May 04, 2000


Got some more videos for ya from a secret source which razor revealed to me. Today we have yet another wazzzzzup ripoff and a very interesting milk commercial. Interesting.

Hmmm...things seem to be really dry around here lately, no new comics or terrible jokes or anything. I would think that by putting up a search engine would easily double the number of hits my page gets but for some odd reason it didn't, and now I'm really choked because I spent a lot of hard work putting that together!

Lets see...Mel has added a new game to her page called MelYahtzee...its quite addictive, you should try it.

For all you Extreme Jerks fans out there, don't worry about the site it IS coming back eventually. And believe me, Larmal is just as pissed off as you are.

Blue4130 sent me an email today saying he's preparing another hot article, but he has to do some research first. Thats kinda scaring me.

On the right is one of my favorite pictures of Blue4130 which really shows a lot about his lifestyle. You never know where you are going to bump into him next...McDonalds, City Hall, inside a support beam for the Diefenbaker train bridge....

On another note, Audiophile is going to be moving to Saskatoon and that kicks ass because we're gonna take him out to Pike Lake on the May long weekend and we're gonna get him hurt really bad. No wait, that was Dog Pound...well whatever there's gonna be carnage anyway. Especially since YC is coming...


End of Updates