Apr 03, 2000


Well here we are in April, I've moved all of the March updates, so if you missed some you can find them here

Finally we have a real treat for you! The Dog Pound interview is complete! Who's Dog Pound? Only the biggest hit wik wak biz-Z tripple-9 to the muthafukin' Y we gotz, and the bitch is CanadiiiiiAN! So listen up, go check out the interview if you know whats good for ya. On either side are scans of his latest hit trax "Workin da Bitches into a Mack Frenzy" and "Bill Romanowski ain't yo bitch".

Tired of all that regular run of the mill boring pr0n out there? Need something new and interesting? Then prawnography.net is for you! WARNING: This site contains large amounts of fish porn. Actually, thats all it contains.


End of Updates