coke left in that Coke machine down the hall? Don't want to get up and check yourself? Well, you can make one of your friends go check for you, or you can check this list of internet-accesible coke machines. Cudos to Razor for the link

To contridict mrp's contridiction of my contridiction of mrp's contridiction, I am right and he is wrong. Period.

Apr 10, 2000


Well I'm back from Red Deer and quite tired, but I finally had a chance to take a better look at those wrestling links I posted on Friday. Man, this stuff puts WWF and WCW to shame! Check out my favorite video from Extreme Backstreet Wrestling of Immune does an awesome swinging reverse ddt off a table on Lars for the three count!!

Soul_d sent me the song of the day for today and I must say it RoX0rs pretty hard. It's called Vampire Bat by Wesley Willis and I command you to download it now!!. Wes is a HUGE Dog Pound fan as you can see in the picture which was taken at some crazy Halloween party this year. Speaking of soul_d, the move of the SDB Server was a hoax. The site has NOT moved to his box because he is no l33t enough. It remains at its old location and the link in the menu bar once again points the correct location.

GAH, I did a lousy job of trying to install php on my web server and I have given up, instead I am just going to upgrade the whole damn server once this semester is over. So, prepare for this page to go down next weekend, I hope you can live your life without it. Also the comic of the day section may not be updated as often because nobody will submit any and I have no time. If you have one for me, mail it on over here!!!

And to contridict mrp's entry which is contridicting my entry today, the SDB Server IS indeed on soul_d's box, but I'm not sure that he wants it public quite yet. We'll see what he'll do, as his internet link is payed for by a children's education company and they might not like that. If you want the direct link go to pwrsrc as it has been posted there. Also, you may have noticed that the main pwrsrc page has become mrp's official webpage.

Apr 07, 2000


JayB has been criticizing me and the Rappablords site lately calling it a "Rip-off site", claiming I have no original content. What did I do about it? I tied his chair to his desk with a piece of Cat 5 cable and threw many pieces of ripped Kleenex at him. So there. Anyhow, here is a video I ripped off of Bill Gates saying "We F*cked Up!"

Razor forwarded me this very enticing job offer for the Royal Guards of Amen Ra. I'm thinking of applying, and you should do the same. They need 200 security agents.

Anyhow, I'm going to Red Deer for the weekend for work, but hopefully I'll be back in time on Sunday to do up Monday's update. Here are some links for Dog Pound as I know he loves wrestling:

Law was passed in Japan recently to stop webmasters from posting links to illegal sites (pornography, mp3 music, etc). Even if the webmaster didn't know there was illegal material on the site they were linking to, they could still be held accountable. Ouch. Read the whole article here

One last thing, the Fight Club Page has finally been updated with new videos. View them if you dare

Apr 06, 2000


Well I found out today that mrp (owner of pwrsrc.net) is going to be coming back to Saskatoon for the summer, that kicks ass. Also, he finally created himself a bit of a webpage. Check it out!

I have added an Archives section in the menu bar to the left, along with an Articles section, although there is currently only one article :(. Mr. T had better hurry up and finish his damn article. Somebody write something for me.

Oh yeah, and The SDB Server has moved! Soul_d finally moved it over to his box. Go check it out!

Apr 05, 2000


Alright, now I'm scared. Aparently there is now a way for scary hackers out there to hack into your computer, and turn your cpu into an explosive device to effectively assasinate anyone at any time, with complete anonymosity. I got this information from a reliable online souce. Read the whole article here

I came across this today and thought it was kinda funny. I guess its my humour link of the day but only read it if your a computer geek or you probably won't get it.

Soul_d is attempting to outdo me as many people have apparently been complaining to him about how he never updates and how I always do. He has prepared a 30meg 'Powersource Promo' video in which I am mentioned. I won't put the direct link up out of respect (he wants hits too) but its on the front page of The SDB Server. Check it out.

Apr 04, 2000


Alright, I've got some sweet vids for y'all! Jay sent these to me telling me they were some sort of plastercine porno, but they aren't so I have no idea what he was talking about. Instead, I present to you a woman swallowing a balloon and a guy lighting his ass on fire. Wow. Amazing.

I have had several complaints about the material involved is yesterday's update, namely the cover of Dog Pound's album "Workin da Bitches into a Mack Frenzy". As you can see, I have censored them with little stars. Rappablords is, and always will be an enjoyable part of every family's web-browsing experience and I don't want to lose that.

Todays link of the day is Razor's Webpage!!! Dog Pound also threatened to kick my ass if I don't put up a comic today so I'd better hurry up and do so.

Apr 03, 2000


Well here we are in April, I've moved all of the March updates, so if you missed some you can find them here

Finally we have a real treat for you! The Dog Pound interview is complete! Who's Dog Pound? Only the biggest hit wik wak biz-Z tripple-9 to the muthafukin' Y we gotz, and the bitch is CanadiiiiiAN! So listen up, go check out the interview if you know whats good for ya. On either side are scans of his latest hit trax "Workin da Bitches into a Mack Frenzy" and "Bill Romanowski ain't yo bitch".

Tired of all that regular run of the mill boring pr0n out there? Need something new and interesting? Then prawnography.net is for you! WARNING: This site contains large amounts of fish porn. Actually, thats all it contains.


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