May 19, 2000


Today is the day, I'll see ya'll out at Pike Lake hopefully! If your coming out but you don't know where to look don't forget to phone 241-5440...there will be a recorded message there describing where we are plus any details (like if we've been kicked out yet or not)

Dog Pound. This will be his last article on this subject. Why? Because the content is getting more and more iffy and Dog Pound just keeps getting worse as well. So basically I encourage these two to write some new articles!!! No more fat chicks, scat pr0n, retard pr0n, etc...

Ever wanted to know where YC lives? Here's a map to his town of Marcelin. ROCK ON!!

Blue4130 sent me an email today, it seems he's mad that I accused him of not researching the information in his article:

You want to know what kind of research i did for my article....well i banged 20 chicks out side of the Bez and only 3 said "OH GOD!!!" the rest said "You're MY Daddy"

Nuff said.

There is a new Terrible Joke today and it is really truely terrible, thats for sure.

mrp: "ummm what IS she trying to do..."

Since today is departure day I suppose I should remind everyone that the Pike Lake informational hotline phone number is 241-5440. The phone probably won't be on, but there will be a message regarding our location and any other important details. Looks like the weather is gonna kick ass too :). I don't have a comic up yet today but that is because Unit3 promised me one so I'm waiting on it.


If all goes as planned, I will return with photos and videos so that those who were unable to attend can still witness the greatness that IS PIKE LAKE 2000.

Also, I would like to mention that Extreme Jerks has finally mentioned me in an update. About freakin' time considering 90% of their hits come from this freakin' site. Sheeesh. Now if they wren't such fags their site might be alright.


End of Updates