Dec 29, 2002 - New Years, Clones and DMX. The perfect match!


Well, christmas has come and gone once again and I trust that everyone is happy with their hoards of diamonds and gold nuggets that they received in their fat stockings hung above their stupid fireplaces. I know I am.

I thought I'd take a minute to do a quick update for two reasons. First of all I wanted to post this flash video for Audiophile before the yuletide season was over. Audiophile loves BK so I'm hoping that this will make him cry.

Second of all, for those of you who know my personally - I'm having a New Year's party at my place, so please feel free to stop on by and trash my house. Unit3 will be there, so I'm sure there won't be much left to wreck by the time you arrive anyhow. As for this site - believe it or not I'm still working on it. The search engine in the menu bar now works _much_ better than it did before, so if you really need to find that update from 2 years ago that mentioned "eating babies" then you should be able to locate it without scrolling through 2 years of shit. Also, I've changed the update title bar a little bit so that you can click on the author's name to view all updates by that author (you can also do this from the Bios section. So now you can view all of Dog Pound's updates if you actually wanted to do that for some reason. Yay!

In other news today, the DMX show here in Saskatoon was cancelled after customs wouldn't let the rap star into the country. At this point they are not saying why, although it is generally assumed it has something to do with his impressive criminal record. On the other hand, while customs officials were busy trying to hold him back they accidently let 5 muslim terrorists slip into the US. Oops!

And for those of you interested in cloning, the supposed first cloned human baby arrives in the US today where it will be tested to validate claims that the child is indeed a clone, and therefore the world's first cloned human. Read the rest of this interesting story here.

Dec 24, 2002 - Shiiiit, that chick aint nothin but a nasdaq whore!


Well - one quick update before xmas.

It's been a crazy week, and having to work yesterday and today hasn't helped any. What makes things worse is that I was planning on getting a haircut today but everyone is busy, and the girl that usually cuts my hair is on hollidays. Oh well, what can I say?

Aren't you tired of running from shopping mall to shopping mall, worrying about leaving gifts in your car? Forget expensive security systems (who really pays attention to those alarms going off anyhow?) - there is now a fool-proof method for car security. Warning: Clicking on this link may induce vommiting in some viewers.

Since I know there are plenty of Tenacious D fans out there who read my site, I thought I'd throw up a link to his version of the Lord of the Rings. Hillarious!

Well - thats about it - I'll leave you with some good advice for the holliday season. Enjoy the remainder of the glory that was the year 2002!

Dec 23, 2002 - Christmas is a-comin'


Well well well - looks like we had an updatethe other day by someone other than me - and yc even used christmas colors! Well - I may not go that far, but I do have a hell of a lot of christmas shiiiiiznit to layout for you - straight-up, yo?

But first - I must touch breifly on a roadtrip that I took two weeks back with Blue4130, Brian, and Dog Pound! The idea had been tossed around between DP and me that we should visit Unit3 for his birthday but then he had a staff party the next morning, etc, so we figured it was a writeoff until friday came along and we decided to give it a shot. Besides, Dawn said I could go :P

So 4 of us pile into DP's 1/2 ton regular cab truck and drive to regina - forming the second boos cruise to Regina I have participated in. We were a bit late showing up in Regina, but were greeted nonetheless by a group of familiar drunk faces, as well as one new one. We all proceeded to go to 'The Owl' - which for you Saskatoonians (like me) is very much like Louis' in Saskatoon - it's a university bar. Anyhow - very young crowd at The Owl, including the bouncers - who wouldn't let us bring our drinks into the can!

A Frankenstein tries to break up a fight between two drunk wolfmen and an enraged Dracula!
After a few more drinks Brian decided that it was deathy cold inside even though it was very toasty warm - but he soon forgot about that when he felt the urge to climb onto the DJs booth and scream at the top of his lungs "I AM A GOLDEN GOD" with his pants around his ankles. Needless to say we were all stunned, because Brian wears a belt and he didn't even undo his pants - but it got better when Graeme removed him with a diamond cutter resulting in a 10 foot drop through the dance floor setting off sparks everywhere. This was when the monster party began.

In walk two wolf-men who look like they're about ready to cause trouble. I mean, wolfmen always look like they're going to cause trouble - but this was no Michael J. Fox 'Teen Wolf' - this guy looked like he was going to bust some heads. For a few moments I thought I was wrong, and quickly turned my attention back towards Unit3 and Brian as they lay unconscious at the bottom of the sparking hole in the floor. That was, of course, until the pair of Dracula's came in with a Frankenstein trailing not bar behind. JayB has always tried to tell me about how Monster Parties could never work out - and for a moment I thought he was wrong and that they would all get along.

Well, he was right - in no time the Dracula's and the Wolfmen had some dissagreements and started pushing and shoving. I thought everything was going to break up ok until the wolfmen started drinking, and the Frankenstein stepped in to kick some ass. At this point the whole bar broke out into a monster battle which lasted several hours and completely annihilated the bar.

After the building collapsed on us, I was hit on the head pretty bad. As a result I don't remember very much about that night, including who won the monster showdown. I faintly recall seeing an enraged Mummy-man being dragged into a paddy wagon but thats about it. I also remember running as fast as I could back to Unit3's place and passing out (as a result of dehydration and my injuries from the building colapsing) on the floor of his apartment. My memory is hazy, but I believe this to be a pretty accurate representation of the events of that weekend.

Anyhow - back to the christmas content I promised!

For those of you who hate xmas here's another dirty flash game to keep you busy. For the rest of you - watch this flash video entitled "I'm dreaming of a white trash christmas", then check out these xmas decorations. And if you have MS Powerpoint - here's a dirty advent calendar to get you in the christmas 'mood'.

Thats it for today though - all that monster talk got me pretty spooked. However I must admit that I've actually been decorating the house this year - I even put of christmas lights and bought a tree! My only problem is that every time I turn around my cats have pulled my tree over and ripped it to shreads, but what can I do? They do their thing and I do mine. Do you think that they get enough nourishment from chewing on the pine needles that I wouldn't have to feed them for a couple months? Lets find out...

One last thing before I go - I was telling Blue4130 about this tonight, but check out this article about the "mysteries of coral castle". If you haven't heard of the place before, I suggest you take a look. Some guy built this castle in Florida between 1920 and 1940 out of huge multi-tonne coral bricks and to this day nobody can figure out how he did it. The man claimed he had 're-discovered the ways of the egyptions" in the way he was moving the blocks around. Very interesting article - GO READ IT NOW!

UPDATE: I originally wrote this update for the 20th, but somebody else beat me to the punch. Since then there was a huge happening at the Hose and Hydrant, which I believe was to be in celebration of DP's bday, and Fredish's bday. I don't quite remember all of it, but I think most people had a good time. I do, however, remember Blue4130 pulling me out of a neighboring house where I was dancing with about 20 18 year old UofS girls with a huge foam Agro hat on my head. He told me I had to go back to my house because there were people I didn't know running around - and that the police were coming. Thanks for looking out for me, Blue4130!

One thing I learned: Being drunk is an excellent excuse to kiss girls you don't even know (and some you do!). Ha!

<Appended by=YC>
One more last thing, there is a new comic!!!

Dec 20, 2002 - DPs Birthday!

Dog Pound

Hello out there in interntet land!

Just sending out a reminder that today is the great Dog Pound's birthday! Yes, this self-serving, ego-satisfying update is nothing more then a gentle reminder that I, Dog Pound, rule all the bitches and monkeys.

There will be a party tomorrow night at the hose, 9pm, be there or else!! Especially Brian!, but especially Kerri......

This picture represents the hatred I have for all things...

Happy Birthday to me!!!!!

Thats right, Garret Wang is a fag. You heard it here first.

Dec 19, 2002 - Howdy Doody


Well hello out there, how are you all enjoying the new rblords? I know I am liking it. Especially the kickass domo-kun mascot or whatever it's called, don't piss him off though or he'll stink the place up. Also, for the love of jebus don't put your kittens in front of him.

So some winter we are having, it's almost xmas and the average temperature is still probably around -5, and there's no damn snow, what's up with that? All I can say about this weather is what the fuck? Speaking of fuck, i'm sure you have all heard this already, but have you seen it matched to a flash video?

In further news, our beloved audiophile is gone until mid january, he's out hangin with the rest of his family in vancouver. We miss ya buddy! Make sure and drink a few rum and eggnog's for me!

I don't have a lot of links, but I do have one that is pretty funny, try out a few scenarios, you'll enjoy it!

Oh while i'm at it why don't you all check out this video of a horse nailing a chick!

Ok ok this is the last part of my update, take the test below.

Dec 17, 2002 - New Site Design


Well...I was hoping to get this update out earlier but I ended up in a political conversation with Unit3 and YC today which branched into several rants which pretty much burned up my entire day at work, which is pretty cool because it makes time fly - but at the same time I get nothing else done and end up having to do it later. Oh well!

Anyhow, this is the new site layout - not really all that different than before, just changed the colors around because people were complaining that there was too much orange and brown. I suck really bad at any type of graphic design, so I was glad to have the help of Red Bandana, Blue4130 and YC in the form of advice for the new site design. Hopefully this is a bit easier on the eyes, and now most of the links work. However, it's not completely done - so if you encounter a page that is completely incoherent, don't worry - I'll eventually get around to fixing it.

You'll notice the updates have titles now - also there is an eyeball icon beside the author's name which is a link to their profile. I will be updating the profiles shortly as well, seeing as how these are over 2 years out of date.

Anyhow, I've accumulated a huge load of content over the past few weeks so here's a bit of it, straight-up:
Watch for more updates very soon - and hopefully even an article or two!


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