May 12, 2000


Well, I had some more downtime yesterday during the morning because of another hard drive failure (same hard drive). Ugh. I will replace it as soon as possible as its really frustrating to have such a sporatic server

If you haven't heard of enough bugs in Microsoft's products so far, there has been yet another security hole found in IE. It appears by using some nifty javascript tricks, a hostile server can gain access to all of the cookies stored on your machine.

Saul Bahir has prepared an advertisement for the May long weekend trip. Accept this as an invitation for all of you to come out and help raise a little hell.

In other news...

*** Dog Pound has officially disowned me for being a lying faggot ***

...and I am at a loss for content so somebody send me in an article or a comic or even a terrible joke!!

Did you know that Dog Pound used to be a goth poet? This is a pic he sent me long ago's Friday, my exam is over, life is good. All I can say is I think I will go on vacation somewhere far away for the weekend. Yeah, that sounds good. Perhaps I'll take a night train.


End of Updates