Mar 23, 2000


Damnit. I was going to encode that damn videos of Dog Pound beating the shit outta Unit3, but it turns out DP has it at his place and has been watching it repeatedly over the past 2 weeks. Hopefully I can break into his house tonight and steal it

For all you geeks out there who are interested in DCE and Beowulf clustering, The Saint has set up a page about his Dark Project. He promises to update this page in the future and perhaps add some porno.

For a link of the day I'm gonna give you Planet Gimp. Don't worry, this site may look tame at first, but get into it and its really quite harsh :)

YC has helped me realize that this page loads slow as hell in Netscape, but seems to run fine in IE, and I plan to do absolutely nothing about it.

I promise you guys that tomorrow I will for sure have something for interesting than this :)....and don't forget to keep checking up on the daily comic. For now ammuse yourself with this wonderful advertisement for one of today's most popular video games.


End of Updates