Apr 11, 2000


For all you fans of the 'WAZZZUP!' Budweiser guys, here's their latest commercial. I was looking for this clip all over but Mark finally found it for me. Thankx Mark!

Today's mp3 is sung by none other than Mr. T himself. Dog Pound helped me find this one, it's called Treat your mother right. When looking for this song I came across a few other Mr. T sites that might interest you. Particularily, Mr. T vs. Everything which has a huge archive of comics of Mr. T battling everyone from the Dukes of Hazzard to Britney Spears. This site is also part of the Mr. T Webring, so you best be checkin' that out as well foo!

Ever wonder if there's any coke left in that Coke machine down the hall? Don't want to get up and check yourself? Well, you can make one of your friends go check for you, or you can check this list of internet-accesible coke machines. Cudos to Razor for the link

To contridict mrp's contridiction of my contridiction of mrp's contridiction, I am right and he is wrong. Period.


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