Jun 05, 2000


Rappablords is back!

Well, that was a horrible downtime we suffered here at rblords mostly by my own stupid mistake. I made the bad decision of bringing down my network for about 5 minutes in which time my dhcp client decided to graciously release my ip and request a new one. All I can say is that is you're running RH6.2, consider wiping out pump and replacing it with dhcpcd or dhcpxd.

I'm quite happy to see the site layout back to normal. If you missed the big change, you can see it here. I actually had numerous complaints about how gay the colors were and how stupid it looked which really hurt because that took a long time to develop. That, and the fact that EJ stole my layout long ago before I was even able to put it up here kinda made me mad, but what can I do?

I also realized that during this whole war which has come to pass, I have been very disrespectful to my readers. I have not actually pasted any 'real' content on the site for some time. Up to this point I have relied mainly on readers contributions for content but lately I haven't recieved much of anything from anybody so I guess I'm on my own here.

Have you ever wondered about the secrets of the magic 8-Ball? Did you know that there WAS a secret to it? Well, maybe not, but a group of guys took it upon themselves to disect one of these mysterious objects, and here's what they found.

For videos today we have a somewhat amusing video about the Sega Dreamcast and the Sony Playstation II. All you gamers out there might enjoy this.

Blue4130 is on vacation in BC, although he has informed me that he will be mailing in updates of how he is doing.


Click Here to see razor's awesome EJ hack, which most of you probably missed. This was on their hatemail script page, and that is why they took it down.


End of Updates