Sep 29, 2000


Last day of the month and I'm sure you are all just wondering what exciting news I have for you. Well, wait no more because the Volare pictures are here. I am even thinking of starting to make a Super-Volare series of comics which would appear daily. Watch out for that!

Something seems to be wrong with Mel lately, she has updated her site 2 days in a row. So everybody should go drop on by and let her know if you masturbate or not, 'cause that seems to be on her mind...

YC has been bugging me a lot lately about needing some porno, and being the smart man I am, I know it is best to please his wishes. As a result I present to you the girl on the right. Click the 6 pictures for different shots, but be careful! Some of them contain adult content!!

Oh and about those Volare pictures that I have, they will be up tomorrow. HA! Had you going there didn't I? Don't worry, it's all very much worth it. Right now I am trying to get ahold of Larmal and see if he will pose for me in front of the car while givin it to some black dude.

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

I have been getting quite a bit of responses on my request for content lately, I'm quite impressed. Soul_d sent me this 40 meg Britney Spears video, YC sent me some handy info on world laws and regulations, and an top of all that, I am expecting some articles coming in the near future as well. Keep it up!

Sep 28, 2000


Oops! Forgot to post this update last night, here it is...

2 days ago YC sent me a joke at work and told me to post it on the site and I totally forgot about it and now I'm in shit, so here it is. Click if you dare.

Can you pick which one is me??

I see that Mel has made a big update to her page and even posted an article! I have a feeling I am going to have some strong competition soon with her and Razor closing in on me in hits...

Man, ever since Dog Pound damaged my foot in a wrestling-related incident I have given up my dream of becoming the WWF heavyweight champion, but this picture has caused me to change my mind.

Wow. I spent last night trying to install Windows 95 on my system while not destroying Windows 2000, and it wasn't an easy task (getting them both to work that is). Because of this, the update is short. Boo hoo, I'm sure you all care :) And yes I know, I didn't post Volare pictures....wait for tomorrow....I promise! (again)

Sep 27, 2000


Damnit, I totally forgot to throw together an update earlier this evening so here I am at 11:30PM wanting to go to bed but knowing that if I don't update now, I will have everybody harping on me (everybody meaning my 2 avid readers). Good news is it sounds like there are some articles in the making for the site in the near future...

CarPool anyone? Hahahahaha...ok bad joke.

I allowed Blue4130 to borrow my super-volare today and he didn't appreciate the experience as well as he should of. I received various emails throughout the day including such negative phrases as "That car is not safe" and "I'm never going to borrow this car again". Oh well, his loss I guess :) On the topic of the super volare, I know I totally promised pictures of it today but I forgot to scan them so I will bring them to work tomorrow and scan them. Can you do any less???

You know I was just thinking about how many people come to visit my site (more than 5, less than 100) on a regular basis and I have to chuckle. I mean, this ugly site was designed as a small project to keep myself entertaining during boring classes at school, and now its still going, 6 months strong. This is why I have been considering re-vamping the site into something a little more professional than my manually edited html-php high-maintenance version. Only problem is I lack the basic skillz it takes to make this happen. Perhaps one day I will give it a shot but until then I guess you will all have to suffer.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Time for bed. So tired. Watch for some kick ass pix of the super-volare tomorrow, and don't forget to post on the Discussion Board (which everyone seems to have forgotten about)

Sep 26, 2000


Sheesh, I gotta get off my ass and scan some pictures of my sweet Volare before I forget about them...

I just realized that I forgot to mention YCs party in yesterdays update, although Razor and JayB have already talked about short the party was a concise conglomeration of all that is true and wise in the eyes of our lord, Larmal, and all those who follow his lead as shepherd of an idealistic religion of glutony and homosexuality known as 'EJDOM'. If you have no idea what I am talking about, perhaps you should ignore this paragraph.

Mad Pr0pz to mrp who didn't read the sign...

Blue4130 is borrowing my Super Volare today, I hope he treats it nice or I may be out of a $100 super-car (they aren't easy to come by). On the topic of the Super-Volare, I should/will have pictures of it up tomorrow for all of you who have not yet had the privilige of seeing it.

Sick of stupid, pointless videos yet? How about Terrible Jokes?

You know, I think its time to mention the fact that it has been a long, long time since anyone has sent me anything to put up on the site. Dog Pound has been rather quiet lately, Audiophile has been begging for me to worship him on the site, and even YC has been avoiding the topic of writing an article for me. Whats with you guys??? I will leave tonight with a comment I found in my mailbox this morning by the all-knowing soul_d. Perhaps you could learn a lesson from it:

"So I get this letter in the mail simply addresed: 'Are you the One?' And I'm like, 'yeah,' so I open it and it's like 'One in six people have MS, are you the one?' and I was like 'AHH!!'"

Sep 25, 2000


Hey y'all, another Monday and winter is just around the corner...

Dr. Razor did a great job of filling in for me this weekend, and perhaps we will see him return. It's nice to be able to take a short rest (even though I don't normally update on weekends).

My short movie review of the month will be big Mel Gibson flick of the year, The Patriot.

Keeping the tradition of past Gibson films, The Patriot is a long, winding epic centered around Mel saving the free world with just a sword and a small army of loyal men. This movie contains no nudity, sex, or even a hint of bad language. However, for you men out there, what the movie lacks in nudity it makes up easily in Gore. The movie does not go on for more than 10 minutes at anytime without a head being chopped off, a leg being severed, or a town full of people burned within a church.

The plot was good, and the action was good, and this alone made the movie a must-see. Be warned that the epic is around 2 1/2 hours long, but that 2 1/2 hours are promised to be jam-packed with bloody war action! Watch closely and you may even pick up a sliver of American history...

Our news links for today brings us all the way over to the CRA-Z country of France, where a small town mayor has issued a municipal decree declaring it illegal for anyone to die within his town. Read more here.

Thats it for the update today kiddies, off to bed for me...

Sep 24, 2000


Hey all, Doc Razor here. Sorry bout the late update today but I was in the hospital due to the tremendous agony I’ve been in for the last few days. It was so bad I had to miss YC’s bash. I hear it was a pretty good party, maybe Spitfire will give us all the details tomorrow...

Anyway, ya know what one of the problems with the Internet is?
Because there is SO MUCH information available when it comes to entertainment, you hear about all of the movies that may or may not be coming out for the next few years. If something sounds cool you still have to wait a LONG time for it, it can be very frustrating…
Case in point, I found out today that they are in the process of shooting the Lord of the Rings trilogy. If you haven’t read the books, you’ve either been living on a desert island all your life, or you’re not really the nerd you’re pretending to be.
Anyway, it turns out the release date for the first movie in the trilogy isn’t until Christmas 2001, with each sequel to be released on the next 2 following Christmas days. If you’ve got the patience to wait over a year, check out for all the details.

Another movie that a lot of nerds just can’t wait for is the new live-action Spiderman movie. The script was apparently done by James Cameron (Terminator, Titanic, etc.), but shooting doesn’t start till January 2001, with a release date of May 2002.

Some other upcoming sequels you nerds may find interesting include The Matrix II and III, Heavy Metal 2000, Blade II, and of course Star Wars Episode II. Just punch the title into your favorite search engine and watch the rumors fly.

Speaking of movies, if you liked the movie Coyote Ugly (and what heterosexual male didn’t? as long as you were really drunk, turned the sound off, and blasted some Slipknot on your stereo), you’ll love...

Coyote Uglies

Ok, ok, I know today’s update was kinda lame but I’m still in pain so fuck off.

Sep 23, 2000


Oh yeah, I guess I don't have to do this here...

Is there a doctor in the house?

Ladies and Gentlemen, Doctor Razor is IN DA' HOUSE!!!
That's right! I'm gonna be doing some of the updates around here on the main page. What does that mean for you the reader? uhhh…probably not much, but at least you nerds who have no life will be able to read Rblords 7 days a week…

I rented the video game Crazy Taxi last weekend. I think I have a chance to make it rich big time. I'm gonna sue SEGA for the use of my likeness in this video game. The character B.D.Joe is an exact replica of me in every way. He looks and talks exactly like me. Have a look for yourself:

Look! It's Me!

As a matter of fact, if you look at all the drivers in the game, they look almost identical to all of the Rblords staff. The resemblances are uncanny:

Uncanny! It's lawsuit time!!!

Today's video clip is brought to you by the letter 'S'. Remember when you were a kid and and you'd watch Sesame Street and they'd always have those grown-up guest stars interact with the muppets, but you really had no idea who the hell it was. Now that you're an adult, you actually know who the guest star's are, but you don't watch it anymore….
This is a clip of Ben Stiller on Sesame Street. This is funny on so many levels it's a must see. It also teaches one of the most valuable lessons one could teach kids, "NEVER, EVER, dress up like cheese during lunchtime!!!"

There's something about cheese...

Now usually, when I do an update on my page, I end it with a quote from the master of wisdom, Jack Handey, and occasionally a Joke of the Day. Just because I'm a link whore, I'm going to finish this update on my page.

- Razor
Sep 22, 2000


"If somebody through a pie at me I would just beat the hell out of him, and then I would tell the press he had it coming. If he sued me I would just beat him again."
- YC when asked if he would run for president
Sorry I don't have much of an update today, but I was busy trying to get AvP to work properly. I haven't played this game for a long time but it has fond memories so I am having another go at it. Only problem is, I can't seem to connect to Dog Pound for a game. Oh well.

One Stop Shopping!

I opened up my Freenet Email Account the other day to find that it was completely filled with spam mail (20 megs worth!!). By looking at the spam closely, I was able to figure out that I am receiving more and more of it everyday, although I haven't used that email address for anything lately. In fact, lately I am getting 5-6 emails a day. I then thought about how I could incorporate such an annoying feature into some sort of advertising scheme for rblords. Nah...that would take WAY to much time, gotta play AvP :)

The next update you will read will be that of Dr. Razor. Be prepared.

Sep 20, 2000


Note to Mel: The drugs I was smoking are very expensive and rare and found only in certain parts of the brazilian forests. You can not have any. However, I concur that YC shall become president.

September 21, 2000

I think I finally fixed the Volare (again), it seems that the little light inside the glove box was remaining on even when the glove box was closed (it doesn't really close all the way) so I put a whole shitload of tape all over the little button that makes the light turn on. I know, I know, I could've just taken the lightbulb out, but I hadn't thought of that until I put all that tape on and damned if I'm gonna admit that I'm wrong...because I'm not.

Unit3 has graced us with another terrible joke today. I don't know why I announce these anymore, but now you know anyway...

Click for Music Video
The other day while I was at work I came across a copy of The Enquirer or some crap magazine like that which was featuring the worst picture I have ever seen of Madonna. It looked like the veins on her hands were about to burst through her skin, her face was all wrinkled and....ugh it was terrible. This helped remind me that Madonna is old and that:

  • Modern video editing and image manipulation techniques have reached the remarkable stage of being able to make you look 160 years younger.
  • The Enquirer is damn good at taking terrible pictures of anyone.
  • I am really hungry and am going to go for lunch now

Well, Dr. Razor informed me today that he is going to be taking over the updates this weekend so watch out! If the site is slow during this time, it is probably due to the huge number of hits he will be attracting.

Sep 20, 2000


Bandwidth has been horribly shitty lately and all I can say is that I am getting really fed up with the services of my ISP. I am carefully considering a switch to an actual true-static ip from SaskTel which would be faster AND more reliable, but of course more money also.

Some more celebration of the Olympics - Afghan high dive trials.

A few days ago our glorious teachers strike ended and the protesting by stupid kids outside of my work has ended. This means that I may once again suntan out on the lawn or bath in the fountain without fear of being attacked by uneducated escapees of our public school system. Now the average teacher will be making somewhere in the nieghborhood of $165,000/year which is even more than I make.

In a way this pisses me off, but then I think "What would YC do in a situation like this?". Probably the same thing he would do in most similar situations, not care. So I won't. And life goes on...

"Hello this is my home page and not my brother daniels one, cus he sux at html. I live in a trailer park in White rock Ariazona in atrailer with my mom and my family. My mom doesn't work and I go to school with my brother daniel (who sux at html).

This is my family, we connet to the innernet with AOL
My name is Gregg"

Why does a small part of me wish this was real?

Blue4130 says:
"put this link up on your site and dont say i dont give you shit cause i do"

Rumour has it that YC may be writing an article for rblords soon that you should all look out for. Be prepared because each day he keeps it even more real than the day previous to the current day.

I also updated the RB Server Info page, not that anyone cares :)

Sep 19, 2000


About a week ago I sat down with Dog Pound over a hearty meal of steak and fine ale and discussed the current state of kids in this day and age. As Dog Pound is currently upgrading some classes at a local highschool he has to live with these degenerates on a day to day basis. All this talk came around to the conclusion that "Kids these days don't give a shit about anything". Its true...I even remember in my graduating year of highschool, my English teacher telling me that our year was the last year of kids who actually gave a shit. At the time this confused me, but it all makes sense now.

Take for example the recent teachers strike in my humble city of Saskatoon. All highschool teachers were refusing to teach or supervise any extra-curicular activities (Dances, sports, Welcome week, etc). Apparently in support of the teachers, a number of students got together and began 'protesting' not far from where I work. I use the word 'protesting' loosely because although a handful of them (the ones that knew how to write) were holding up brightly colored signs, 80% of them were just skateboarding and railsliding down the old war memorial and destroying parts of our downtown. And these were kids from Aden Bowman and Holy Cross, Saskatoon's apparent 'geek school' and a Catholic school, respectively. Over on the west side, students became tired and simply laid out in the middle of the road and stabbed each other with large, blunt instruments (a popular west-side lunch activity, normally supervised by the teachers) while the teachers locked them out of the school. Later the police would remove them. I wonder what happens when the teachers in New York city go on strike?

Anyways, the reason I was reminded of this was because yesterday Jay B of EJ wrote a very good article on the subject which I found to be very informative, vulgar, and true. I suggest all of you should read it as it really sums up the way things are here in good ol' Saskatoon and across North America I am sure.

Thats enough complaining for today, I must apologize. What am I, an EJ writer??

Dog Pound put his add back in the paper

Today we have a rather hilarious addition to Unit3s Terrible Joke collection. I suggest you all check it out.

Man, I just realized that a whole whack of mail which has been coming IN to any of the rblords email accounts has been all messed up and undelivered. For some reason oden was freaking out and not delivering any of the mail, but I seem to have it fixed now and I'm sorry if any of you using the rblords email service suffered any loss. I will be sure to compensate you with a kick in the groin if you complain.

Sep 18, 2000


Back from a long weekend (for me) and back into updating for the greatest website that ever existed...

My super-volare was almost healed this weekend, as I replaced the alternator and battery clamps on the car, bringing the entire project to a total investment of $117. I was quite happy to see that the car was actually starting fairly regularily until tonight, when I discovered the battery to be dead once again. This angers me deaply although I suspect it to be none other than a bad regulator. I guess we shall see. I also put some groovy mags on it. Tomorrow my pictures should be developed and you can all see pictures of this car which I know you have been desperately waiting for...

Dog Pound has sent in some more unbelievable content for rblords, this time in the form of a song by none other than Hulk Hogan himself. Thats right, not only is he the most popular pro-wrestler in the world, but also a great singer! This song rocked the charts all over north america and great britain for 3 concecutive weeks, only to eventually be beaten out by Mr.T's hit "Treat Yo' Momma Right".

I checked my mail today for the first time since Thursday night and discovered 100 messages sent to me by members of the DMC2 mailing list (for the new Delorean). I almost forgot that I had joined this list back around December last year, but it has finally livened up. Turns out there is finally some info out about the new car. Not much. I have heard the words 'affordable', 'unique lightweight carbon-fiber design' and '1250HP engine' being tossed around. Interesting. Originally it was said that this car would cost no more than $29'000 US, but for now all you can do is buy one of the fancy $3000 watches. We'll see if ol' John Z. Delorean can do it this time...

"Research by Arvalea Nelson indicates that consistently orgasmic women tend to describe themselves as contented, good-natured, insightful, self-confident, independent, realistic, strong, capable, and understanding while non-orgasmic women tend to describe themselves as bitter, despondent, dissatisfied, distrustful, fussy, immature, inhibited, prejudiced, and sulky"

I'm sure a lot of "non-orgasmic women" freely describe themselves this way...

In other news, The SDB Server has officially released a new section to their ever-expanding webpage, SDB Silver.

When is Razor going to take over the updates???

Sep 15, 2000


Pay day! Pay day! Pay day! I don't know why this still excites me as it all just ends up paying off debt anyway....

One day my room will look like this

I really don't have much to say today except that I worked my ass off all day yesterday (Thursday) so that I could have today off so at least now I feel like I've earned it. I think I will devote my weekend efforts (some of them anyway) into getting the Volare running prime for winter. I sat in the super-volare the other day with the air conditioning turned up high, basking in cold artificial air it produced and laughing insanely while I attempted to saw off my leg with a broken pencil. I have my moments...

In spirit of the Olympics I have provided you with some Olympic bloopers for your enjoyment. Click on the following for some super-happy fun!

[1] [2] [3] [4]

Hope you enjoy those videos because you aren't getting any more for 3 years.

Sep 14, 2000


First off today I must apologize for yesterdays pornography. It is not my intention to turn this site into a chauvinistic display of free pornography. As I have mentioned before, Rappablords is a family site and is geared towards all audiences, especially children. In my last defense, YC made me do it.

I would like to take a minute to congragulate the Foo Fighters and Brian May for a job well done covering an old Pink Floyd song titled "Have a Cigar". I heard this song playing the other day at the music store and recognized the lyrics, so I downloaded it at home (after buying the cd, of course) and listened to the whole thing. It can be found on the MI2 soundtrack. I don't remember hearing the song anywhere in the movie but hey, look at the Blair Witch Soundtrack and tell me if any of those songs were in the movie :)

Anyways I'm off-topic, download the new "Have a Cigar" here.

Some Crayon Colors that never made it

Did I already post this link? If I did, its time you visited the page again as its one of the best on the net.

Man did I ever get bitched out from Unit3 and soul_d about yesterdays pornographic update. Apparently they are homosexual (FAG ASSs) and do not appreciate pictures of female nudity on my webpage. As a result (as this accounts for 50% of my viewing audience), all future front-page nudity will be cencored with gay little stars (see pictures below).

Oh yeah, and my bandwidth seems to be back. Wahoo!

Sep 13, 2000



These are placed here solely for the purpose of giving YC a new desktop background.

For those out there who are interested in emulators, Emulators Inc. has developed a Macintosh emulator for the PC that supposedly runs the majority (90%) of Mac software out there at a decent speed. This emulator was demonstrated at Comdex this year as well as MACWorld2000, and is compatible with Mac OS 8, apparently rivaling the speed of a G3 based Macintosh on a high-end pentium system. You can download the demo to try it out...

This is an old link, but I thought I'd post it anyway...everybody loves Tom Arnold, don't they? Well...he's looking for a wife and that wife could be you! Make sure to get your applications in to Marry Tom by April or you might miss your chance.

Last but not least, Audiophile has returned to the online world and has sent me a short but sweet article involving nothing other than his favorite past time, hobby, and job: X-TREME BASS.

You may have noticed that Mr.T was down for about a week while Unit3 relocated his appartment to Saskatoon from Regina (is was really heavy), but rest assured that it is now back online.

Also, Saul and Sanjay Bahir have released SDB Red. If you don't know what this is, I suggest you get over to SDB Yellow and read some of the updates before you venture onward. Oh yeah, and if you are easily offended by pornographic or disturbing material, you'd better stick with the blue page.

Network bandwidth seems to have cleared up tonight, and I forgot to call my ISP to complain so perhaps I won't have to afterall. We'll have to see if it lasts...

Sep 12, 2000


I know, I know, another late update. I hate doing it this way because Razor stays up all night clicking refresh to read my update. I didn't realize that anybody actually relied on my site that heavily so from now on I'll try and shape up (yeah right).

It has been rather cold outside lately, and I don't like that one bit. I awoke this morning to find it very cold in the house, and proceeded upstairs to check to temperature. When I saw that it was 19C and all the windows were open and the front door was wide open I wondered why nobody else around the house seemed to think is was cold. Probably because they are all undead zombies and have no feeling in their skin. Either way it was damn cold and thats no way to start out the day...

Blue '85 VW Golf for sale.
Only 15km!
Only used 1st gear and reverse, never driven hard.
Original tires, brakes, fuel and oil.

I never watch golf, but I managed to catch a few seconds on TV the other day of the Canadian Open where Tiger Woods of course kicked everybody else's ass. Watching this guy play golf is amazing even if you don't like the sport...the pure fact that he hit the ball out of a huge sand trap - across a wide stream and directly onto the green from 218 yards away (using a 6-iron). This guy is a freaking robot. Needless to say the fact that he wins all the time is mostly attributed to the fact of how flawlessly consistant he is, more than his killer shots. Oh yeah, and he also nailed some kid in the head with a ball and then shook the kids hand and gave him a free ball. The ball deflected of the kids head and landed right on the green. Now THATS golf...

Anyhow, enough chit-chat and on to some serious content.

I have a video for you. It is an educational video that you all should watch, just so that you know never to try this on your own. For some reason, when I first saw this video I immediately thought of YC. Anyways, this is a story about what happens when you try and piss off a cop who's had a bad day.

Busy busy busy work today, I have to jet. I've been fooling around with Adobe Photoshop lately but I realized I am a complete retard and can't make anything cool. You see, aparently (and it says this in the help) the program was designed for people with artistic talent that wanted a way to bring that talent into the 'computer world'. This is just no good for me, as I'm still waiting for a program that will just make cool pictures for me without me having to do anything but look at it and eat doughnuts while re-configuring my linux kernel in my underwear on a cold Sunday evening. I am a special kind of guy who needs very SPECIALized software...

Sep 11, 2000


I went on an adventure with my Volare on Friday, but unfortunately it didn't make it home...after about a 1/2 hour of intense offroading the rear-drivers side tire was flat. Actually, it was probably flat for awhile before I noticed but hey, Super Volare. I finally got it home today after searching all weekend for a tire on a rim with a Dodge bolt pattern. Stupid Dodge.

I don't know if anyone can even read this update as my network bandwidth has been terrible this weekend. I have had numerous people report to me that they couldn't even get my page to load because it kept timing out on them. It looks like my ISP has been 'upgrading' lately, as all of the server addresses changed for the first time since I signed up. Either way,m I hope this clears up because my upstream is nearly non-existant.

Old people don't like Rappablords

For all of you who can still see this page, or for when it all clears up, I have an mp3 for you to listen too. This mp3 is not illegal, nor is it music, but it is good for a good laugh. Without a doubt. Have a listen.

I was just involved in a discussion at work about whether or not water actually drains clockwise here in the Northern hemisphere and counter-clockwise in the Southern hemisphere. Having been in this arguement before, I stated that although the Coriolis effect will cause water to drain in a clockwise direction in the Northern hemisphere (the same effect applies to wind approaching the earth's pole), it plays a very small part in the direction of the draining. In fact, the angle of the jets in the toilet, the levelness of the toilet and the roundness of the bowl have a much greater effect on the direction the water spins. Just so you know!

Sep 08, 2000


Why is it that I keep meaning to re-vamp the site and it never gets done? Priorities, priorities...

Razor completed a daring feat yesterday by passing JayB (Kehfee) in the Rappablords SETI Effort. I don't actually think that JayB has been running it lately though...

My $100 Volare super-car died today. Aparently the alternator either isn't working, or the belt is just slipping really badly. Good thing the car came with new belts in the trunk! Also I found out that the damn thing has ice-cold working air conditioning! Fuck, this car is getting better all the time. However, when taking left turns the drivers side front tire bends outward about 30 Degrees and I don't think thats a good sign (See picture below). However I am convinced that if I fixed the alternator and balljoints (about $100) that I could sell the car for at least $500. What a deal!

Artist Rendition demonstrating superior handling of the Volare Super-car

Whoa. Thats WAY too much content for today, I'd better leave it at that...

Sep 07, 2000


Well, I fiX0red the damn counter, what a pain in the ass. I'd go back to but even after their renovations, they are still just too damn slow.

Wow. I can't tell you how much pleasure it gives me to drive around in the uglyest fucking vehicle on the road, having only paying $100 for it. This kicks major ass.

Huhuhuh huhuhuh huhuh it says Cumming.

__SPACE__ has devoted her page into a shrine to her wedding coming up next summer. Razor, if you haven't already figured it out, is actually doing updates to his site, and YC World is pretty well dorment.

Razor is insisting that we take a trip down to the pleasant town of Regina and pick up some arcade games. He says he has a truck, but the only problem is that the arcade place is only open on weekdays. Oh well.

On the topic of Razor, there are rumours that he may be taking over updates on this page in the near future. Only rumours, however.

Sep 06, 2000


Well...just got paid on Friday and I've already spent all of my money and I have to find some way to live until next Friday. Today I bought a 1978 Plymouth Volarie car for $100. Why? I have no fucking idea, I just thought it was cool and it ran so I bought it. Its pretty good except for the breaks are week, horn doesn't work, fender is smashed, doesn't shift into park, front wheels are towed in (squeels the tires when you turn left), emits a strange white smoke from under the engine, and has terribly unsafe steering. But it was only $100! My dad almost killed me, and made me promise to park it down the road.

I wish I could find a picture of a sweet Volare but I can't right now...

Unit3 has provided us with terrible joke today. In fact this joke is to terrible that I have already heard it 100 times so don't bother reading it.

Huhuhu huhuh says cum.

Not much new for today. If YC is reading this, I'm sorry I couldn't make it to that movie with all the cheerleader chicks but I had to pick up my car and I didn't realize the movie was all the way over here by my place. Oops. Oh well, the car was well worth it, and so was the look on my dads face when I brought back the banged-up MoPar.

Somebody write me something already! Sheesh.

Sep 05, 2000


Nice loooong weekend, and now a short week. I feel sorry for anyone who took this oportunity to go camping here in Saskatchewan as it did nothing but gust and rain for the past few days.

Saturday night I attended my first Greek Orthodox wedding. Despite the fact that the ceremony was 45 mintues long and spoken (actually, more like sung) almost completely in Greek and Latin, and the fact that we had to stand because the church was so small, it was alright. One thing I have to say about the greek though, they sure know how to throw a party afterwards. Every greek restaurant owner in town was at the reception buying people drinks and stumbling around in a drunk frenzy. There was even this awesome dance they did where they smashed all of the plates on the dance floor.

Is there a better way to support your country???

The flash game I have been working on for EJ has come to a stand-still because of how busy I have been lately. I am hoping to have some more time towards the end of this week to get some work done on it but don't hold your breath.

I have put up a new article on How to win an arguement like Unit3. This is perhaps one of the most informative and useful articles that I have ever posted. Too bad I didn't write it...

I also have a very important musical piece which was donated by Dog Pound. As he hasn't submitted anymore of his 'weekly' articles, this will have to be the musical test of the week. It isn't a midi, but it is close. Try and guess what it is...

Off to bed for me. JayB mentioned to me the other day that the counter script isn't functioning properly on this site, and that is probably why it seems like nobody is visiting it anymore. I'll have to take a look at that...

I should also mention to everybody that Dr. Razor has made a few improvements to his site. Look REAL hard and you may be surprised...

Also, for those of your who use it, RBLORDS email is back up and running (it hasn't been working since the HD change - thank you Dr. Razor for informing me of this).


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