Apr 27, 2000


Well, hopefully by now you can all see this again. If you have problems let me know, the last day was kinda nutz. Anyhow in any event, most of you probably missed yesterdays update so scroll on down and read it!

And now for a game review! I recieved this from Unit3 the other day and he put it so damn well that I'm just gonna show you the email:


I've got a movie for rappablords.. it's from this new dreamcast game called typing of the dead, where you type words (it's a typing tutor) to kill zombies. You're this cool guy in a business suit with a keyboard strapped to his chest, which evidently shoots bullets or something. Anyway it rocks.

So he sent me the trailer and it is awesome! Where else can you use your typing skillz to shoot zombies!!

I also just realized that we haven't had a softcore pr0n day on here this month, so watch for tomorrow's update!!

I haven't gotten any hate mail from any religious groups about yesterdays article which is surprising, but then again the site wasn't up for the majority of the day so...

It looks like we aren't the only site that has been down. Extreme Jerks, PTCBC and The Dark Project are all down because of DNS updates.


End of Updates