May 30, 2000

Spitfire this whole EJ<->Rappablords war is getting interesting. To tell you the truth, this whole thing started out as a little joke between sites to help gain a few more hits but I'm afraid it has become much more than that. You see, even though I have been trying to defend Larmal lately, he has turned against me. I think it is about time that everybody out there take a good look at who is a really good friend of theirs and who would stab them in the back the first chance they got.

No matter.

Current word is that they are going to do something 'aweful' to my site tomorrow, I just can't wait. Why? Because I happen to know that I am twice the l33t HaX0r JayB ever will be, and will get him back twice as worse even if it means sacrificing the Rappablords website.

Oh, and seems as though Rappablords has aquired a new enemy, Skinny pElvis. I don't know whats funnier, the fact that some gay little excuse of an internet script kiddie managed to wrestle the mouse away from his slut of a mother for just long enough to post a complaint about my site, or the fact that in an estatic rage of incoherent self-ratification and pro-countenance, this weasle of a character managed to concoct some pitiful 'nickname' which does nothing more than represent the obvious incompetence and embarrasing proportions of his own penis.

Either way, I am happy to announce that now everytime the hatemail button is pushed (now moved onto the sidebar), Jay B will be sent one email and Skinny pElvis will be sent 3. Also, both Jay and Skinny pElvis will be signed up for free online subscriptions to YM.

I just got this email from Unit3:

--- ping statistics ---
57255 packets transmitted, 53499 packets received, +1634 duplicates,
6% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max = 62.6/98.8/566.3 ms

Good work everybody, keep up the attack and don't stop until they quit being so grumpy about it.

Anyhow, enough about the war already, thats getting old. How about some more pleasant material such as a guy getting sprayed with water or everybody's favorite: guy gets baseball bat in the groin.

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