May 03, 2000


Just a quick update before I go to bed, not a lot to say really.

A quick check today revealed that the entire site has reached about 112megs which is pretty big considering only about 80 megs of that is downloads. At this rate I'm gonna fill up my damn drive before summer :). Any donations??

zdnet released an article the other day which got some people stirring. The topic was the ineffectiveness of open-source projects and why they do not work, basing his proof on Mozilla. Needless to say the author is getting his share of response to the article!

Looks like Larmal is having some trouble with his site. He is going to have to rename all of his php files to .php3 instead of .php, which is going to be a big job. Good thing DreamWeaver will take care of all the links for him. Good look Larmal!

Alllrighty, well I guess we are needing some content here. It may not be original, but here's a video of a guy jumping from a rooftop into a pine tree. Ouch, that looks like it hurt.

Remember I'm always on the lookout for more content to rip-off, so if anyone has anything that is Rappablords material (or as soul_d calls it "Rappa-boro-lords"), then send it in! I need pictures, videos, songs and articles!


End of Updates