May 24, 2000


Ahhhhh so Extreme Jerks has tried to outdue me with a softcore pr0n day of their own!! Hehehe, well we'll see what I can do about that. And besides, at least my bandwidth is decent enough for someone to load my page without having to drink two cups of coffee in the meantime


Damnit I was going to explain just how much school sucks right now because of exams, project, and grad stuff but I realized that Jay has already complained about that today. Even so, its pretty terrible and the worst part is that I don't yet have a job. I think its because people don't like me. I mean even Landon got a letter back from one of the places he applied to (and I applied as well). It may have something to do with the fact that I am black, too. I mean come on, give a nigga' a break.


Clean Family Fun
Also, I have been receiving more and more complaints lately about the content of my site. On one side I have YC complaining that my site is "gross, repelling and unacceptaba', and on the other side I have everyone else demanding that I turn into some sort of hardcore pr0n site. You want to know why I don't show hardcore pr0n? Because family oriented responsible individuals like YC read this site daily and are offended by such material! Rappablords is about clean, healthy family fun. That is all.

Dirty Family Fun

Some of you readers may remember the previous version of this site, and may also remember the "CST Instructor Cards" which got me in a lot of trouble. At the time we had promised to publish the "CST Student Cards" as well but until now it was not completed. Thanks to a lot of work by __SPACE__, we now have them up in very rough layout. You can find them on her webpage.

Take a look at this fine clip from one of the stupid marketting videos that we were forced to watch in class. Its almost as good as this one

I'm pretty impressed at how well my server is doing considering it finds more and more errors on the hard drive every 10 seconds. Good ol' Linux

There is also a new comic today. wow.


End of Updates