Jun 06, 2000


Does anyone read this site anymore? Is it worth keeping around? Does anybody get anything out of this? The answer to all these questions may be no, but tough luck, it stays. Stay tuned for rblords.com to rise up.

  • Don't have a website
  • Don't have a life
  • Don't have the name Larmal
Now I understand that could apply to many people but the point is, I have had complaints. So what? According to Skinny Elvis from ExtremeJerks, my site only has 4 visitors anyhow so why should anyone care? Hmmmph.

SDB Server, under new management by Saul Bahir will be going live very shortly. You can drop by the site to sign up for the new SDB Mailing list! Saul promises that when it comes its going to be uncomprehendaba'.

Now I know that Rappablords does not usually promote dirty words such as those portrayed on this anti-racism poster, but I feel in this situation it is acceptable. I mean, come on...think about it...nazi's suck. and I'd love to have a friend that was red, black yellow AND brown. I also think he would make a good comando.

This is official non-prejudice day. But prejudice doesn't just stop at color either. People can be sexist, facist, nudist, Sunkist, Larmalist or even ageist. Ageist? Thats right. For example, some people have the impression that all old people are nothing but entities who are collecting valuable pension money which could be used on more useful things, like building strip-bars. I would like to present this video to help clear up any prejudices you all may have about our precious elderly.

TOP NEWS: The soverign nation of Sealand (6 miles off the coast of England) is starting a Data Heaven. There are also job oportunities, so sign up!


End of Updates