May 08, 2000


Just a quick update before I go to some links for ya from the gracious mrp and Unit3 (who hasn't submitted many jokes lately!). Are you tired of all those terrible Wazzzup videos yet? Well, here's yet another spoof, this time with Microsoft.

Ever wanted to be able to just burn a whole bunch of mp3s onto a cd and play it in your car cd player? Well, now you can. AIWA charges about $350US for this beast which is a little steep but hey, mp3s

Finally got around to clipping those videos of Dog Pound beating on Unit3! Check them out, but I warn you, I didn't have the time to convert them to mpg so they are in avi format which means 5 megs each :). I must say though, this takes Extreme Backyard Wrestling hands down! I think I promised these videos some time back in March

If you'd much rather look at a smaller, more educational videos, check out these clips which teach you where NOT to put your head. Here and here. Whoa, thats a lot of videos for one day, I'm gonna pay for that in bandwidth...

Well thats it for today. All I can say is Audiophile is gonna be moving down here on the 18th and I think I am going to be forcing him to take care of the site, so there may actually been some half-decent content.


End of Updates