May 25, 2000


As many of you may know, I was once a good friend of both JayB AND Larmal. In fact, we went to school together, had a little fun, and hey we even killed a 1st year student together and sacrificed his remains to the instructors. You'd think something like that would keep friends together forever, but some things are inevitable.

What happened? Well, I've never really had anything against Larmal, except for the fact that he slept with my girlfriend, which made me mad for a second until I realized that this meant that he probably wasn't gay, but I still call him gay anyways. JayB however, now there is a troublemaker. He sits there surfing the internet all day, ranting about how EJ is the best site around even though it takes 1/2 hour to load the page and the php never works and he doesn't even have a real email account anymore and the DNS is not updating and the new layout isn't up yet and his family isn't coming to grad and Larmal is sick again, etc, etc. It just gets so sickening. Everyone knows Rappablords is better than Extreme Jerks anyhow. Well, everybody that matters...

But enough of that, I have a final to study for and a graduation to plan and that takes time! Meanwhile, entertain yourself with this video of how not to kayak, or the latest terrible joke.


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