May 17, 2000


I knew I was off to a good start yesterday when I realized at about 3:00PM that I had forgotten to show up for court at 8:00AM...

Boy do we have a fun-filled update today!! First of all Blue4130 has finally submitted his newest article. I'm not sure exactly what kind of 'research' he claimed he was doing. Anyhow its a bit of a poke at YC's article from way back. Enjoy Audiophile sent me an urgent message about the Pike Lake trip. I don't want to paraphrase it so here it is:

Heya Spitfire

A busload of Taiwaneese tourists stopped in front of my place and they can't get the bus started so they're staying at my place. They would like to know if they can come with me to Pike Lake. I will now hand the keyboard to Wing-Nup Chan. "Hi we's go flying bus to Sakaston with bitch tit tour guide for time. Cook we can Taiwaneese food for all the troops. I am job." There you go, it's your decision, you're the co-ordinator.... TAIWANEESE FOOD FOR ALL!

The answer is yes, we can always use more Taiwaneese food. Bring all of them.

Dog Pound would like to send out a message to his missed friend and musical partner, Ritz, who is currently in Australia. Here is his message.

Need protection? Hire APA Protection (Make sure to have sound on)

Anyhow, for videos today Razor has submitted The Platrix - basically "The Matrix" but with South Park characters. Its actually pretty damn good. If you don't like it then you can go to hell.

I'm currently working on setting up a rappablords discussion/message board. I think this would be the best solution for Audiophile and Dog Pound's arguements. This will also provide a chance for the readers to express their opinions. Hehehehehe....


Does everybody remember that old Dr. Seus cartoon "The Grinch"? Well, Jim Carrey is starring in a new movie based on the cartoon. Check out the trailer

Busch - The drink of Champions

Well...thats about it for today. Don't forget that this week is PIKE LAKE COMIC STRIP week. This comic strip series will predict the events of the upcoming Pike Lake trip. Oh and by the way, so far the weather forcasts have been favorable so all we can do is keep our fingers crossed. The Saint has agreed to supply women to please Dog Pound's hunger


End of Updates