May 11, 2000


I received an email from Blue4130 yesterday informing me that he is hard at work on an article for the site but it isn't quite done yet. Fair enough, however he did manage to prepare a short blurb for me to put up. He also said that he would be sending me a picture to put somewhere within this blurb but I never recieved it, so if he does get around to sending that pic in I'll post it.

As promised, today is softcore pr0n day, behold! :

Here's a video from Blue4130 which reminds us why you should never stand behind a horse, least not while trying to brand its ass.

Dog Pound seemed very disturbed that the videos he sent me the other day were not up on the site. Well, amongst all of the constant articles, videos and mp3s submitted daily I barely get the chance to look at them so I am sorry I missed these! Anyhow these videos are clips of the Big Show imitating good ol' Hulk Hogan. There are two videos, #1 and #2

I had this great idea for about 30 seconds of dumping all my videos in a FreeDrive account, thinking it would be faster, but it seems that they have taken certain precautions to directly prevent that from happening. Stupid free services.

For some good reading today, I suggest you check out the Jerky Clay Interview on Extreme Jerks, its freakin' hilarious.


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