Mar 28, 2000


Wow, almost the end of the month! Can you hear that horrible music? I can, but I don't know where it came from or how to stop it. Somebody help me figure it out.

I was cleaning up my hard drive today and found that win2k was using about a gig for temporary files grrrr. Anyhow I found some stuff I never knew I had. Like this video of a guy trying to break a bunch of wood with his head but failing miserably.

You think you know yer Ice T, yer Ice Cube and yer TuPac?? How about trying to order them at a Thai restaurant? Here's a tutorial on the subject

BeOS 5.0 was released for free officially today, and their site is flooded. Here is a list of mirrors that MAY work.

Gahh screw that, I finally got the executable, you can dl it here. The version I posted this morning was corrupt, I must have downloaded it before THEY had finished downloading it because it was only 8megs, but now I have the right one available and its 40megs


End of Updates