Apr 13, 2000


Well I may be busy but I haven't forgotten about you dedicated readers!! Today we have some special sick downloads straight from JayB I normally wouldn't put this up but he threatened to lash me with his Cat 5 whip so I succumbed. Here it is but don't watch it if you have a light stomach.

As we seem to have a theme for today, why don't you head on over to the link of the day, createafart.com. Good educating goodness.

Good news, today there will be two links of the day! I just found out from Dog Pound that Wesley Willis has his own webpage. If you haven't already, check out his hit Vampire Bat, then check out the lyrics to some of his other songs. Any similarity?

On another note, Blue4130 is back online (aka Vance/Class None). He seems interested in having his own section on rappablords. I'm hoping he will reveal to me an article soon as we really need one! Bug him on ICQ to help me out, #22394977

And while your sitting there, take this eye test to make sure your not blind


End of Updates