Oct 22, 2003 - More Trailer Park Boys Pics...


Me and Jules Hellsh0k and Bubbles
...so here are the money shots from that evening with the Trailer Park Boys. Looks like I cut the second photo kind of goofy - and they aren't the best quality scans either but you get the idea!

Oct 16, 2003 - Trailer Park Boys


Whoops - I was wrong, the civic election isn't until the 22nd. Yesterday was the "Advance Poll" voting, so you COULD vote early if you want to.

I got my pictures back from last week at Ryly's with THE TRAILER PARK BOYS! Only a couple of them turned out good because it was so dark in there, but this guy got quite a few good shots, including some from inside the VIP lounge where they were having drinks after the show. If you look closely in one of the pictures of Julian you can see James MacKay behind him :)

Here is an excellent shot of how incredibly over-packed the bar was. In the picture people were chanting "Trailer Park Boys! Trailer Park Boys!" as Butterfinger were trying to play their set. I don't think the band was too happy about actually being boo'd at everytime they said they had another song to play.

Anyhow, I'll post the pictures I have hopefully tonight or tomorrow - whenever I find somebody with a scanner or remember to bring the to work.

Oct 14, 2003 - October Update


Any day now I will start updating every day again, I'm sure. But for now - this is our monthly update! It's about quality, not quality right?? In either case I think that I'm probably screwed.

Canada.com showed an overwhelming majority of voters for Jim Pankew while the telephone poll (argueably more accurate) revealed Maddin in the lead (who had an 8% vote in the online poll). Either way Jim Pankew is sure stirring up a lot of attention - I noticed he had signs all the way down Preston, each in front of another sign of an opposition, then today somebody had smashed all of the signs EXCEPT Pankews. Also I've seen a few signs on people's lawns that boast "No thank-you, Jim Pankew". My opinion? It doesn't really matter how much of a radical he is - he's a powerless civic icon in front of a corrupt city council who alone decide the fate of the city. Personally, I think despite his downfalls, Maddin has done a good job.

But that's boring - onto the b00bs. First of all I was happy to receive in my mailbox this morning a picture of J-Lo's beautiful naked clam. Then I got to read about how poor old Tommy Chong got busted for trying to sell bongs on the internet! He's lucky he doesn't live in Manitoba!.

I don't know if its just me, but the content on Demoni.ca has been getting pretty hard to read lately. Hmph..

Ok seriously guys, this is THE BEST comic I have received in the past 2 months. What the hell is going on?!??!

Ok I think I'm done my rant - I keep thinking that I should change that damn webcam photo but I just love it so much. Also there is only so much that I can do in front of a camera which is chained to my desk. Hmmm. Well, only so much I can do that would keep people coming back to the site. I'm always open to suggestions though!


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