Sep 28, 2002


Return to Innocence

My friends, these are indeed dark times when the webmaster of the most popular website on the internet fails to update for two consecutive months. I sincerely beg of your forgiveness, and ask that you please stop sending death threats to me and my family. With that said, I am going to attempt to recount the past 2 months in intricate detail, by the hour.

A few things have happened since July 26th....I built a deck in my backyard and finished it just in time for the great hot tub party of 2002. I guess I'll start there. For those who were not in attendance, this year's hot tub party was a great success! I'm glad that the growing tradition has not ceased to increase in fun, stupidity and ignorance of the law - and for this I can thank Unit3 as well as many other 'contributors'. Roughly 60 people attended over 4 nights, the weather was good (except for one night where it almost froze - but who cares when you're in a hot tub?).

Click on the picture to view other HotTub2k2 photos - courtesy of RedBandana Online
There was the usual drinking, music, fires, nakedness, trampolining (only one injury sustained by Blue4130. Highlights of the weekend included the huge food-fight which occurred in my kitchen between myself, Amy Pollock, JayB and Linsie - which resulted in a 4 person drunken half-naked group shower. The mess in the kitchen included the rest of my birthday cake, ketchup, coke, milk, yogurt, water and many other ingredients. Needless to say there was a river of 'slime' flowing out of my kitchen when we returned from our shower which took me almost a week to completely clean off (it was all over the cubboards as well). All in good fun though!

As an interesting side note - we did NOT receive a visit from the Saskatoon Police at any point during the weekend even though Unit3 was in attendance. I attribute this to the fact that his lady-friend was in attendance and perhaps keeping him quasi-control. Although the truth is there was at least 2 other louder parties going on around us that the police were more worried about.

So all in all the hot tub party was a great success - everyone came that I had invited except for a couple people (ahem....Mel...). Good times!

So what else is new? I suppose there was our keg-party trip to Whiteswan lake which turned out really well. JayB managed to drink probably half of that keg on his own, and proceed to go out 'tubing' on the lake afterwards. To my surprise he never lost his lunch, but at one point he DID lose his shorts while trying to ride on his stomach. Shortly after this a couple wires in the back of the boat got wet and shorted out and we were forced to stop and repair the problem. JayB and Blue4130 decided (after about 5 minutes of not going anywhere) that we were doomed and that they were going to swim their was back to shore (which was at least 2 kms away). They made it about 50 feet at one point, but quickly gave up when we got the boat running again and picked them up.

The picture on the right was taken at YC's keg party, although I can't remember exactly when that was.

A couple weeks ago I was woken up at about 1:00AM on a Saturday night (I was being lame that particular weekend and trying to catch up on some much needed sleep) by my friend Shannon and told to get my ass to this party she was at all the way across town. After some argueing, and talking to about 3 other people at that party as the phone got passed around, I decided I would 'stop by' for an hour just to entertain Travis, who was the only guy at the party and claimed he was having problems fending off all of the girls (who sounded quite drunk on the phone). Anyhow that '1 hour' pretty much turned out to be all favorite part of which was Kim, a 32 year old friend of Shannon's (very cute BTW) who also brought along her 14 year old daughter to the party. The most bizarre thing was that they almost looked like twin sisters - Kim looked about 10 years younger than she was and her daughter looked about 5 years older than she was.

Anyhow I spent most of the rest of the night with this Kim girl on my lap, whispering things to me while her daughter cast me evil glares from across the room. Shannon and Travis, however, couldn't stop laughing. And I as having a good time :). However this only lasted about another hour of hot dancing to old 'Dance-Mix' albums when Kim sorta passed out and I had to carry her to the car and drive her home. I made Travis 'escort' her to her door, where he was almost mauled by Kim's husband. All in all, a very interesting night. A married man like myself doesn't get to have fun like this every night! (PS don't tell Dawn)

In conclusion, this summer was a blast - I really enjoyed myself. Even after the stress of buying a house, selling all my cars except for two, buliding a deck and paying lawyer bills out the wing-wang (for the house), I really had a good time, especially in the last month or so. Looking forward to an upcoming trip to Edmonton sceduled for Oct. 18th in which I am sure there will be stories to be told!

But thats enough about me - after all, this site isn't about me - it's about you, my reader. So lets get some fucking content going here. We'll start with some distrubing facts that I'm sure you didn't ever want to know - they have been put together in a nice little powerpoint file, so have a look!.

To either side you will see photos that fall under my new category of "Signs that you live in the hood".

I especially like the lifeguard sitting under the rainbow umbrella on the edge of the boat-pool!

To end my content today, I have a special video just for _SPACE_ - this one goes out to you! Just click here. As a side note, she updates her site a lot more than I do, and so does Unit3....and so does Red Bandana for that matter... hmmm....I guess pretty well everyone does!

I'm going to try updating a little more regularily - so don't give up yet!!


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