Apr 14, 2000


Dog Pound is harping on me to do an update (even though I'm in the middle of studying for an awful marketing final) so here it is. Hmmm....lets see what we have today.

Here's a new rip-off of the wazzup video, it's actually quite surprisingly terrible but check it out anyways. If you haven't seen the original Superfriends rendition you can also check it out here

For the link of the day, graciously submitted by Audiophile check out the Telebubby Fun Land

I really need some help with the comic strips or you won't be seeing many more of them! Just send them in!

Also, Blue4130 is going to be getting his own section soon, as soon as he decides what he wants. Watch for it!

Here's a link to a pretty funny page on the microsoft page. Seems they aren't quite sure which way the earth spins :) Read it here


End of Updates