Apr 10, 2000


Well I'm back from Red Deer and quite tired, but I finally had a chance to take a better look at those wrestling links I posted on Friday. Man, this stuff puts WWF and WCW to shame! Check out my favorite video from Extreme Backstreet Wrestling of Immune does an awesome swinging reverse ddt off a table on Lars for the three count!!

Soul_d sent me the song of the day for today and I must say it RoX0rs pretty hard. It's called Vampire Bat by Wesley Willis and I command you to download it now!!. Wes is a HUGE Dog Pound fan as you can see in the picture which was taken at some crazy Halloween party this year. Speaking of soul_d, the move of the SDB Server was a hoax. The site has NOT moved to his box because he is no l33t enough. It remains at its old location and the link in the menu bar once again points the correct location.

GAH, I did a lousy job of trying to install php on my web server and I have given up, instead I am just going to upgrade the whole damn server once this semester is over. So, prepare for this page to go down next weekend, I hope you can live your life without it. Also the comic of the day section may not be updated as often because nobody will submit any and I have no time. If you have one for me, mail it on over here!!!

And to contridict mrp's entry which is contridicting my entry today, the SDB Server IS indeed on soul_d's box, but I'm not sure that he wants it public quite yet. We'll see what he'll do, as his internet link is payed for by a children's education company and they might not like that. If you want the direct link go to pwrsrc as it has been posted there. Also, you may have noticed that the main pwrsrc page has become mrp's official webpage.


End of Updates