Aug 31, 2000


Sheeesh its cold outside this morning....that really ticks me off how we always seem to go straight to winter from summer. Oh well.

I just realize that nobody reads my site anymore. Well, not as many people anyhow as I haven't seen the counter move for quite some time. I do know that Dog Pound visits daily but I think that maybe he is my only visiter :). Not that I blame everyone tho, this site has sucked hardcore for a couple of weeks. Expect to see great things happening next week! I'm hoping to do a site overhaul as well as get some other people in here to update.

Differences in the male & female:

Male Orgasm

Female Orgasm


End of another month already, September is here. Pretty soon winter will be here and it will once again be cold. Cold is good though, because that means I will stop spending money on silly things like cars and car stereos and concentrate on more important stuff such as wasting it on a 3dfx Voodoo 5-6000.

Wow! There's a new comic today!'s not really a comic, but more of a picture I drew for Javagirl today. Somebody else draw me a comic!!!!

If YC had a church it would dispense useful advice like this...

Did anybody notice that my updates have become a full day late? No? Good, I'm glad you didn't notice. Forget I mentioned it :)

Aug 30, 2000


I'm not sure if anyone noticed (probably not) but the clock on oden was off by about a day, so any messages posted in the Discussion Board would have had the wrong time on them.

"This is Dog Pound contributing to the site! I'm learning PERL!!"
- Dog Pound

Apparently I angered soul_d and Saul Bahir with my comment of the SDB Server being huge and slow. My apologizes, it is not slow, only huge.

I noticed the Stile Project is moving to a new server. I suppose it was bound to happen given the amount of hits that guy gets everyday, but it has already been down a couple days, and thats a lot of unhappy viewers who need their daily dosage of pictures of poop! I bet there is an increase in crime all over the world while these people work out their frustrations on the rest of society. What a shame.

After a week of sheer boredom, things have finally picked up! Work is so much better when you actually have something to do (which I usually do). You'd think that not doing anything at all would be an ideal job but it is really pure hell. I don't pretend to understand it, I just know...

Does anybody here follow the Big Brother show on TV? I caught a bit of it tonight as my sister watches every single stupid episode, and what I saw only made me hate it more. Then I realized why: the show was made for 12-16 yearolds who have nothing better to do than watch a forced society of lunitics talk about porking each other and why half the world shouldn't phone in and vote them off. The sheer money they must collect from those calls ($.99 each) must at up to that $500'000 prize money in one night!

Anyhow, if you haven't seen this show yet, I urge you not to. Better yet, you can take the Rappablords Big Brother Interactive Game right now!

Aug 29, 2000


I can't believe how quickly the summer went by, it must be my new job. Spending the days indoors (as opposed to painting on acreages, my past summer-time job) sure does pass the days quickly...winter means I am going to have to find myself a truck...

For anyone in the immediate Saskatoon area, KazCorp International, run by rblords friend Landon, has a new price list out for his next order of computer hardware. Some interested items are burners and NICs. Anyone interested in any of this stuff should give him a call. If you need the number, I think I have it somewhere...

Finally a sign of movement in Nintendo as 'Project Dolphin' is finally given it's true name: The Nintendo GameCube. I admit, this name kinda sux, but in a world where the most desireable trait of a new computer it the 'flavor' it comes in, it might just work. The specs of the gamecube rival that of the PSII but as always the problem lies with Nintendo's past of delays in getting the product out. As Unit3 will be happy to see, "Metroid Cubed" is going to be one of the first games out for the system, and is already in the making.

Personally, I'd love to see Nintendo take up some of the slack that it gave to Sony during the unfortunate bomb of the N64. I'm hoping they hired some new marketting personel and gathered some actual game contractors this time...

My Supra blew its starter yesterday morning, which wasn't very amusing. I realize that something has to go wrong with any used car I purchase within the first month, but why the starter?? Do you know where the starter is on a 1988 Supra?? I don't!! It's _under_ the engine somewhere tucked up between the block and the cross-member so its in the shop right now getting done. In fact, this is the first time I have ever taken one of my cars to a shop (other than for tires/wheel alignments). New cars suck :)

If you are wondering why these updates have been so late, they haven't! If you remember way back when I first started this site, the updates were done during the day and now they are once again, much like EJ. The thing is, I don't want to stay up late every night and I'd rather do it at work while getting paid for it.

JayB made a comment the other day about my site needing a new layout. I totally agree. He also commented that none of my readers ever give me content. Of this I also agree, with the exception of Dog Pound who gives me all of my content.

Aug 28, 2000


Some slow/late updates lately...I must apologize, the update I did for Friday was late because I simply forgot to post it. My mistake!

So I was talking the Dog Pound last night who in turn had been talking to Unit3. It seems that Unit3 is quite angry at the fact that I keep calling him a fag ass. Tough for him, I can suffer his slings and arrows and elbow drops so long as I have my dignity, and no-one could ever take that away from me (except maybe Dog Pound).

Props to soul_d for the m@d l1nk

Does anybody want to hear about my weekend? Of course you do! This weekend was nice and long for me thanks to a nice friday off which I pretty well used to catch up on some much needed sleep and install a stereo in my Supra. Friday night was pretty cool as a few friends and myself hit the strip and went out cruising. This weekend was host to "Cruise Weekend", the inferior substitute for the previous "Cruise Nite". The police were becoming edgy about all of the cruising which used to take place after the Cruise Nite car show, so they figured by making it the whole weekend and putting the car show on a Sunday afternoon they good avoid the whole hassle. Heh, so basically what they got was everybody cruising Friday, Saturday AND Sunday night, good solution! Another thing that gets me is the amount of cops that are out during cruise nite every year. Sure, I understand that there are going to need to be more enforcement as there are twice as many vehicles out and, likewise, more accidents. But these cops were pulling over guys for stupid things like having a taillight out and that just really pisses me off. Oh well, apparently I was being good enough that I wasn't pulled over...I guess driving my Supra while sitting on the window swinging large knives at passing police officers isn't as bad as a broken taillight...

Anyone who has known me for very long knows that I have always been a fan of the Delorean automobile. In fact, I hope to some day own one. As you can imagine it was a delight for me to hear a year ago that John Z. Delorean himself had started a mailing list to keep people updated on the design of his new car. Thats right, a new Delorean. There have been many rumors about price, performance and looks of the car but as far as I know they are just rumors. So far all he has said is that the car will be lightweight, fast, and affordable (I believe he said in the $20k range). Right now you can reserve your place in line to purchase one of these vehicles by purchasing that awesome $3000 watch featured on the left. I need one.

The flash game I promised for EJ is delayed, but well worth the wait nonetheless! Don't give up hope and post your comments on the Discussion Board.

It is agreed...I need a new site layout. In fact, I don't really even have a site layout now. That probably has something to do with how lazy I am and how this isn't really a real site. In fact, if anyone at all reads this site regularily who doesn't know me personally, I would be totally floored. Nevertheless, as soon as I have time I will have to do one up, despite my total lack of originality and artistic conception. Maybe I'll just make a 99%-complete flash, only viewable in 1600x1200 and really slow site...

JayB apparently received a bunch of emails the other day from the hatemail script I wrote long ago. That mean somebody was actually looking in the archives! Wow! Nevertheless, to be fair I have disabled the mailer script as we are now two sites in agreement and aliance, combining our powers for the good of the internet.

Aug 25, 2000


I can't believe Unit3 didn't say anything about me calling him a fag ass the other day...I wonder if he didn't see it. Oh yeah, and also is going down because there will a power failure at his house and he is too much of a fag ass no know how to turn it back on. Perhaps I shouldn't be so hard on fag ass's, I mean it's not like they can help it. And given, a Fat Naked Fag-Ass just won $1 million yesterday.

Some words of anger from the mouth of soul_d spoken towards a fag ass:

"Fucking Dog Pound is complaining to me that I emailed all his family after he sent out that (no subject) email that turned into me and you talking about alf. I told him to stop sending me shit like that. Then he's like, Couldn't you just reply to me? and I was like, no. What a nerd. Then I get this email from his sister like "who are you and stop sending me this shit" she was liek irate. I was like, get the fuck off of my internet."

Are you ready for some super-happy-fun illusions?? These are courtesy of Dr. Razor...

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

It just struck me that I haven't had a video on here for quite awhile...but then again not much could beat the Mr. T video. Nevertheless, watching a fight breakout during a bike race is pretty damn entertaining... is a Star Wars Gangsta Rap...

Aug 24, 2000


After the long-anticipated wait, Survivor is finally over. Episode I, anyway...

The Fat Naked Fag Wins!!
Well, after two hours of watching the build-up last night, I have to say that I was severely dissapointed when I saw Rudy get voted out. Poor navy seal Rudy got voted out simply because Kelly had the choice and she knew she wouldn't win a jury vote between herself and a guy who never schemed or lied to anyone (unlike herself). However, I AM glad that Rich was able to win the prize over Kelly (bitch), and seeing how the last vote was 6 for Kelly and 7 for Rich, I don't know what's funnier:

  • After Sue's long winded verbal attack towards Kelly, she WAS right and her vote caused the vote that lost Kelly the $1,000,000.
  • Greg was the last to vote, so although they all could have changed the winner with one vote, Greg chose to have Rich and Kelly each pick a number between 1 and 10. Rich picked 7, Kelly picked 3. Rich won the $1,000,000. Now thats how it should have worked from the beginning!!

After that incredibly exciting news, I'm not sure if anyone really cares but I was able to successfully transplant a new hard drive into this linux machine so the server is relatively safe and well. Some things may still be a little bit flakey, but rest assured that nothing was lost. Do you care? Probably not, but this is a big triumph for me. Now that I can leave my computer alone without it crashing hard everyday, I will proceed to transfer my work efforts towards my cars...

Hate to rip off mrp's site, but an article he just posted has spiked my attention. Anyone interested in the whole Napster Vs. Metallica lawsuit should read this to see what Sony is willing to do to keep Napster out of the picture... Here's a quote:

"We will develop technology that transcends the individual user. We will firewall Napster at source -- we will block it at your cable company, we will block it at your phone company, we will block it at your [Internet-service provider]. We will firewall it at your PC."

- Steve Heckler, senior vice president of Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.
Watch out, Big Brother is watching you...

Aug 23, 2000


Another late update....tsk tsk tsk. But you know what? I just realized that nobody reads this site anymore! My little hit counter doesn't seem to go up anymore, and Dog Pound has written an article for me lately, even though he said it would be a weekly thing. I beckoned for Dr. Razor but nobody answered...and the Discussion Board has been quiet for days. Either way I'm still going to update so I guess it doesn't really matter...I'm on a 6 month spree here!

If anyone is wondering why the updates have been so slow, weak, and robustly gay lately I think that you should know that it is your fault. Also, I am currently working on an interactive flash game for EJ since I haven't contributed anything to their site for quite awhile. Why don't I make some flash movies for my own site you ask? Because you are gay.

If you are a big Survivor fan, you know that the final episode is being shown tonight. 2 Hours of survivor, followed by a 1 hour 'meeting' with all of the contestants. I have to say I thought this show was pretty stupid when I first heard about it (only after finding out that they are fed a nice breakfast every morning and that there is very little chance of anyone dying, and no nudity would be shown), but after seeing a few episodes I kinda got hooked on it. I haven't exactly been keeping up with it lately tho, but I did manage to catch last weeks showing.

Now that Survivor is going to be over, Mark Burnett (the creator of Survivor) is creating a new series which will be filmed October-November 2000 in the Australian Outback. We'll see if Ausi-Survivor will be as popular. Unfortunately, the applications to be a contestant are already in so there is very little chance that you will see me participating. I have heard rumours, however, that one of the contestants will be Bryce Sasko. If you don't know who that is, wait for the show and the guy with no pants.

I'd like to host my own Survivor show some day, except mine wouldn't be censored and would be about 12 white guys stranded late at night inside the Barry hotel here in Saskatoon. Chances are nobody would get out, but if you did you would win 24 Bohemian Beer. Perhaps there would be a second tribe, "The Albany Tribe" who would have to servive the Albany hotel across the street. Then, when there are only 4 survivors left, they would have a show-down at the Lucky Horseshoe Bingo hall. It would be a game of stamina and wit, a game of the soul. And who says Saskatoon is a boring place???

Aug 22, 2000


Wow, I have been REALLY busy at work lately. However, when I think about it, I'd much rather be busy doing something than be bored and doing nothing, so I guess I'm quite happy. I spent the entire morning driving around to the different Leisure sites in town and setting up new users. It all starts when somebody high up in management gets promoted, there's this chain reaction of a whole bunch of people getting bumped up to fill positions, and then a new employee added to the bottom. Quite interesting, but a whole lotta work for me.

The long-awaited Mushroom House Super Happy Flash Adventure has arrived!

This fun interactive flash movie is hosted by soul_d. I am planning my own personal rblords addition to this "Mushroom kingdom". Please take a few moments to load the movie, its well worth it!

After looking back upon the last few months of rblords updates I realized that I have been gearing this site more a more towards people running their monitors at at 1024x768 minimum resolution. Not that I did this on purpose, just that this is the resolution I run my computer at so that is the resolution I preview the updates at before I release each one. Consequently, this site is designed for viewing in 1024x768. I try and think about people running at 800x600 by not using pictures that are too large (also for you readers on dialup) but this site is quite a bandwidth hog, especially towards the end of the month! Anyhow, my apologies to anyone this may have adversely effected...

First there was the Viper, then the prowler, not to mention all of the new hybrid cars out there. At this time car manufacturers are striving for ways to still grab the public's interest by designing vehicles that are 'different', milking the diversity market for all its worth. Well, it was only a matter of time before Chevy jumped into the game as well. I introduce to you the Chevrolet SSR, a sport V8-powered roadster with a 50s design that I must say is the most 'diverse' roadster I have seen come out of detroit yet. This thing is scheduled to be released in 2002, check it out.

Thankx to DP for the link!

Time for bed. If you're bored, check out the re-vamped Soul D Online page. If you still haven't had enough, sending JayB hatemail is always fun. Better yet, make yourself known on the Discussion Board. All the fun things to do!

Aug 21, 2000


Another weekend gone, another failed attempt at trying to save the server. Turns out the hard drive I was copying the files onto was corrupted as well. Why don't I just buy a new hard drive you ask? Because I don't need more than a gig, and they don't sell anything less than 8 anymore...

Looks like Larmal got his webcam up on Sinnocence's cam page. I think that's pretty damn cool. Too bad I don't have a webcam...I'd probably be even more boring...

It's been pretty dull around the site lately, I'm starting to wonder if anyone other than Dog Pound will ever write me an article again. I think Dr. Razor owes me one. Afterall, he repeatedly tricks my into setting his website as my default page...

This is a pretty sweet fucking knife

As I mentioned, this weekend was the host to soul_d's annual hot tub party. Friday and Saturday night proved to be quite a blast, but I forgot to take any pictures so you'll just have to believe me. The whole Bastard Machine crew was there, as well as Dog Pound, Blue4130, Hellsh0k, Larmal and many others (including quite the assortment of girls whom I had never seen before). I'd like to note that Unit3 was not there because he was too busy being a FAG ASS down in Regina.

Aug 18, 2000


Slow update today, I was too lazy to do it the night before like I usually do. I seem to be getting more and more lazy about this site lately, but I'm hanging on! I will continue to keep it up as long as you continue to support it. What? You want to give me money? :)

I have somewhere around 8 email addresses, 4 of which I use on a regular basis. I have one account ( which I use to collect all of the spam mail I can. I hate spam mail, it really pisses me off. Why? Because it's all the same! Either some little boy in some faraway country is dying and needs MY help, or some 'Adult Site has decided that I should sign up for some porno. It's even coming through ICQ now. What I can't figure out is the fact that my spam mailbox has received 0 messages, while over the past month I have received COUNTLESS spam mails on my regular 2 accounts. This really pisses me off, and leads me to beleive it is the fault of one of you! Or perhaps just soul_d...

...all this I turning into the Bastard Administrator from Hell???? For those of you who have not heard of BAHF, here is a picture of one. (Picture stolen from Cudanut and his archive of pictures from my grad)

Larmal updated his cam????

I have had countless people email me to ask if yesterday's picture was a hoax (even mrp who isn't talking to me). I can assure you that it is not. However, I have already heard various people saying they can do better than that so I am waiting for more...

Thats all for today. I'm heading out to SIR after work to see what I can get for a 1/4 mile in my Supra...

Aug 17, 2000


Today I attempted to rescue oden from its downward sprial of increasing hard drive failures, but alas I had no success. Partition magic wouldn't even touch the partition because it had 'bad sectors', and it seems that each day the drive is more and more corrupted. Mostly the mail system, however, so if you use rblords email please try and steer clear of it for a week or so as I get this straightened out...

Is this going to start a trend?

soul_d is throwing his annual hot tub party this weekend which will last from thursday night to sunday night and include a whole lotta nakedness and mindless drinking (or so I have been told). Should be fun, I'll be sure to take a camera in case something interesting happens...

In case you haven't already heard, a Russion submarine sunk the the bottom of the ocean the other day, taking with it 116 crew members. They have been down there for some time, communicating with Russian intelligence by tapping out morse code signals on the hull of the ship. American and British governments have both offered to help, but the way the Russian government is acting almost sounds like they don't want any help...funny after all these years they are still iffy about the Americans. My opinion? I think that sub is loaded to the nuts with Nuclear-tipped torpedos which would violate UN laws and they don't want that to get out, they'd rather the secret died with the crew...but thats just my opinion... You can read an article about it here.

I can't quit watching the Mr. T video...I just can't get enough of it!

I don't know if anyone caught the link that mrp posted a week or so ago to article claiming that Linux has more inherent security related flaws than Windows NT. Looking over this article and following a link to the BugTraq vulnerability statistics page I was able to find a complete list of operating systems and the number of significant 'bugs' found each year. After all of the smoke cleared about how bugridden Linux is and how bugridden Windows is, and OS/2 and Mac, etc, did anyone notice that the official all-time tally for BeOS is 4??? All four were found this year in Version 5, with 4.5 still waiting to have a bug found. MacOS X Server has 0 bugs reported this year as well...and so does BSD. I love BeOS...I just need to grab a copy of version 5.0 (legally, of course :) )

But enough of the yadayada, time for bed. Dog Pound is gonna kill me because he had some content for me to put up...oh well, guess it'll have to wait for tomorrow!

Aug 16, 2000


Tired. So tired. Please let me sleep...

I was talking to Razor today during lunch and came to the realization, after getting tricked into setting his page to be my default page AGAIN, that he has almost 1100 hits on his page already. I just can't figure this out...are you people so lazy that after getting tricked into visiting his page you can't reset your homepage to something more exciting? Message to Dr. Razor: I wanna see more content on your page...or else

While I was bored the other day, screwing around on I asked myself "I wonder if it's legal to use 'mature language' as a domain name?". Naturally, the first site I checked out was This site surprisingly did not bring up some pornography page, but nothing at all. So, being on qwho at the time I checked it out and discovered that the domain is owned by the United States District Court. Hmmm....

Seeing as how I haven't really posted any good songs up on the site lately, I decided to go out and present to you the best damned published song is the world. It was written by rock legend Karl Douglas. If you don't know who that is or what song I am talking about then you should feel ashamed. Now sit back, and enjoy...

A Gift From Me to You

True brilliance I tells ya...The Saint knows how I feel...

Aug 15, 2000


Busy night tonight, I spent almost 2 hours trying to save oden after another crash. I found myself another hard drive but unfortunately the current one is full of errors, and I'm having nothing but trouble trying to copy the image to the new HD. So far no success so we're running off of the flawed one once again. Hopefully you shouldn't notice at all, except possibly when posting to the Discussion Board. Anyhow, I apologize for any downtime and inconvenience this may have caused. I know how much many of you rely on this page as part of your daily schedule!

The highlight of my day today was a conversation I got into with one of my friends at work. This friend, who will remain un-named for obvious reasons, is a new addition to the corporation just as I am. Working as a web-developer, just a few days ago he figured out how he can squeeze in an hour of sleep in the afternoon before we go home! No kidding! He says that by placing his right hand on his mouse, he can hold his head up with his left hand and dose off for up to an hour! This is so fucking sweet I can't believe it, almost as good as taking an hour long shit.

I'm sorry I don't have a whole lot of material today for an update, in fact I have practically none. Perhaps you will accept my personal ramblings as actual 'content' and accept that for one day, I, Spitfire, webmaster of the great rblords, was unable to find adequate content for the days update...

BUT WAIT!!! Dog Pound has sent me a video in the mail! What a saviour! As DP and I share a similar interest in strange Japanese video games that are hard to understand, he emailed me a link to this video. I would like someone to translate this for me, perhaps Razor...

Aug 14, 2000


A nice rainy weekend at the lake and now I'm back and in full effect. I have something so exciting to show everybody today that I can hardly wait to tell you about it, so I guess that is what I am going to do...

Now, normally I don't like to rip off content from other sites but today will have to be an exception. Also, I don't like to underscoop other sites by showing content that would otherwise belong to them. This video I am about to post is one of the most exciting videos I have watched in a long time, and had me literally laughing my ass off in front of my computer, spraying coke out of my nose. I don't want to hide it from you anymore. Mad props go out to Larmal from EJ for tracking down a copy of this episode of Conan O'Brien and Mr. T. That's right! Mr. T is back and better than ever. Click on the logo below to watch this great video (15 megs), or drop by EJ and download it at 100k/s :)


I received an email from Razor the other day with this sound clip which I thought I would share with you. If you remember "All in the Family" this should get a laugh outta ya.

If you haven't had enough today already, Unit3 as added many new jokes to his joke section. Enjoy!

Aug 11, 2000


Well, this morning I am off to the lake. So far the weather people have predicted nothing but utter chaos but thats half the fun, right? Either way Dog Pound had better watch out. This comic he drew explains why...

Today is a very special day. Why is that you ask? Because it's the first installment of Dog Pound's weekly 'Mack Archive', where he will be reviewing a weekly girl as well as presenting us with a sweet midi to tickle our senses. What are you waiting for? Read this shit!

I went to the Exhibition tonight with Dog Pound and Blue4130. This is the first time in many years that it has been operated by someone other than Thomas Carnival. I have to admit it was pretty impressive. Why?

  • The carnies looked like real people that I could relate to and talk to about my daily problems
  • The Crowns & Anchors game doesn't seemed to be rigged (Dog Pound actually won this year)
  • The place was generally clean. When I say clean, I mean there wasn't food and barf all over the place
  • Mel was there
So anyway it was pretty good and I had a good time for the short amount of time that I was there. I have spent over $100 today in groceries, gas ($47 of premium dude!) and the Sexhibition. Overall I am broke and in debt. Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta! :)

Aug 10, 2000


Dog Pound, Blue4130 and Fredish came over tonight and the first step towards restoring my car has been completed. The passenger front fender has been removed, the hood is off and the bumper and drivers-front fender are almost off as well. Soon the bodywork will commence! It feels quite great to get this underway after almost 3 years in planning. The beast will shine yet!

Oden crashed yet again today, so in a frantic state I was able to find myself another hard drive to stuff in the old all I have to do is get around to it. I have to give credit to Linux tho, even after the hard drive failed and telnet shut down and ftp shut down, etc, apache still purred happily and the box was still ip masquerading although there was no way (even locally) to get to a shell. At least now I know that if I am away and it crashes it will be alright until I get back (as long as it holds onto my ip I will be quite happy).

Dog Pound pointed out to me that I ranked The Perfect Storm kind of rough after giving it such a good review. I defend this by stating that I was intoxicated at the time I updated last night and the rating has now been corrected to 4 out of 5 Dog Pound heads (see below)

I am VERY, VERY proud to announce a new song of the day, coming from our friend Dog Pound. This song is a classic and should be downloaded by all. It is by Half Pint. If you haven't heard of this artist before then perhaps this breif review someone once said will help you out:

"Half Pint's diminutive stature belies not only his vocal capabilities but also camouflages his huge on-stage presence, often described as no less than explosive and dynamic."
The song is Big Booty Girls. Enjoy!

Aug 09, 2000


Well, not much of an update today I'm afraid, just didn't have enough time. Getting ready for the big camping trip up to Candle Lake this weekend (everyone is welcome!).

I went to see The Perfect Storm today (the movie, that is). I had heard in numerous reviews that the movie was good but the ending was stupid, and after seeing the movie, all I can say is this: "It's based on a true story you stupid fag!". I'm just impressed that hollywood didn't screw it up...

Anyhow it was good...4 out of 5 Dog Pound heads...

I got 4 new tires for my Supra this morning, boy what a hole in the wallet. I guess I can be assured now that I am less likely to die on my way up to Candle Lake. The thing I hate about the car (expensive cars in general) is that everytime I think I hear the engine making a funny noise I get all super paranoid. Also, after taking the car out for a test run on the new tires I found the steering to be a little shaky at around 210kph. I think my wheel alignment is out, I didn't want to push it :)

There is something wrong with this picture...

I just realized awhile ago that The SDB Server is being updated on a semi-daily basis now, who woulda thought! I'm also getting a LOT of email from Saul Bahir asking me to buy Saturns and spam mail forwarded by him. Damnit thats annoying...

Aug 08, 2000


Ahhhh, nice LONG weekend and another one coming up. I have to work 3 days this week and its really going to hurt :)...

I have received many responses to the flying Dog Pound heads that appeared on the last update, it appears they were crashing many people's browsers. Also, I have been talking to Heather lately and she claims she can't even get this page to load. I guess it's about time I state the minimal requirements for viewing this website:

  • Pentium III / Athlon / 8086 Processor > 750Mhz
  • 256MB RAM
  • Some sort of Video card (color recommended)
  • A webbrowser of some sort
  • A high speed internet connection
  • A lot of patience and boredom
Well, thats it. So make sure you meet these requirements before complaining again.

Oden freaking crashed this morning when I opened my mailbox. It seems that the hard drive I have all of the system files on (and the email) is faulty (I unplugged it once while formatting) and fails about once a month. This really sucks ass as I don't have another hard drive. A quick reboot solved the problem, but I lost my 32 days of sweet, sweet uptime :)

Rejoice! Unit3 has sent us another Terrible Joke!

This weekend I was able to slip out to a movie with some of my school buddies to see "Coyote Ugly". My first impression of this movie after seeing the trailer was that it was going to be a movie with no plot, but a whole lotta half-naked girls. Well, I was half actually turned out to be a decent movie afterall. Piper Perabo (can you prenounce that?) did an excellent job in this movie, as well as being extremely hot (see pictures above). You can also see her in The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle but I don't suggest it as it looks like it sucks.

We haven't had a brain puzzle for awhile, so check this one out. It is designed to confuse your right and left brain, and guarantees countless hours of fun! Show it to all of your friends!

I can't get over how much pornography gets forwarded to me at work by other co-workers, it really blows my mind. I mean, I've had things sent to me that are almost worse than something you'd expect to see on StileProject. The other day I was forwarded these stills of some hardcore dentist porno. I have put them up on this site for the sole purpose of pleasing YC. Keep in mind that this is probably the most softcore material that has been forarded to me yet...

Aug 05, 2000


Haven't done a Saturday update in awhile but I had some extra content to get rid of and I knew that if I left it until Tuesday that I would forget about it (I'm off on Monday so you'll have to live with no update). Also, it is my birthday today, I am now 32 years old. Seems like only yesterday I was a young wippersnapper in school...throwing things at YC or yelling at JayB for unplugging my keyboard. has produced the ultimate 'geek protest' shirt which is meant to fight promote OpenDvD Advocacy. On the back of the shirt is the C code for 'css_descramble.c'. For more information on the shirt, or the legal issues surrounding OpenDvD Advocacy, check out their website. The Saint is a true geek because he ordered one already :)

Thankx to mrp for letting me rip his content...

I caught this link from a link that Unit3 had on his site which has a little writeup about the game "Rocket Ranger". I should mention that this site reviews games that never really 'made it', but were excellent games nonetheless (hence the name of the site 'theunderdogs'). Let me mention now for the record that the majority of the games listed on this site rock and were awesome. I am dissapointed that the version of "It Came from the Desert' that they reviewed was the DOS PC version, because the game was originally an Amiga game and the graphics were FAR better than what they show. That game also rocked. I'm getting old...

So I was at the Value Village the other day (a local thrift store) and came across what looks to be the best damned card game (not to mention a steal of a deal at $1.99) ever made. This game is for ages 4-12 and involves spreading the cards out into a pile and matching pictures of Mr. T up. The first player to make 3 matches wins. Why the hell don't they play this at the olympics??

Can you see those annoying Dog Pound heads that follow your mouse around everywhere? I don't and I have no idea what you're talking about. Anyways, thankx to Sniper Wolf for the nifty java code.

Before I leave you I would like to state that I met for lunch with JayB of EJ and we discussed the nature of this 'war' between EJ and EIF. We have agreed to joint HaX0r EIF at an unsuspected time, so WATCH OUT! Oh yeah, and Razor is next, because his site is tying up too much bandwidth on my server and causing these pages to load slow :)

Aug 04, 2000


Before we get started on Dog Pound day, I would like to state that my birthday is coming up (the 5th) and that as readers of my site you owe me big so you can mail all gifts to me. Just email me for the address. Also, August 1st was this site's 6 month aniversery! How special...

I sent an email off to Jay B this morning at around 11:00 to see how work was going today and received the following:

"Dude I slept in I only got here now."
I accidently laughed out loud while reading this and Henry DayDay (the Mayor) had to come and boot me in the ass.

Check back later on for Dog Pound day, it is delayed but will be here!

Oh no! JeffK has HaX0red StileProject! What are all of the sick people of the internet going to do without Stile?!? Probably just find some other site I guess....but anyway let this be a listen to all you others that HaX0ring is real and if JeffK can do it, anyone can do it... (unless you use Win98 which has the best protection against HaX0ring).

Dog Pound is Back!

Dog Pound is back and in da house, and he would like it to be known to all! He has prepared an article for all to read which explains the reason that we haven't heard from him for so long. Read it, NOW!

Aug 03, 2000


Well...Dog Pound day was supposed to be today (as you may have read on the Discussion Board), however we have run into a couple technical difficulties so I am afraid it will have to wait an extra day.

Well, Mark (the guy I got to eat all that Chili) phoned in sick to work today. I'm kind of scared that he's going to make an attempt at my life once he returns, and everybody at work is shaking their heads at me saying things like "I can't believe you killed Mark". My only reply so far is "Hey, I'm out $10, so I'm hurting too!". Needless to say I'm kinda worried about him. If he doesn't show tomorrow at work I think I am going to drop by his place after work to make sure he isn't passed out beside his toilet.

Need a girlfriend that can perform basic Unix administration and system security tasks? Look no more.

Jay B of EJ has been updating like a mack frenzy lately, and today he expressed his disgust at my job and the fact that I get paid more than him. I'm not sure how he figures that I am getting paid more than him but I probably am because in most cases computer techs are paid better than medical test subjects. Either way it doesn't really matter anyway because all of my money goes straight to my girlfriend to buy her cars and fuzzly little red beads. She now has 17 jars full of fuzzy little red beads and I am all out of money.

Today I was all pumped to go visit soul_d's house, so I stopped by but his dad told me he wasn't there. Then when I asked him when he would be back he said he didn't know. I thought I would share this with you although it is a complete lie.

I apologize for the lame quality of today's update, but I was expecting to put up Dog Pound's content. You will have to wait tomorrow. Until then you can enjoy this picture depicting the truth about the Titanic.

Aug 02, 2000


HOLY FUCK! I'm writing this from work right now where they are having a huge 'Chili Cookoff' where you can get a bowl of chili, a bun and a pop for $3.00. Mark and I wandered down to the CrawDaddies booth (a local cajun restaurant) and each ordered a bowl of the 'Voodoo Chili' which had a skull and crossbones on it and a legal warning. After one spoon of this freakin chili I had to sit down and nurse my coke for 15 minutes while constantly wiping my nose with a pile of napkins. I literally have formed small blisters on the inside of my mouth from that ONE FREAKING SPOON. So here we are, Mark and I with two bowls of chili which we really don't want to finish so I tell him I'll give him $10 if he downs the whole thing and he does. Damn, I wish I had a camera. It's now 1 hour later and he's still red and drinking constantly. Now THAT's a well-earned $10.

I must honestly say that this was the first chili I have ever tasted which actually blurred my vision and hearing, and made me light-headed. When I got back to my office I layed back in my chair and stared at the roof while consuming 4 cups of water, 1 glass of milk and a coke. Just now the burning is starting to receed after an hour of burning pain.

I got a lid for the bowl and brought it down to my office where I am offering it to everybody who walks by telling them 'its a tad hot'. If I have to suffer they do too.

Today we have a new Terrible Joke by Unit3 and a new comic by Dog Pound.

Looks like EJ is officially revived, they even finally got around to changing their splash screen. Now we can all listen to Jay B and his incoherent ramblings once again. Yay!

August seems to be a month of revival, as the SDB Server, administered by Saul Bahir is back in comission. Take a look and beware: the page takes a very long time to load so don't even try this if you're on dialup.

Aug 01, 2000


Another day, another month, another update...

Well, for a moment this morning I thought ExtremeJerks (EJ) was completely dead. I loaded up their site and all I got was a white background with a registration banner. However, when I reloaded the page it appeared. Then I thought I'd take a look, taking the odd chance that something within the site had been updated and to my surprise it had! In fact Jay B has been updating for the past week! So there you have it, don't let the splash screen fool you, go catch up on some EJ.

Some of you may have noticed that July was the first month with no softcore pr0n day. Surprisingly nobody complained so I'm just not going to worry about it. If it really bothers you that much, you can go look at some boobies. After all, it's good for you!

I snapped this picture of Razor this weekend while we were at the bar picking up chicks. You wouldn't believe the effort it took to pry all of the women (and men) off of him so that I could get a clear shot of the T-Shirt. It is my opinion that if more people in this world were as open and blunt as Razor, the world would be a better place, and there would be more sex. Life is very stressful, and casual sex (or constant sex for that matter) is the only obvious (and practical) cure. Be prepared for an upcoming article on this very bold and touching subject by none other than myself.

And now for some links from Dog Pound! I quite enjoyed this site he sent me, where they make fun of bands that suck. Make sure to watch all of the hilarious documentary films, especially the Christina Aguilera one!

Did you think the whole Wazzzzup era was over? Did you think there would be an end to the terrible immitations of that horifically annoying trend of screaming lunatics???? FUCK NO! Here's another one for you to cry about...

Now that I have a new car to drive, I can finally get around to saving up for what I REALLY want! One of these. I don't really know where to buy them, I think you have to win them. Yes, I'll try and pick one up with a good ol' game of ring toss at the Ex this year! Carnies rule!

It seems YC would like to challenge me to a race. I will see to it that it will be done. This race shall commence across the Victoria bridge, and the first to the other end, or to push the other off of the bridge loses. Oh yeah and guns will not be tollerated, only pellet guns and slingshots. Oh yeah, and those spikes you put on your tires like the Romans did on their chariots.


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