May 01, 2000


Wow, its May already...if you missed some of last weeks updates, I've moved them on over to the archives

Today we have a new article (lets keep 'em coming!!) written by none other than Blue4130 himself. Don't know who he is? He lives in Fight Club (the house that is), he also has mad skillz. Anyhow he has written us a little blurb about what his life is about so take some time and check it out

I'd also like this time to say that I went and saw the movie American Beauty the other day and it kicked ass. Why? Because it was all about this guy in his 40s who is suffering a midlife crisis and is falling in love with his daughters best friend. Finally a movie I can relate to...well except for I'm not in my fourties.....and I don't have a daughter....but you get the picture.

It seems as if Extreme Jerks still hasn't got their dns updated, but don't give up on them, they will be back. Larmal is having a fit waiting for a chance to do the next update

If you notice, I've added a new section to the left menu bar. "The News" now takes you here to the update page as I noticed that some people are too lazy to press the back button on their browser. Also if you didn't know, clicking on one of the logos at the top of the screen will also return you to the main page. Just thought you'd like to know!

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End of Updates