Apr 28, 2000


I have noticed that this page no longer appears properly at all when viewed in Netscape 4.6. I'm not sure exactly why that is, but I'm working on fixing it. Also, when the mouse pointer hovers over a link it should change color, this also only seems to work in IE, and Netscape 4.7

As promised, today is softcore pr0n day, and I don't want to dissapoint anyone so here you go:

What else can I say? I guess I forgot to post a comic today so I'll post one tomorrow sometime (maybe). All I know is I have a big presentation to make with the rest of the Binary Boys tomorrow and we are far from prepared. Hehehe oh well whatever, perhaps I'll update later, but probably not. Watch for a comic.

Oh and also this site seems to be resolving properly now, even oden.rappablords.eu.org and www.rappablords.eu.org which should make razor happy. Razor has also informed me that he is going to be writing a response to YC's article from the other day. Thats sweet because I need more articles.

One last thing, I've noticed that this site has been getting more hits lately which is great but I can't figure out where exactly they are coming from (ever since I dumped TheCounter.com). Do I have any avid readers out there that don't know me personally? If so, please let me know in an email!


End of Updates