May 10, 2000


OOPS - Server was down today for most of the day because of a hard drive failure. Damnit, I need a new HD, anyone got a 500meg - 1gig HD floating around I could use??

Alright so I lied, today isn't going to be softcore pr0n day. But what I have for you is ten times better!! Well maybe not, we'll see...

A new model has been picked for the character of Lara Croft in the upcoming Tomb Raider sequels: Lucy Clarkson. Born July 6, 1983 (thats right, that makes her 16), she's 5'11, 140lbs and a 32DD. Ouch

Anyhow her dad was apparently a tomb raider fan and was the one who actually suggested that she apply.

Well everybody, the May long weekend is coming up and you know what that means? Probably not. Well, anyway for the past 5 years I have been going out to Pike Lake every May long weekend to party hard and freeze my ass off at night. I'm looking forward to this year as well, and to celebrate I have written my first article for this site: Rubber Tire Concern: The Game, The Myth, The Legend.

For the link of the day: Ever wondered how to enlarge your breasts naturally by up to 20%? Well now its possible by some means of extracting estrogen from dead cows then freezing it and injecting it into your veins or something. Just read the site.

On a happier note, I receieved an Ass-Gram this morning from an individual by the name of Saul Bahir bearing some political message about YC

As a side note for the day, don't forget to email Larmal of ExtremeJerks and remind him that his site only loads properly 1 out of every 24 reloads.


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