May 28, 2000


Alright, another weekend update. Why? Because I can. I'm graduated and I have nothing better to do at the moment than pay attention to the site. Hopefully I can get a few more toys up here, like a discussion board, and maybe a voting topic or something lame like that.

JayB is getting particularily nasty in this Rappablords <-> EJ war. At least I have Dog Pound and Blue4130 on my side, but they have the giant black cat on their side. This could be an interesting war. In fact, today I have decided to post an interview I did with Jay B just a couple days ago.


Thats right, I've finally implemented an online discussion board for rappablords. Feel free to post meaningless rants, accusations and general comments here. I especially welcome any comments about the current war with Extreme Jerks. I encourage anyone and everyone to add at least one message to the board, just because I am curious as to who exactly reads this page.

Don't forget to keep checking back to the site, as it is going through some major renovations currently (now that I have time). Expect an updated archives section, comic section and other goodies as well. Perhaps even a new layout if I get adventurous enough.


End of Updates