Mar 28, 2002


Ha! I'm back! Miss me?

The snow is melting, the temperature is rising, and the bears are decending from the nearby mountains surrounding my quaint hometown in search of food. Lucky for them the gophers are already popping out of their holes. What does this all mean? Thats right, an increase in local gas prices. And the cycle continues...(chart below does not graph hibernation patterns or mean gopher population - but it IS related)

I believe I mentioned having some problems with the server and my internet service awhile back...seems the site has been putting out a steady 3.9GB/day for at least the past few months. At first I thought RBlords had gained immense popularity as it lay dorment in the corner of my spare bedroom on top of the phone book I'm using for a case. However, it seems internet search bots have been downloading every video I've ever posted on this site (about 800megs worth)...and there were about 8 of them downloading these videos at any given time. Needless to say the videos have temporarily been taken offline until I can find away around this little problem. RBlords lives...and stronger than ever.

The pieces for the new RBlords server will be arriving fact some of them are already here. Hopefully once put together we will have a solid running system that I will no longer have to maintain - just shove into the corner and forget about it. Basically what I do now, except its going to work.

I received a gas bill today for $271. Convinced that it was a mistake, I phoned the toll-free number and the explained to me that they just took a reading, and that the last reading taken was in September. I asked them why they hadn't taken one in so long and their response was "There are 2 large dogs in the backyard". Thats funny, I haven't seen any? Anyhow the bottom line is that I have to pay this stupid-ass bill!

(I'm not sure who makes the T-Shirt on the left - so don't ask!)

Ever think of all the wild things you got caught doing in highschool? Chances are they don't top this kid. Something tells me this kid didn't mind taking the 3 day suspension... can't help but wonder whether or not the girl involved got a notice too :)

If you have time (and if you haven't already seen this), you MUST watch this flash video of Romeo and Juliet done in L33T speak. The soundtrack is absolutely amazing, and the artistry...well...reminds me of something JayB would have drawn.

I've got most to post...mostly videos though, so I'll have to get this bandwidth issue sorted out, then you'll be in for a special, special surprise! In the meantime, I'll leave you with a wise celebrity quote to think about:

"I have always hated that damn James Bond. I'd like to kill him."
- Sean Connery

Mar 20, 2002


Sorry for the lack of updates everyone. but I'm sorta in the midst of a few issues right now....for one, I'm trying to piece together a more reliable server to replace this old clunker which is literally running without a case, sitting on top of a phone book right now. I'm also hoping to be moving within the next month or so, so service will be interrupted at that point.

Either way I'll keep you posted, but don't expect many new updates until a month or so down the road....

Mar 13, 2002


Sorry for the downtime folks, the motherboard in our server finally bit the dust. Thanks to a donation from Blue4130 we are up and running again until I can built a newer, better server.

We went through an ip change, so some things might still be screwy...let me know if you see something that doesn't look right.

Mar 01, 2002


Ok everybody...I have an important announcement to make to listen up! Apparently there have been difficulties lately in the release of the upcoming Mr. Show movie "Run, Ronnie, Run". I can not explain how incredibly important it is that this movie be released! Anyhow, please show your support by reading this page and making your voice heard.



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