May 09, 2000


Ok, all I got was complaints today when I went to school that my site wasn't updated in time for everone to see it yesterday. When I informed Jay that I had updated the site within the first hour of the day he then replied "ah ah ah! I update 10:00 the day previous". Then everyone around mumbled to each other then nodded in agreement staring at me like a deer caught in headlights. Fuck that shit, here ya go, an update at....uhhh....11:00. Happy? Anything to remain popular I guess.

Know what pisses me off? I was going to put up a selection from The Killa Bees but the page has been taken down because of "excessive hating". Heh, damnit they were the bomb. Anybody out there got any of their stuff? I'd be happy to host it.

Today is official Audiophile day. Since he's such a ripped mofo I thought he deserved a dedication. Ever wonder why he's called Audiophile? Listen to this A&W commercial which he personally stared in several years back.

GAHHHH I just realized (actually Larmal informed me) that those videos I put up yesterday need the special ATI VCR codec to view them. Damnit. Well until I convert them you get always download the codec yourself for Win95/98 or Win2000. Beware the Windows2000 drivers are huge (6 megs)

Heads up, tomorrow may be another softcore pr0n day

Ooo ooo....just found out that our class is attending an E-Commerce festival/circus tomorrow. I will certainly be getting back to you on how exciting it was so watch for that too! Possibly on Thursday


End of Updates