Aug 31, 2001


Well...I'd might as well post this before somebody else does:

Bet you can't guess who that is! And yes, thats from soul_d's hot tub party-o-rama.

Aug 22, 2001


Uhhhhhhhhhhgh...pardon me, still recovering from soul_d's monster hot tub party this past weekend. 4 straight nights of pure hottub madness....I think on Friday night I spent a record 8 1/2 hours in the I wonder why I'm sick (as a side note, Dog Pound seems to also be equally sick). I think I'll leave the weekend rundown to soul_d...but I have to admit, DP put it best when he described the weekend as "A whole lotta drinkin', and a whole lotta shrinkin'!". Amen to that, brother!

Last update I posted the Playboy photoshoot with "Jerry" from survivor, but this update I'm going to try and target a different group of I have put together the following set of pictures entitled "Farm Accidents". Please don't view this series if you have a week stomach!

Oh, and while I still remember, a number of people pointed out a type in my last update....the Shaft quote that I royally screwed up..."He's kicking up the mother company like a black tornado" SHOULD read "He's kicking up the mother COUNTRY like a black tornado"...oh well, too late to make that sound good :).

[2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

This weekend I'll be heading up to a cabin at Candle Lake this weekend...the gang will, for the most part, be up there as well...minus our good friend Audiophile who is away at the moment, scoring a very large drug deal with some overseas clients out west.

Oh yeah, I also ordered a new that doesn't sqeal all the time and turn off repeatedly, so I'll be enjoying that lots this weekend....its a 43" Hitachi Widescreen HDTV...not too big, not too this little house of mine it should be just right...and just enough to keep me making payments all winter (which is coming sooner than later). On the side, I have also been going full throttle the last couple days painting my house, which has to get done before the summer does, and I just realized that I'm running out of time....its getting damn dark at 8:00 at night already! Sheeshh...where did the summer go?

In reference to the picture on the left: DAMN! Click the picture for a closer look!

Looking for some video fun? Watch the world's shortest vacation!. Ok, that was kinda about a video of a moose attacking some innocent guy, and kicking the shit outta him. Yeah, I figured that would peak your interest....what a Barrel of Fun!

Ok, that was kinda lame...but I'm running outta steam here!! AHHHHHHH! I JUST NOTICE THAT RAZOR'S PAGE IS GONE!!!

That said, I'm off to bed. I think the only way I'm going to properly recover from this weekend of intense partying is either a whoooooole lotta pornography, or a whoooooole lotta sleep...and seeing as how I'm too tired to look for porno right now, that leaves me only one choice...either way, if I don't update ever again you can assume that I'm probably dead, tied to a rock at the bottem of Candle Lake. Cheers!

P.S. Whitesnake Rules!!!!!

Aug 16, 2001


Alright, I'm back as promised (wow)...and I have some actual content....but first I must bore you with my day...

Today I watched my new Shaft DvD. Not the new shaft, the original Shaft....if you haven't already seen it, I advise that you go out and buy this DvD right now...especially since it contains original theatrical trailers for all three Shaft movies. Thats right! "Shaft's Big Score" and "Shaft in Africa" as well! "Now he's kickin' up the mother company like a black tornado". Watching these movies makes me realize the daily racism and flack that Razor has to deal with everyday on the force...

So I'm back with my surprise - just look to the right. Yes, its the Playboy photo shoot with Survivor member Jerri. This just goes to show that I will do anything to please my readers...whether it be humping cows, or just good ol' family entertainment...get it here first folks!

However, despite all of this joy I must interrupt to mention that Unit3 just left my house, not before spending about 10 minutes in my bathroom and then running out the door. He said he was going to send me a report on the condition of my washroom but I'm here right now to bask in the wonderment. Note for future reference: I am going to be placing a weigh scale outside my washroom, and will charge for any weight loss over the time you have been in my washroom.

Oh yeah, and soul_d had some hanky panky with some kid this past weekend and is currently running from the feds. He was last heard screaming "I swear I didn't know she was 13!". At least it was a 'she' this time!

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

Hmmmm...I still don't have any vacation photos to put up yet...not that they are that interesting anyways. One semi-interesting fact: I lost my 130 day uptime on oden this past weekend when my dad shut the machine off (yeah, it still resides at my parents place) to apparently 'save power' while he was gone. I have to get that machine moved over here soon...and when I do, the site may be down for a couple days....not like anyone would notice anyways, hey?

Oh yeah, I should direct your attention to the Discussion Board as YC is currently stirring up some more arguements....either way, its nice to see some activity around here.

The Tokyo Waterpark, where the slogan reads:

"Welcome to breathtaking Tokyo Water Park where you can wash away the pressure and stress of the
overcrowded city and relax with your friends in the soothing enjoyment of sun, fun and splashing."

Well thats enough content for now!

Where am I going?
To get laid! Where you goin?


Aug 15, 2001


Just to let everyone know....I'm still around...just sitting around and spanking my monkey mostly. Got back from my vacation on Friday fresh and ready to get back to work (yeah, right) and I have to say - I feel well rested. I'm living proof, as normally I can't keep my eyes awake for more than 2 hours on the highway and I managed a near 7 hour drive home from B.C. on Friday without even blinking....although now I've fallen back into my work schedule so its all starting to fall back in place again...

You guys miss me? I'll be back ... you can count on that. Nice to see Audiophile was putting up some eye candy for y'all to see...and I would like to continue the trend. Tune in tomorrow for some sweet action, I promise!

Aug 09, 2001


Hello everyone, and welcome to another Rblords update care of yours truly, Audiophile.

It seems as if the nice weather has been keeping everyone away from their computers and out watching women buy groceries in IGA with their bikini's on. It was so hot out yesterday that the transient Indians of 22nd street got their fifteen minutes of fame when the Star Phoenix put them on the front cover of the paper after holding a rain dance outside the Albany. When Star Phoenix reporter asked why the rain dance took place, Denton Prickleybush replied "Cuz the fucking sidewalk is burning my feet, and I don't have any shoes".

Hmmm bear with me, the evidently nude pictures above are supposed to be pictures of girls in bikini's to go along with my previous comment about bikini's but they don't seem to be displaying properly. I'm working on it!

In other news, YC gets a very very young pussy to have around the house keeping him busy after those long days at work. It's very hairy and cute, and smells good so YC does not have allergies yet, lets keep our fingers crossed. The picture above is an actual picture, notice YC is black, he has been outside all weekend!

I would like to talk a little bit about car stereos today. As you will see from the picture above, this goes against..... ARGH...another nude picture!! Ok as you will see from the picture BELOW this stereo goes against everything I believe in. As a general rule I never considered sitting in front of a bass vent a good idea, nor do I believe that it would raise the sound quality of your stereo. Call me crazy but I thought this was common sense. Another thing, do you notice hanging on the seats are ear protectors, maybe I'm just out to lunch but does this not contradict the whole point of porting bass directly into your ears. If you are a mungoloid and like nearly putting your head into your speaker enclosure why would you wear ear protection? I never imagined such a stereo would exist, and I certainly didn't think it would be desirable. It's ideas like this that keep company's like Bose and Kicker in business.

On another note, Connor Prediger, a friend of the Rblords staff residing in London (not Ontario) has made another exciting announcement. Connor was scheduled to make another stop in Saskatoon around Christmas time, but yesterday she announced that whe will be moving back to Saskatoon to stay. Her husband was caught selling a over a ton of herion last Friday and has been sentenced to 6 life terms in prison and "no chance in bloody hell" of paroll. Connor is still scheduled to be coming back at Christmas, and rumors are that she will be looking for a new husband under the tree.

Spitfire and his girlfriend Dawn have headed off into the wild yonder to explore the land of our neighbours to the south. That's right they are touring the United States with the Super Supra with just over a week's holidays. Spitfire reports he has already received a body cavity search in three states probably due to his suspicious character. After hearing this I set-up an interview with one of the State troopers that initiated the cavity search and asked him why he would search Spitfire in such a way, his response was "The bastard was really asking for it". I then asked him "What did Spitfire do that required a cavity search", he replied "Nothing, I told you he asked me if I could search him from b'hind, so I did!"

This just in from the Rblords newscenter, Dallas is reported to be inviting all that know him by name or face to Canora this Saturday where his parents will be whooping it up to the whee hours of the morning in celebration of their day of marriage. Dallas and his parents kick so much ass that you CANNOT miss it. Bring a case of whoop ass to the party cuz Tom will smack you if you don't!

That concludes this Rblords update, stay posted for furture updates, cuz there will be some.... promise!

Have a good week and enjoy.............Toodles!


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