May 16, 2000


I've decided to put Dog Pound's article up afterall, minus the obscene picture he included with it. Out of all people who submit to this site (there aren't many), Dog Pound is the only one that can go above and beyond my restrictions and produce something so horrible I can't even link to it. Well, I guess you will just have to use your imagination.

Can't have a week without having a video of somebody getting hurt. Let's start with a good Frying pan across the head. Nothing quite beats that...well maybe a James Bond style parking job

I just caught word from soul_d and he would like me to publish one of his musical masterpieces, La Grace de Dieu. He sent this song to me and when I asked him what relevance it had to rappablords he replied:

"If you don't put this mp3 up, I expect three chinese in a rickshaw singing "Funky Town" being pushed by Ben Stein, who just happens to be wearing only a towel"

...well I couldn't find just such a video for him so I guess its going up. You can call it a Rappablords Exclusive...

There is also a new comic up today. This will be the first of a series of comics predicting the outcome of the May log weekend


End of Updates