Apr 04, 2000


Alright, I've got some sweet vids for y'all! Jay sent these to me telling me they were some sort of plastercine porno, but they aren't so I have no idea what he was talking about. Instead, I present to you a woman swallowing a balloon and a guy lighting his ass on fire. Wow. Amazing.

I have had several complaints about the material involved is yesterday's update, namely the cover of Dog Pound's album "Workin da Bitches into a Mack Frenzy". As you can see, I have censored them with little stars. Rappablords is, and always will be an enjoyable part of every family's web-browsing experience and I don't want to lose that.

Todays link of the day is Razor's Webpage!!! Dog Pound also threatened to kick my ass if I don't put up a comic today so I'd better hurry up and do so.


End of Updates