May 05, 2000


Boy do I have some treats for you today!! First off, after bugging Audiophile for weeks, he's finally decided to write an article about how much better he is than all of you. About time too.

Secondly, for all you who enjoyed the flash video of Mr. T killing TuPac, the prequel has finally been released, telling the tale of what exactly happened that night before the Cheetos were stolen. Thankx to Jay for the K-Rad link

Our link of the day today is to an awesome article on the topic of urinals and the untold story behind them (well, kinda). It was written by one of the many talented authors at

Mel must have seen that I had linked to her page because I see she has done a bunch of work to it. Looks good! And I'll try and figure out the problem with my damn modem quickly, thank you. In fact I believe that it is fixed now.

As a last minute entry, Dog Pound has sent me an article in response to the one Audiophile wrote today....sorta. I warn you don't read this if you are easily offended because DP doesn't hold back.

Finally Extreme Jerks is back up and running? If you're wondering why the the site looks different, its because they sold out. I would also like to point out that Rappablords has always been about selling out, so its not like this is a new idea.


End of Updates