Apr 07, 2000


JayB has been criticizing me and the Rappablords site lately calling it a "Rip-off site", claiming I have no original content. What did I do about it? I tied his chair to his desk with a piece of Cat 5 cable and threw many pieces of ripped Kleenex at him. So there. Anyhow, here is a video I ripped off of Bill Gates saying "We F*cked Up!"

Razor forwarded me this very enticing job offer for the Royal Guards of Amen Ra. I'm thinking of applying, and you should do the same. They need 200 security agents.

Anyhow, I'm going to Red Deer for the weekend for work, but hopefully I'll be back in time on Sunday to do up Monday's update. Here are some links for Dog Pound as I know he loves wrestling:

Law was passed in Japan recently to stop webmasters from posting links to illegal sites (pornography, mp3 music, etc). Even if the webmaster didn't know there was illegal material on the site they were linking to, they could still be held accountable. Ouch. Read the whole article here

One last thing, the Fight Club Page has finally been updated with new videos. View them if you dare


End of Updates