Nov 14, 2003 - Bootlegs Guitarz, McDonalds....


Just finished watching a 1 hour special on Britney Spears. Yes, I actually saw that it was coming on tonight and actually planned to watch it! What can I say? Britney rocks and any guy who denies this is obviously gay.

What else is half-year downloading spree has finally subsided. After collecting 85Gb of rare Pink Floyd bootlegs and video footage I have finally reached the point where I have pretty much all of the most interesting stuff. I never would have thought I'd find any interest in the bootleg market, but it really is quite interesting. First of all, it is obviously really neat to be able to hear a non-dubbed live performance of a show that happened before you were even born...but what really surprised me is how organized the bootleg industry is/was. These bootlegs were pressed on vinyl in factories and mass-produced...I have a few full-show bootlegs from around 1970 which are in full stereo and in better quality than more albums released at that time. Some of these recorders would sneak entire reel-to-reel systems into the stadiums piece-by-piece with a bunch of friends, and the buy an entire row of seats just so that they could place a mic on each end of the row and get a true stereo recording. Pretty interesting stuff!

I also find it really interesting that I have a few odd video bootlegs of shows in the 1977-1982 time period. I mean - do you remember how freakin' HUGE 'portable' video cameras were in the 80s?? Let alone the 70s...I don't know what they used (and the quality wasn't that great either) but I'd sure like to know how they snuck it in!

You Gonna Finish That? Anyhow, aside from Floyd, I am also a big fan of Mark Knoffler's guitar playing....the man most people would identify as the lead guitarist/singer of Dire Straits, who has since gone solo. I personally believe he is an incredibly under-rated guitarist. He plays without a pick, on a fender strat...which really gives him a unique sound. I really respect for any guitarist that can make their guitar 'sing', and he is one of those players. Who else would I put in this category? Dave Gilmour of course, Jimmy Hendrix, Steve Vai, probably B.B. King...and I've recently started listening to more of Richie Blackmore's work which I like.

Well enough about what I like - the main reason I wanted to update was to direct all you guys out there to this test which will prove whether you are a pedophile or not. Might as well give up now, you won't pass!

gah, I've been eating way too much McDonalds lately, stupid McDeals. They aren't a McDeal for your heart thats for damn sure. Now that Dog Pound has swore off hamburgers and prostitutes - I think maybe I should make a similar pledge. Maybe I will swear off McDonalds and going to work.

Oh well - soul_d also seems to think that I should quit my job tomorrow and work at the University computer labs. Sounds like a good plan!

Nov 10, 2003 - Just thought you should know how much Whitesnake rules...


My Name Is Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavid Coverdale!!!! My Name Is Claaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Busby!!!
Thought I would post these pictures of me from Halloween night, the one on the right is me before the rye took effect.

Nov 05, 2003 - November Update (Cold as Ice)


Okay, time for the November update...

An update or two back I mentioned our municipal election...well, thats all over with and now we are onto our Provincial election....and seeing as how my current winter beater (aka Unit3's car) only has AM radio, I am forced to either listen to endless political debates or the sound of the many children I am plowing over while trying to drive and clip my toe-nails at the same time. I think this could be an interesting election...the Sask party has a stronger backing this year than last election, but the NDP have strong roots especially in the older community. Either way it is going to be between these two parties....and I was going to post a link to a guy who was selling his vote on ebay, but it looks like its been pulled off. That's what I get for waiting so long between updates!

Dog Pound has been visiting me with increasing frequency ever since I hooked up my SNES and found my copy of the original Street Fighter II, so thats pretty cool...apart from the fact that he is using me for my SNES system. Anyhow, instead of explaining this whole situation to you, which is very emotional for me, DP drew a comic to better explain what I have been going through. Check it out.

For anyone who hasn't seen this already - you have to download this video of a bear bouncing off a trampoline. Watch it now, it's hillarious! When you're done, amuse yourself by looking through the contents of a woman's handbag. Soul_d sent me that one!

Even Fredish sent me in some more content - so check out this awesome flash video of the possible end of the world. I think James McKay, Soul_d and Dog Pound especially need to pay close attention to this. Especially because it involves a strong Israel....well, sort of..

For you tech-minded readers, read this article about an Australian arrest made over an internet scam. You know, those emails you get about a rich foreigner offering you millions if you just claim to be the heir to some dead guys inheritance?

Foreigner?!? Man, I'm feeling COLD AS ICE today! Boooooooooooo....

This update was kindof lame but its time to go to bed, so I promise another one soon. Check it out - I actually updated my webcam this time.. Check back soon! In the maentime check out this girl drinking so much beer she pees herself. Yeah, now that's good entertainment...


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